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Moonlit Spinel: Unique Shifter Why Choose (Moonlit Falls Book 12) by Serafina Luna Brodie
Publication Date: March 14, 2022
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I'm Spinel Darkwings. Plus-sized unicorn shifter, goth, and owner of The Magical Bridal Boutique. What's a unicorn to do around here besides watch my ex trip off stage in a nightclub? I definitely couldn't tell you. Beauty is in darkness from what I've been told. Something I believe to my very core. But with darkness comes secrets, and I have secrets...After drinking a PSL, fate steps in, unwanted as it always tends to be. I'm left constantly running into my mates. Some more literal than others.Instead of lions, tigers, and bears, I have a collection of weird, wonderful, and exotic shifters claiming me as theirs. Oh, not to mention, my ex, channeling the bad-boy-next-door exterior.I've got mystery men showing up, an ex-girlfriend, and a flooding fountain... Oh my! Now I have to find out what ties all these things together. WARNING THIS IS INTENDED FOR READERS 18+ ONLY: This book contains F/F & M/M elements... You've been warned, so please keep your hooves, tails, and paws tucked in while on this magical ride because it's about to get bumpy!! Moonlit Spinel is Book 12 of the Moonlit Falls series. This is a reverse harem novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest, and is intended for audiences 18+
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