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Fortune Academy Underworld: Book Seven by J.R. Thorn
Publication Date: February 5, 2022
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The ultimate sacrifice has been made. Cole has paid his penance. Now it’s time for his revenge. * * * Lucifer has been crowned King of Earth, his royal boon something every mortal craves. To be powerful, immortal, and feared. He’s converting mortals into supernaturals thanks to his alliance with Calamity, but it doesn’t work out for everyone. This is an unnatural push against the balance. Supernaturals have their own realms and their own rules, but Calamity thrives in chaos. Lucifer thinks he can control it, and I realize one important distinction. He wants me alive. He wants his brother on his side, Cole, a demon of rage who has proven himself worthy of my love. After our last battle, Lucifer is content to wait, to build his unnatural army until he can storm Fortune Academy Underworld’s gates once again. I’m tired of staying one step ahead of Lucifer. If I had learned anything from our last battle, it was only one thing was going to win this war against the devil. Love. With eight mates, a girl’s going to be busy, so this might take a while.
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