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Fortune Academy Underworld: Book Eight by J.R. Thorn
Publication Date: April 4, 2022
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Cole has ventured into Hell’s Heart. I won’t let him go alone. Now that I know the answer to our bonds… it’s time to save them all. * * * My mates have been asleep for too long. When Raze gives me the good news that they’ve broken free of Calamity’s grip, my heart soars to the heavens. But when I realize they aren’t the mates that I left behind, my soul cracks into a thousand pieces. They are lost to Calamity’s madness and have joined Lucifer’s side in this war. The Dean wants them dead. After everything they’ve done for the Academy, I will go rogue if I have to in order to stop a massacre. It’ll take a dangerous journey to save them and to stop Lucifer’s plans before it’s too late. I refuse to lose them. I refuse to break. Even if it means venturing into the dark… and never coming out again. Fortune Academy Underworld: Book Eight is the exciting new installment of Lily's journey through Hell, Heaven, and beyond! This is a paranormal romance with multiple love interests.
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