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Genie and the Shadow Kings: Vampires (Three Wish Romance Book 1) by Gina Manis
Publication Date: May 1, 2021
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There is nothing more fun than provoking three very tempting half-vampire masters. I get my kicks watching the parallel worlds I am thrown into as I serve my masters. A few days is never enough for a real life, and I take what I can back to my lamp. What I crave is some excitement! I have three very different and tempting masters I can’t refuse on this expedition. Kris is the bright healer, and he knows the benefits of a gentle touch. Cain doesn’t speak, but his body language says all that needs saying. My biggest challenge is the leader, Jade, who drives me crazy trying to control everything. They have shown me this precarious world they live in, and I am in love with it. Even the danger of it all is worth living. For the first time, I am in one place long enough to feel human. A desire awakens inside me, even knowing I will leave once their wishes are granted. The biggest adventure of my life might ruin me, but I must be daring and live it to the fullest for as long as I can. I am going to love them all. Including the one who says no. If you like sexy, dark paranormal romances with humor, action, and a tough heroine, this is for you. Gina Manis blends adventure and danger all into one romance novel. Look no further for an unforgettable read with a slow-burn reverse harem.
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