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Three Billionaires & Me 3: A Reverse Harem Why Choose Short Billionaire BDSM Romance MMMF (Reverse Harem Chronicles, Book 7) by Timea Tokes
Publication Date: November 19, 2020
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A secret I pushed to the back of my mind is now threatening to ruin my future. A mysterious phone call, an anonymous tip, and my trip from paradise turns into a living hell. Alec won't talk to me, yet he claims every bit I have left. Piece by piece, my world is shattered along with my confidence. If I could only figure out a way for him to believe that I didn't have a choice... If I could only make him see the real me. But I lied to him. I lied to all three of them, by pretending to be someone I'm not. And, in his eyes, that crime doesn't deserve forgiveness. Note from the Author: This is a slow burn Reverse Harem, Why Choose Billionaire Romance in 9000 words. It being a short story, expect insta romance as well as a HFN ending. This is Book 7 in the Reverse Harem Chronicles Series, with more stories to come every week. Some characters will stay with us for the duration of several books, while there will be standalones in the series, too, and every book can be read on its own. It's highly recommended though that books in the same fantasy niche are read in their order of publication. Includes mature scenes, slight BDSM and dark humour. You have been warned.
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