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Child of Demon & Witch: A BWWM Witches Dark Fantasy Reverse Harem Erotic Tale (Witches & Demons Book 1) by Stevie Pleasentview
Publication Date: September 16, 2020
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For the first time in her life, Neekah is valued.  Being a servant is better than being no one, especially when you're getting served right back... By a whole group of men.   The bastard child of a witch who didn't want her and a demon father she never knew, Neekah is taken captive by the Twisted Dagger clan, recognized for her ability to bring luck to any who would take her. Neekah's inner fire causes her to catch more than just the eyes of the Twisted Dagger's leader, Jhardron, who is forced to wrestle with his desire to be a strong leader and share Neekah with his clan or keep her for himself. Of course, it is his duty to share her, to the delight of his clan. Filled with dreams that speak to real magic being just at the edge of Neekah's consciousness and a looming threat on the horizon, Neekah and Jhardron must deal with their feelings and the challenges that come with commanding a tribe of warriors.  NOTE: There are elements of reverse harem and power-struggle in this book This dark fantasy erotic story may touch on subjects that are not suitable to all readers.
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