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Blood Mafia (3 book series) by Rory Miles
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From Book 1: I killed a wolf shifter to save my life…
Turns out I just condemned myself to a fate even worse than death.

An elite group of vampires known as the Blood Mafia decide to make me their test subject… or their play thing. It seems they can’t decide what they want from me or even what I am.

They say I’m special, that I’m not a human at all, but they also refuse to give me any more answers until I submit. I never was very good at doing what I’m told.

Especially since all three vampires want me to warm their beds. Truth be told, I actually want them, too. But could giving into my body’s desires distract me from finding the truth about what I am? And would giving in to them mean permanently bonding myself to this dark allegiance?

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