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Snatched: A Reverse Harem Alien Abduction Romance by: Margo Bond Collins
Publication Date: November 20, 2021
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When her world is destroyed, a lone pilot sets out to see her dreams come true—even if it means kidnapping the men she needs to make that happen.I was supposed to belong to a Lorishi warrior—one of many females in his harem. But then the Alveron Horde demolished my planet, along with all my hopes for the future.So here I am—alone in the galaxy.But I refuse to stay that way for long. I’m not going to be any warrior’s handmaiden, either.No. If other planets’ males can abduct their mates, so can I. And I know right where I’m going, too.Earth. Home of the universe’s most interesting men.Time to gather my own harem.I’ll find three or four perfect specimens…and then they’ll get SNATCHED.Snatched is a steamy reverse harem alien abduction romance featuring a displaced alien spaceship pilot, three gorgeous (but confused) human men, and one extraordinarily astonished kitten hurtling through space toward a surprising new world of happy ever after!Scroll up and one-click now for hot sci-fi romance!

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