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Flicker and Flame: Magic Bound Book One by Willow Hayes
Publication Date: July 2, 2020
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A human in a magic-biased world, Kenna has had to fight for the life she’s carved out for herself, a life she loves, but a night at the club changes everything. There, she meets four sexy strangers, who unbind the magic she never knew she had. Now free, her wild and unpredictable magic begins to unravel the life she worked so hard for, and the four men she feels inexplicably drawn to, claim that she’s something more than the forgotten orphan found wandering the streets. But something more than her magic was unleashed that night, and Kenna must learn to harness her powers before the gathering darkness devours her and claims the life of someone she loves. *** This is a slow burn reverse harem book and contains scenes and references of abuse some readers may find triggering.***
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