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Hidden Hope (Hope Series Book 1) by Elizabeth Knight
Publication Date: July 19, 2020
Amazon Book Description

It all started with a naked man in an alley….

Oh did that get your attention?

Good, now listen up. For years I’ve been fighting to be on my own and out from under my father’s control. I thought I’d finally managed it after I got my dream job in a London emergency room. Things were going great. I was making good money and even had a place of my own. I should have known the good times wouldn’t last. I apparently was engaged to a man my father picked out and soon found myself kidnapped, tortured, and forced into becoming someone else.

My whole life I’ve been lied to and something was hidden inside me... and now it’s set free.

Book 1 out of 4 This is a medium burn reverse harem where the leading character will not have to choose between her men. It is an 18+ book that has strong language, sexual situations, and physical & verbal abuse ends on a slight cliffhanger.

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