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Wolf's Soul: A Shifter Reverse Harem Romance (Guardians of the Fae Realms Book 2) by JL Madore
Publication Date: October 10, 2023
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Four mates to claim. Three crystals to find. Two realms to unite. With news of my fiery resurrection spreading through fae communities like wildfire, all eyes fall on me. Am I ready for the battles to come? Um... no, not even close. If only my destiny was as simple as sorting out the horizontal hijinks of four scorching hot mates. That I could handle.  With a rogue fae contingent pulling strings behind the scenes, my life in danger, and a mysterious Black Knight plotting, the only thing keeping my crazy train in the station is faith that the magic that put me and my guardians together chose us for a reason.  * This is book two in a steamy new reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy polyamorous situations (mmmfm), rollicking action, ongoing storylines, and shifter lovers who find what they need from not only their queen but each other as well. Med-burn, med angst, vivid sexual content and language.*
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