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Hidden World Academy: Complete Series (Books 1-3): A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance by Sadie Moss
Publication Date: March 30, 2020
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This complete, steamy reverse harem series is ready to be devoured! Mistaken identities, a human in a magical world, and three sexy warlocks. Sounds like the start of a joke, but nope… It’s my life. After one too many kamikazes on my twenty-first birthday, I’ve made a few interesting discoveries. First of all… magic is real. Secondly… there’s a whole supernatural dimension that exists parallel to ours. Thirdly… I’ve somehow gotten stuck in that dimension. FML. There are about a billion things wrong with this picture, including the fact that I don’t actually have any magic. Everyone here thinks I do though. They also think I’m a witch named Roxie, the star student at Radcliffe Magical Academy. Ummm. Nope. Not me. Sorry. I don't know where the hell the real Roxie is, or how I’m supposed to get back home, but I’m determined to find out. Unfortunately, I keep getting distracted by three hot-as-hell warlocks I can’t seem to avoid. Cross, a snarky bad boy who pushes all my buttons, Theo, an incorrigible flirt with a devastating accent, and Kasian, a teacher’s assistant who’s totally off limits. Even though I’m drawn to all three of them, I’m not sure I should trust them. Because if anybody finds out I don’t belong here… I’m screwed. This boxed set contains the COMPLETE Hidden World Academy series, a steamy reverse harem story featuring a kickass woman and the three sexy men who fall in love with her. All three books are included in one low-priced volume! Reading order: Magic Swap Magic Chase Magic Gambit
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