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Depraved (The Devil's Syndicate Book 5) by Sarah Bailey
Publication Date: July 1, 2020
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Together. Apart. Where does it end? It started with the war. The war we’d wage upon the very man who’d raised me. The war which would either tear us apart or keep us together. We’d finally found our way to each other. The five of us gave in. It’d been inevitable from the start. Desire had forged us, but it was love which set us free. Made us into what we were. A family drenched in blood. Everything had built up to this moment. Our final fight for survival. Our final battle against corruption. Quinn, Xavier, Eric and Rory were the ones I had to protect at all costs. Even if it meant I sacrificed parts of myself in the process. We had so much to live for. So much to lose. Would we really win this? Would we come out the other side? Would we still be whole? And the very last question I had… Is the love we share really enough for all of us in the end? A dark why choose polyamorous (MMFMM) romance series set in Sarah Bailey's Dark Universe with cliffhangers and a HEA in the final book. This is a DARK romance and therefore comes with a content warning. Please see authors website for full details.
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