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Bully Boys of Brittas Academy (3 book series) by Sofia Daniel
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From Book 1: Betrayal. Plots. Deadly Games.
Welcome to Brittas Academy, where only the wicked survive.

A car crash killed my parents.
Orphaned, penniless, I was left with nothing except my perfect grades.
When the Brittas Academy learned of my need, they offered me a scholarship.
The academy would be my chance for a better future.

The ivy-covered Georgian mansion seems like a miracle.
I'm sure I belong here, that I deserve a place amongst the other scholars, studying and learning in the storied lecture halls.

Until I meet the kings of the academy.

Sebastian, Leopold, and Prakash rule the school.
They're legacies. Elites. They hate me because I'm not one of them.
The three bullies are cultured, sophisticated, and irresistibly gorgeous.
And they're coming for me with the cruelest of intentions.

They vow to break me. Humiliate me. Get me expelled.

Or worse.

If I’m not careful, I’ll end up like the girl who died.
I found her diary, and I'm certain she was murdered.

I’m determined to stay.
Uncover their secrets.
Endure their deadly games.
I'll never let them break my heart.

Wicked Elites is book on of a reverse harem high school bully romance series. It contains cursing, sexual situations, and extremely dark themes.

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