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The Vampire's Mark 3: Cold Heir: Enemies-to-Lovers Reverse Harem Romance by Rachel Jonas
Publication Date: May 30, 2019
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***NOW A COMPLETE SERIES!***Corina agreed to the blood bond she forged with the Dynasty’s princes. However, when a wicked outcast learns of the ritual’s power, asking permission before staking his claim isn’t a concern. This covenant is unbreakable, regardless of who engages. Corina’s aware that it will gain strength every day, and the biggest challenge will be keeping the raw emotions it evokes in perspective. A challenge made more difficult when impulsive fantasies, involving her captor, suddenly rule her dreams. Julian, Levi, and Silas will always fight to protect their mate, but it’s possible they’ve underestimated Aaric—the madman himself—and the loyal army of roamers that stand behind him. In a world where nothing is at all as it seems, Corina must decide for herself who’s friend, who’s foe, and how hard she’s willing to fight to uncover the truth. But one burning question will haunt her until the answer is revealed. How, exactly, does Aaric intend to use this connection against her and the princes who've stolen her heart? *** This is BOOK THREE in THE VAMPIRE’S MARK series. Series order is as follows: The Vampire’s Mark 1: Dark Reign The Vampire’s Mark 2: Hell Storm The Vampire’s Mark 3: Cold Heir The Vampire’s Mark 4: Crimson Mist Note: This is a slow-burn, New Adult, enemies to lovers, RH series. You have my word there’s no insta-love between these pages whatsoever. Instead, you’ll be immersed in a rich plot and an imaginative alternate-reality where vampires don’t just exist. They rule. The eventual connection between Corina and these four sexy, vamp princes will be well-deserved and intense. There are certainly sexy times in this series, and the heat level is synonymous with the young adult/new adult genres. Thanks for checking out the series and enjoy! THE VAMPIRE’S MARK is an action-packed, paranormal romance involving vampire royalty and the humans who fear them. This series is an upper YA/NA crossover and is for anyone who loves: * Shifter Romance (Vampire Romance) and Dark Fantasy Romance * Tough Heroines who rock despite battling disabilities (epilepsy) * Teen and Young Adult Paranormal Romance * New Adult Paranormal Romance * Magical Powers and Supernatural Creatures * Alternative Reality and Alternative History * Tales of forbidden love * Fiction involving strong heroines, superheroes, and masked vigilantes hellbent on saving the world * Dystopian Romance and Gothic Romance
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