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Wanton Wonderland (The Looking-Glass Curse Book 3) by Eva Chase
Publication Date: February 20, 2019
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Three keys to claiming Wonderland's throne: 1. Win over the citizens (who are caught up in a drug-fueled daze). 2. Recover the magical artifacts of my royal line (which are hidden behind a squad of brutal guards). 3. Draw on the love of the three most extraordinary men I've ever met (one of whom is held captive by a tyrant queen). Okay, I've got my work cut out for me. But my people and my lovers are counting on me. I won't give up this wondrous land that feels more like a home than the world I grew up in ever did. There's a new queen in town. The Hearts and Diamonds had better get ready to bow down. *Wanton Wonderland is the third and final book in a medium-burn reverse harem series that reimagines Alice in Wonderland. If you love spirited heroines, hot men with secrets to spare, and worlds full of unexpected delights and horrors, step through the looking-glass today!*
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