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Dirty Cowboys: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance (Forbidden Reverse Harems) by K.C. Crowne
Publication Date: January 9, 2019
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The Bucknell brothers are back.And I find myself in quit the conundrum.   Milo has been haunting my dreams since I was a teenager And now he looks at me like he's trying to convince himself I haven't grown up. Well his brother Sawyer, the ex-football player, sure has noticed. And so has his TV star brother Eli.  What can I say? I want them all. But as tensions run high and a big-money deal is on the table, The formerly close brothers can't agree on anything. Except that they'll do anything to save me when my life in in danger. Will it be enough to bring us all back together? Or will my dreams of happily ever after go up in smoke?     A full-length standalone reverse harem, age-gap romance from the Forbidden Reverse Harem series. Each book can be read on its own. All books come with an oh so satisfying happily ever after. No cheating or cliffhanger!
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