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Lethal Shadow: A Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (The Order of the Red Shadow Book 2) by JB Trepagnier
Publication Date: December 27, 2018
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Five years ago, Nature gave me four mates. I thought it was a curse of being a hybrid. I now have to fix a mess I made Real Name: Liliana Kashini Code Name: Lethal Shadow Supe Status: Witch/Vampire hybrid Military status: Top political operative for the Universal Army. Five hundred years ago, I was recruited to The Order of the Red Shadow at barely twenty-five years old. One hundred years of training with the best spies, assassins, and politicians led me towards a career of turning human politicians into my puppets and running countries in the background for peace. My life seemed easy until Zimin came to power in Russia. The Order puts my face in the public and a magic bomb planted by the warlock helping Zimin nearly kills me and my bodyguards. A Lycan, a Fae, and Incubus, and a dragon walk into a bar. It sounds like some supernatural punch line, but my bodyguards and centuries old friends end up fated as my mates. I’m dumb enough to think it’ll all work out with two shifters as mates, a snooty Fae prince, and an Incubus. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My mates go from best friends to enemies in a blink of an eye because of me. I think this entire situation is unique to me, some twisted curse from Nature because of something I’ve done. I find out multiple mates is a hybrid thing, something to do with my dual nature. It took me five years and I never figured out the answer. The entire Order of the Red Shadow never figured out the answer. When Aria Emanuele, another hybrid with my curse, calls me to inform me it’s not a curse at all, it still could be. I’ve potentially ruined everything with my mates and they are scattered across the globe. I need to get them back here and fix things. And apparently, we haven’t seen the last of the Unseen Moon Coven. I’ve got new orders. Fix my mate situation in two days and The Order of the Red Shadow wants to see what two hybrids can do together. Apparently, I’m going to battle alongside my idol, Aria Emanuele. That’s way less scary than fixing what I did to my mates in just two days
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