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Hexes and Wolves: Queen Lucy: Book Two (A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance Adventure) by Rhiannon Lee
Publication Date: December 23, 2018
Amazon Book Description

Like greeting an old friend, if that friend is a slap across the face from reality, Lucy launches herself headfirst into a new series of challenges that come with the territory of being the Queen of Hell. On top of being pulled every which way by royal duties and rules, and a conflict simmering just below the surface of Hell’s five realms, Lucy must also juggle a newfound romantic life she couldn’t have previously imagined. As her love for Cain grows, the arrival of a mysterious stranger throws a wrench in her initial plans. And of course, he’s not the only one who has their eyes set on the vivacious queen. The uncertainty of Lucy’s future increases as a lurking threat begins to rear its head. Can Lucy figure out the key to keeping her world intact while also opening her heart to the love of all the men in her life before it’s too late? The Queen Lucy series is a fantasy romance adventure with a reverse harem theme. ** This series contains explicit language and adult situations. **
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