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Unitary: Paranormal UF Reverse Harem Romance (Reverse Harem Series Book 3) by Lexy Timms
Publication Date: April 29, 2018
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Two worlds. Five men. And one of them still alive. Kyle's survival rocked my world, but the revelation of my pregnancy brings about my worst fears. Indictment into the very prophecy I am running from. The Primal Council is fractured. War looms before us. Eradication versus transfiguration, and not one human is safe. The Council is preparing for war and I'm carrying a deadly secret. One that threatens to fracture the bond I have with the men around me. The Council can't have me, and no one wants me fighting. The village wants to claim me and the Primals want to protect me. I'm torn between two sides, and a choice has to be made. Will the Council wipe out the humans? Use their serum to turn them into us? We all need answers, but there's one question I ask myself more than any other. Will my men really force me to choose just one? Because I'm honestly not sure I can. Reverse Harem Series: Primals Archaic Unitary
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