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Finding the Power Within: Seaside Wolf Pack Book 3 by C.C. Masters
Publication Date: May 31, 2018
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Anna needs to find her way out of the mysterious and confusing new world that she was dragged into. Her captors want to use her for their own benefit, but can Anna turn the situation around on them? Meanwhile, the pack is desperate to get Anna back, but that's not the only battle they are fighting. *This is an RH series with some steamy scenes. Books by C.C. Masters Seaside Wolf Pack Series Book 1: Finding Somewhere to Belong Book 1.5: Finding Anna Book 2: Finding the Fire Within Book 3: Finding the Power Within Book 4: Finding Truth Beneath the Lies Book 5: Finding My Breaking Point Sam's Book: Finding Buried Treasure Book 6: Finding Hope Hollow Crest Wolf Pack Trilogy Book 1: New Beginnings Book 2: The Struggle Book 3: A Place to Call Home
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