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Darkness Bound (The Witch's Rebels Book 2) by Sarah Piper
Publication Date: June 14, 2018
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“We are, all of us, bound for darkness.” Ten years ago, my mother was brutally murdered before my eyes. Now, after killing my best friend and kidnapping dozens of other witches, the hunter who stalked my nightmares for a decade is ready to unleash his twisted fury on me. Good thing I’ve got backup: five strong, impossibly sexy supernatural guardians who’d do anything to keep me safe. With my rebels by my side, the hunter can’t hurt me. But the disappearance of Blackmoon Bay’s witches has shifted the balance of power, leaving our communities in upheaval. Add in a rogue vampire from my past, traitorous supernaturals wreaking havoc in the Bay, and the dark magic I still can’t control? We’re staring down some bleak odds. My loyal protectors have helped me face down every threat, and I love them for it—more than they realize. But in the end, there are some battles a witch must fight on her own. Starting with the ones raging inside. DARKNESS BOUND is the second book in The Witch’s Rebels, a steamy reverse harem paranormal romance and urban fantasy series featuring five smoldering-hot guys and the kickass witch they’d kill to protect. If you like sexy forbidden romance, dark magic, and heart-pounding supernatural suspense, Sarah Piper’s witchy new series will leave you spellbound. Scroll up and one-click today!
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