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Radiant Light: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (Tales From the Edge Book 2) by Chloe Adler
Publication Date: April 9, 2018
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HFS!!! AMAZING!!! How the hell did u come up with this story line? 12/5 stars!!! ~ ARC Reader Sam This wicked witch is sweet as sin. Iphigenia Holt, witch, acrobat, and bleeding heart, continues tumbling down the circus silks and into a harem of lofty admirers in this sequel to Distant Light. Finally out from under her mother’s shadow, Iphi has found joy in an unconventional place: in the arms of two men. There’s Rhys, half vampire, half shifter, all deadly. And Caspian, the sensitive shifter who paints life in brilliant colors. Together the trio soars to sensual new heights, but Iphi has no time to revel in her newfound happiness before their love is put to the test. Iphi’s mother isn’t happy with her daughter’s recent independence, and she’s holding Caspian’s brother Thorn hostage to get Iphi back under control. Worse, their brother Dominic watches Iphi from the shadows—and she’d be lying if she didn’t admit she comes alive under his gaze. Meanwhile, a mysterious puppet master is abducting humans and vampires off Distant Edge’s streets to build a ghoul army. Iphi may be the only one who can stop evil from invading the Edge, but if her men can’t find a way to see past the mistrust tearing them apart, their deadly foe will steal what they love most right out from under them. Tales from the Edge: Book 1: Distant Light Book 2: Radiant Light Book 3: Blazing Light Stand Alone RH: Origin Fantasy RH Series: Chronicles of Tara Synergist, Planeswalker, Keystone
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