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Absorbing Inevitability (Artemis University Book 13) by Erin R Flynn
Publication Date: October 22, 2021
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My name is Tamsin Vale… And I don’t know who I am anymore. I only have the labels and titles. There are only the masks I wear to make it through the day and try to survive the pressure.
And it’s killing me.
Nothing is changing for the better, at least not for me. I’m doing so much to change the lives of millions, but there’s no improvement for me.
So many people hate me, want to see me fail or dead that it’s all I see. I can’t get a grip living like this anymore, and no one’s hearing me that I’m serious.
I couldn’t work things out with one mate, and now one is doing everything he can to make me hate him. My guilt that Darby and Hudson have to deal with that is eating me alive.
We fix one problem and five more come up. I could handle that if people worked with me as a team. They don’t see me as one of them, simply a tool for what they want.
They push me much more, and they will have a former heir to Faerie.

Artemis University is an ongoing, hot burning reverse harem, university-age paranormal academy series with darker elements, strong language, violence, and a heroine who follows her own moral compass of what is right… And who she ends up giving her heart to.

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