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A Hellish Awakening: Captivated by Romance Collab by Miss Renae
Publication Date: November 30, 2023
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My life hasn’t been the luckiest or the smoothest under the toxic shadow my stepfather makes. Far from it, but I tried to keep going.Until a hellhound, an incubus, and a reaper showed me the real dangers I didn’t know they were protecting me from, and took me far away from everything I’ve ever known. This new world comes hand in hand with my new destiny. One I’m not prepared for. With my guardians at my side, we learn this is just the beginning. And failure could claim our lives. Join 10 of your favorite authors and be captivated by romance! This collection spans multiple romance subgenres so that every reader can find a book they love! Content includes: why choose, grumpy one sunshine, instant attraction from her end, voyeurism, bondage, forced proximity, incubus feeding lust and feeding off it, and she’s ours vibes.
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