Dark Reverse Harem/Non-Reverse Harem List Part 1

Let me start this one off with a trigger warning. There will be many different kinds of triggers found in the following novels. I will attempt to note the types of triggers next to the corresponding novel. I would recommend due diligence on your part as well if you have any triggers that could hinder you from enjoying certain dark themed reads, should I miss or leave off any triggers.

Every now and again, I enjoy a well written dark RH. I mostly read PRN and fantasy. Sometimes you need to root for the bad guy. Real life doesn’t always end in a HEA. Maybe. Just maybe you’ve been through some shit and are looking for a female MC, or male (whatever blows your hair back) that has been in a similar situation to yourself and you want to take that journey with them. Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment and enjoy a darker bdsm novel, Maybe you’re into dubcon (dubious consent). It could be that you just enjoy a hell of a lot of angst. No judgement here. I’m just the girl with the naughty book box here to share her dirty books. Know a great dark read I didn’t list? Let me know! It up to you whether you reach in that box and find a new novel to read. I hope you do. After all, that’s why i’m here. -Quare Eligere

RH. A ballerina that can no longer dance gets a job as a assistant to the
Sachov family. It’s there she finds sexual awakening that will make or break her. Trigger warnings:
suicide, self-harm and other topics that may be triggering

Dystopian dark RH. Stolen from an auction block by dangerous bikers. Violet is pursued by a dangerous man while her heart is in danger from the four dangerous men protecting her. I didn’t see any trigger warnings from the author, but i’d wager kidnapping, sex trafficking since its an auction.

This isn’t pretend hate. This guy loathes the mc. “Obsession at its darkest.” – Amazon blurb. He thinks she had him sent away, and now he’s back. And he knows just how to hurt her. There are 5 books because they begin as new adults and the story progresses from hate to love. Non-RH. NA. This story is super dark. Triggers: abuse, rape, etc,

Duty demands that a prince and an assassin be mortal enemies, and fight for their people. However, love, has other plans. Non-RH. Paranormal. M/M. M/F. Ariana Nash is Pippa DaCosta’s nom de plum.

What would you give up to take care of your people? Your families? Each family has to nominate someone for joining a council. An easy trade for refuge and medical aid. Unfortunately, it’s anything but… Non-RH. Paranormal. This is a trilogy. Triggers: Abuse. Captivity.

Non-RH. A man from the seedy corners of Russia, hellbent on revenge for the murder of his family, and a female Dr. caught in his crosshairs. Triggers: stalking, threatening.

Beautiful. Dark. This series will rip your heart out, chew it up, and spit it back at you. 3.5 books in series, waiting on book 4. Paranormal. M/M, M/F. Non-RH. Triggers: Kidnapping, physical/mental abuse, rape. Never have I wanted to wrap a character in a blanket, and take them away from an author as much as I have Matthew.

They murdered her twin brother. She’s bent on revenge. This is not a female heroine. Her harem consists of her alcoholic therapist, her brother’s murderer, a rich fuck-boy, and a drug dealer. Octavia Wilson is my spirit animal. RH. Triggers: Familial loss, drugs, mental abuse.

Summer leaves her family and friends behind for life on the run. She’s trying to protect those she loves. The trouble is the past won’t let her run. The Bullets want answers. They want Summer. Trilogy. RH. Triggers: Mental abuse.

Once a student. Stolen and sold. Now some man’s property. She suffers but is never broke. Used one night by another who truly sees her then leaves to never return. Until he does… 5 book series. Non-RH. Triggers: sex trafficking, slavery, rape, violence, physical/mental abuse.

When the devil saves a girl in the woods with the same level of crazy in her eyes, it’s a match made in hell. Non-RH. Dystopian. 4 books. Triggers: off the charts. You name it, i’m sure it’ll be triggered in this baby.

A delicious mix of dark and light. Leandro, a capricious fae who is not only crazy, but sadistic too. Owns his own casino, used to getting everything his way. He owns a incubus slave named
Kol’tso. Kol’tso learns the hard way not to anger a fae when he provokes feelings in a detective named Bryce. Triggers: Abuse. Dubcon.

Imagine being kidnapped by 5 men who only refer to themselves by one letter. Now imagine everything you thought you knew being turned upside down while you were being used as a pawn against your father. How do you fight for your former life while fighting the attraction to your dark captors? RH. Triggers: kidnapping.

Jace takes the fall for his pack leaders failed attempts to help the rebellion. The supernatural control the world now. Instead of sacrifice Jace finds himself the pet of a male witch and his depraved games. Dystopian M/M. Triggers: Depravity, cruelty, and violence.

Taking place in the Omegaverse. This is a dark rh with complete power exchange. Mc cannot speak. The alpha kingpin didn’t buy her to hear her talk. It’s dark. Triggers: sexual deviancy, dubcon, abuse

Dark rh. Mc discovers she is a queen after her mothers brutal murder. Triggers: parental, violence. m/m/f m/m/m/f

They call me brutal. They call me unrepentant. They call me possessive.  I am all these things and much worse. 
But to her, I will be conqueror. Omegaverse. Complete power exchange. Triggers: violence, abuse

He’s a test subject on death row. She’s a university student. And she belongs to him. 3 book series, they are each around 100 pages. Triggers: captivity, abuse

Welcome to Brocker’s Center for the Criminally Insane. Our mc gets to spend time with
a schizophrenic with two personalities, a pathological liar who isn’t to be trusted, and a nymphomaniac with a penchant for knives. Triggers:
mental illness, assault, and attempted sexual assault

Ever fall in love with your stalker? Triggers: “uncomfortable situations”

Abused as children, now they’re a couple of sick fux. They’ll kill every last one of them. Triggers: Christ, it’s a minefield. “Explicit sexual situations, violence, disturbingly sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics.”

“One beauty. Two beasts.The one who owns her. And the one who wants her.” -Amazon Triggers: graphic and disturbing scenes.

How far would you go to save your brother? Triggers: violence, murder, rape, dubcon

Menage. Graphic. Gory. Glorious. This is a horror story that is graphic, bloody, and the characters feel no remorse.

Taken captive as a child, and he was her only protection against their captor. She gets free. She left him. Alone. With him… Now she’s older. And so is he. And he’s come for her. This is their twisted love story. Triggers: Abduction, abuse

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