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Today’s theme continues our completed series set, focusing on dark/horror books. It’s fitting that I had the dark/horror theme slated for today since it is one of our lesser-nominated categories for 2022. Color me shocked!

Based on the usual theme requests I receive, I was anticipating Dark/Horror to have a ton of nominations. Maybe the post today will spark some nominations before time runs out!

Remember, nominations close tomorrow, November 11, at 11 AM central time. (remember, 11-11-11)

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Amazon Description

Sometimes the worst monsters in the world are the ones we let close.

Daddy keeps me locked away. For my own good, he says. The world is a dark and terrible place, full of people who will take advantage of you, hurt you… maybe even kill you. I don’t know what he does, only that his clients are of the rich variety.

But one day he doesn’t come home, and I wake to find a stranger in my room.

Whisked away, stolen to a house on the outskirts of Midpark, I’m no more than a pawn, something the devil himself can control. Daddy crossed the devil, and now I’m to pay for his sins.

What is the devil’s name, you ask?

Markus Scott. And Markus will not stop until I fall in line.

This innocence of mine has no place in a hell like this.

**The Desecration of Innocence series will contain triggers. Violence and gore, among other things. This is the first book in a RH/Why Choose series, meaning our girl will not have to choose. The men in this series are not heroes, so if you need that in your romance, turn back now. You’ve been warned. Markus doesn’t play nice.**

Amazon Description

Daughter or Perdition is edgy, gritty, dark, and sexy, with a smattering of humor. Sometimes, we do unforgivable things... just to survive. Who — or what — I am is a mystery, where I came from an enigma. All I know is I fell from the sky. In this strange land, only a select few females exist, one per thousands upon thousands of males — including the male who fell right alongside me. My Fallen companion may hold the key to unlocking the long lost memories trapped in the recesses of my mind, or maybe he is the reason I want to forget. One thing is for certain: I am determined to find out. In this beautifully dangerous land, full of sin and submission, numerous men are mine for the taking, and mortals are my prey. Problem is, I'm not sure I'm cut out for the dark and twisted role this place demands. *** Daughter of Perdition is a steamy, dark High Fantasy and Paranormal blend Reverse Harem Romance. This set contains all three books in the trilogy—The Fall, The Rise, and The Wake. Note: Our heroine in Daughter of Perdition feeds on the “sins” of mortals. Thus, she is often forced to explore, witness, and become an accomplice to varying degrees of highly triggering topics that some readers may find difficult to read. These incidents are not added to the story for shock value or to cause contention; rather, they’ve been included to progress the story in a way that is realistic and congruent with the concept of the overall story arc.
Amazon Description

Dangerous. Alluring. Ruthless. They're the villains of this story... and my fated mates. Three years ago, a darkly handsome stranger stole my heart. After one night together, I was certain I’d found my fated mate—until he rejected me and disappeared like a shadow. I never told anyone about that night. I shoved the shattered pieces of my soul into a locked box and pretended I'd never met Kian. But when a witch whispers a dire warning in my ear one day, everything changes. Because I don’t just have one mate. I have three. Feral shifters, she calls them. Wild, untamed, and fueled by darkness, created by a magic no one has ever seen before. These three dangerous, psychotic monsters could tear apart the world as we know it, unless I hunt them down and stop them first. They say all's fair in love and war... but sometimes love is war. The Feral Shifters series is an action-packed paranormal romance with cursing, violence, anti-hero alpha males, high steam, and a badass heroine who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. This set contains all four books in the series—Rejected Mate, Untamed Mate, Cursed Mate, and Claimed Mate.
Amazon Description

Everyone wants me to fail. I did a bad, bad thing. I tried to kill someone. Not just any someone, but an important vampire prince. But I paid my dues, and now I’m out, desperate to prove I can still be the kind of assassin people want to hire. Unfortunately, things aren’t that simple. The only way to become an assassin of worth is to graduate from the Guild of Assassins. And stepping back into the real world isn’t easy. Not when the two men who betrayed me are fighting for their positions at the guild right alongside me. And the vampire I tried to kill? He’s my mentor. Fun, fun. Oh, and did I mention that all three men seem to be trying their best to ruin me? So, yeah, there’s that. Even if there’s no denying the heated looks they’re giving me, or the way they seem to want to protect me from everyone but them. Which is confusing as heck. But if I thought surviving them and the guild was going to be it, I was wrong. Deadly wrong. Because my family has hidden a dark secret from me about who I am… what I am. And if I can’t reveal those secrets before it’s too late, I might just learn that there are fates worst than death. A fate I’m destined for unless my men and I can work together to stop it. We just need to stop fighting each other long enough to do it. Guild of Assassins The Complete Series includes the novels: Mercy’s Revenge, Mercy’s Fall, and Mercy’s Rise. This is a series filled with steamy scenes, protective men, dark secrets, and a reverse harem that will leave you wanting more.
Amazon Description

I'm Everly Mars and I'll be damned before I lose myself to the men who kidnapped me. I had plans but they have ruined that for me and now that I know the truth of my existence I can never go back to the way things were. But, my life is about to get dark and I hope that I can survive what happens next. Read the complete series here.
Amazon Description

The wolves waiting in the wind are always watching.

My life has never been normal. Raised by a survivalist, taught how to endure anything, I've learned to rely on myself. To keep my head down-- to mind my own business. That all changes in an instant when I hear the screams.

There, in that filthy alley, I thought I was pulling Emmeline out of the darkness and toward safety, but it turns out, she was pulling me in. My new friend's world collides with my own, and they couldn't be more different. Where I spend my days alone, she rarely can. Not with four brooding brothers hellbent on her protection, watching over her every move like dark guardians.

Guardians that set their sights on me, who want to claim me as their own.

Theirs is a world of violence and bloodshed, of teeth and fangs. Monsters lurk in the shadows, just waiting for their chance to strike. A sane person would be terrified, but even as danger closes in around us, I know without a shadow of a doubt that they’re bigger threats than the ones they tell me I should fear.

To protect their family, they'll become the monsters of legends and myths. The question is, if I’m supposed to be their salvation, does that mean I’m even more cursed than they are?

To save us all, am I willing to damn myself?

**This is a darker themed paranormal romance where the heroine gets all of her men, and contains some graphic detail, so please read the note in the beginning of the book before choosing to read. This is the first of a three book series that follows the same characters, and as such, will end with a cliffhanger, but this is my primary project until it's completed.**

Amazon Description

Blood will be shed. Lives will be lost. Retribution will be dealt. I work in the darkness that is Black Creek. If there’s a secret to uncover, a package to deliver, or a story to be told, I’m your girl. I'll do whatever it takes to provide for my little brother. Once upon a time, The Feral Beasts ruled Black Creek with an iron fist, but they’re long gone now. The Antonelli family stepped in, only caring about their family and their money. I’ve heard the whispers… The Reaper Rejects are growing and they want control of Black Creek. But this town isn’t big enough for the both of them. When the leaders of the Rejects ask for my help, I’m reluctant. Trouble follows gang life. I shouldn’t want to get involved, but Oliver knows just how to tempt me, and the pain in Cain’s eyes calls to my need for vengeance. A war is coming and this town has never been more deadly. ***BLACK CREEK IS A DARK GANG-MAFIA ROMANCE INTENDED FOR ADULT READERS. THIS IS BOOK 1 IN A FOUR BOOK SERIES. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FMC WILL END UP WITH MULTIPLE LOVE INTERESTS. PLEASE SEE FRONT OF BOOK FOR TRIGGER WARNINGS. Series reading order: Rebels & Rejects Murder & Mayhem Damaged & Deadly Chaos & Carnage
Amazon Description

It’s a common story. I’m sure you can guess how it goes. Girl winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time. She witnesses four gods of beauty and brutality murder some poor sap, and she’s stupid enough to get caught. Come on. You know what happens next. You know they tracked her… me… down. I don’t need to tell you that they claimed me. Ripped me from my safe, perfect world and bound me in chains to their throne. All of that is obvious. It’s the part where they corrupted me, dragged me into their world of death and destruction, made me theirs in every way I didn’t know was possible, and I became a soldier in a war that will bring all of Cinco City to its knees… …that’s when it gets interesting Saint and Sinners is a dark contemporary romance.
Amazon Description

COMPLETE FOUR BOOK COLLECTION I’d always heard Raven Academy was full of monsters… I just didn’t know they meant that literally… The elite group of men here want nothing more than to break me. They’re the richest and the most powerful…and behind them lies a darkness that scares me. They feed on the chaos they create. And I’m trapped here. The invite was clear—attend and my father’s life would be saved, Leave—and the deal was off. For his sake, I have to stay…even if someone in these halls is hunting me. The four Raven men are obsessed…and they're also overly protective to the extreme. But can I trust them? And when I discover the true price of admission into this place, will I be willing to sacrifice everything? The Broken Souls is a complete series of Academy of Souls, Book 1-4. It’s a Paranormal Romance series with steamy scenes, four obsessive males, forbidden love, and best of all, no choosing required.
Amazon Description

I wasn’t supposed to be at Olympus that night.
And I definitely wasn’t supposed to witness a murder – or be caught by the killers.

Hades, Apollo, and Ares run the mysterious, masked fight club, and they wield more power in this town than I could dream of holding. They destroy my life with one decree: Kora Sinclair doesn’t exist.

Sterling Falls was my chance to start over, but one night derails everything.
My scholarship, my job – gone.

I could run home, but giving up my dreams isn’t an option.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

When I can’t repay my debt to an unforgiving man, he gives me a choice. I can steal Hades’ mask, or he can take what I owe from my flesh.

But if I do this, there’s no turning back. More than the fear of his threats, revenge drives my decision. I need to steal the mask.
After all, who better to become a thief than the girl they tried to erase?

THIEF is a full-length, mature college/new adult romance with dark themes. This is a reverse harem, #whychoose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest. This is book one of four in the series.


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