Completed Reverse Harem/Menage Series-Part 2

I love it, and hate it when a great series come to an end. I love it because you finally have closure, and your characters get to live happily/or not so ever after. All those burning questions you had from the previous books are hopefully answered. It’s bittersweet. Sometimes it’s sad because you loved that series so much you need more time with those characters. Either way, you’re here because you are looking to read a series that is complete. You don’t want to be left hanging with a cliffhanger only to start a new book and have the same thing happen to you again. Welcome! And as always, happy reading! -Quare Eligere

The Redemption Saga. A reformed assassin and her alpha team. Love this series. PRN RH.

The Stardust Series. A life of hiding and wanting answers. How about 6 hotties to protect you instead? Slow burn RH. Great series if you’re new to RH. Contemporary.

The Marked Series. Where being marked means power. Our MC Kenzie is marked with 12 marks, which is unheard of. Now everyone is watching her. If only good verus evil were that simple. Not in this RH PRN.

Power of Five Series. A weak, indentured mortal is matched by fate, and bound to four immortal fae warriors to form a quint. RH fantasy. They think it’s a mistake, but it’s destiny. New spin off series available. You don’t have to read this one to read it.

Her Elemental Dragon Series. PRN RH. It’s hard to remain in hiding “when four handsome strangers turn up in your village claiming you’re destined to save the world. According to them, they’ve been chosen by the gods to become elemental dragons—and I’m their mate. ” -Amazon

Ravana Clan Vampires. PRN RH. Chosen to protect four royal vampire prices.

The Order of the Akasha Series. Fantasy Rh. “A part of the ancient magical Order of the Akasha, four male witches await their last remaining piece… only to be stunned when a badass descendant of a voodoo priestess shows up.” -Amazon

A Reverse Harem Story. Contemporary Rh. College campus based love story. Mc struggles under living up to her parent expectations. Meets her rh over break.

The Bullets Trilogy. Dark Contemporary RH. Sometimes the past doesn’t always stay where you left it. It often comes looking for you. And it’s hot, and fuckin cranky.

Coyote Ranch Series. Contemporary RH. Three sexy cowboys. One mishap-prone virgin. What could go wrong? Slow burn.

Heart Hassle Series. Fantasy RH. A cupid that wants love for herself. And she just got herself a real body. Medium-fast burn. This part is complete. There will be a novella epilogue type. There will also be spin offs with these characters involved.

Her Royal Harem Series. Fantasy RH. A video game nerds life is interrupted by a literal war and four sexy princes.

Soul Tenders Series. Her exams are delayed until the last minute. Her mind is supposed to choose 1 house, and 1 man. Her mind can’t choose between 5 houses , and 5 men. Will she be shunned? It it fate? Fantasy RH.

The Code Series. Contemporary RH. A programmer designs something 2 rival companies have to have. One of those rival companies don’t just want her program, they want her too.

PRN RH. The Dark Side Series. A girl ghost that just wants to be real. And eat popcorn. Oh, and have sex.

The Risking It Series. A trip to Vegas and meeting 3 handsome strangers. RH. Novellas. No sexy time book 1.

The Wolves of Wild Junction Series. Not necessary to read Kingston Pride first. Mc begins work out at the Kingston Pride at Wild Junction where she meets 3 men that set her prey instincts on edge, and her body on fire. PRN RH.

Their Dark Valkyrie Series. Fantasy RH. Norse Gods. Killed and reborn a Valkyrie to fight for the Gods. The Gods want more from her than just her fight.

Fated Alpha Series. PRN RH. Fated to rule a wolf pack, but she’s never shifted. When someone stages an attack against her and her family she is forced to flee. And help comes in the form of 4 sexy dragons.


Link to part 3 of Completed Reverse Harem Series

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