Completed Reverse Harem Book Series – Part 9

Welcome to list number 9 for Completed Reverse Harem Book Series. These lists are for those of you looking to dive into a new series, peruse the ones you’re unfamiliar with, or find one you might have accidently forgot about, overlooked, and/or want binge your way through it.

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Indie authors, I love you! Keep doing that magical thing you do by chasing those muses.


Eight dominant men, one mouthy woman, an ancient curse. . . what could go wrong?

Hi, I’m Zahra Delsol. . . the white Zahra Delsol and I want to tell you about my interview from hell.

And a potential vampire.

And the dream sex.

And the never-ending embarrassment.

Oh, and the obscenely, inappropriate office moments.

There are some silver linings. . . like a free mini-vacay in Tucson (with some demons).

I’m just a girl trying to make it in the world of internet astrology. . . Actually, I am just a girl trying to pay off her student debt and looking to live life to its fullest (which mostly entails reading in my free time and Googling researching information).

So, I would love for you to join me in my Trust Tree of Truth, where I am unfailingly honest and you are abidingly nonjudgmental.

Do I need to sell this more or did I have you at ‘dream sex’?

Virgo Rising is a contemporary, reverse harem, fantasy romance novel in The Afflicted Zodiac Series.

Hilarious new series that will have you laughing out-loud. –Book Blurb Reviews

You should really read the book for Zahra alone. Her internal dialogue had me cracking up, similar to Emelle from the Heart Hassle series or Willa from Curse of the Gods. There’s also a wonderfully unique premise with the whole Zodiac star signs. -The Literary Invertebrate

WARNING: This novel is intended for readers 18+. There is explicit language, sexual scenes with multiple partners, dominant/submissive content, and threats made by men who think they are gods. . . I hope you enjoy!  Also, please note this is BOOK ONE of a series, and there will be some unanswered questions and events at the end of the book.  There is also a glossary of astrology terms called ZAHRA’S BA CHEAT SHEET at the end of the book.


What’s the worst that could happen? Sit down and let me tell you.

The Void Virus has been let loose on the Earth. Caused by experiments gone wrong, an outbreak has ravaged the world. Anyone infected has turned into a decaying empty shell, void of their former selves. The animate decomposing bodies have become known as Rotters, stumbling around for the scent of the living.

Alone in the dark new world where even the dead don’t die, I must fight to survive. Not only against the Rotters, but the remaining uninfected who have turned savage in their plight of survival; the scavers.

As the world I once knew is lost, a new one emerges. Strange things begin to happen. Some are able to wield power over the elements. I develop a strange healing ability. It is unknown if this is a rogue symptom of the virus, or if the solitude is driving me crazy.

Puppy, my German Shepherd, and I have been on our own until four guys enter my life and refuse to leave. Strangely enough, they’re just as broken as I am.

My name is Blyss and we will set this world on fire if necessary. After all… What’s the worst that could happen?

**18+ Reverse Harem Romance

***NOTE*** if you’re interested in the dog by the end of the series, then scroll.
The dog ends up perfectly fine, no worries there.

*Note: Bubble Butt is property of Dee Bridges.


Don’t miss out on this one of a kind, unexpected adult-age RH academy romance. You’ll be on the edge of your seat!

I’m Ellen Arizona, and I’m a murderer.

I know you’ve heard my name. They’re all talking about what I’ve done. But no one really understands why I did it. And no one understands me.

Except for the other killers at Cain University.

The Cain graduate program for killers is the only safe place left for me. But it comes with a catch: leave, and the consequences are deadly.

I need to stay. I have powers to train, and someone to kill next: the man who murdered my mother in cold blood. To get him, though, I’ll need to survive the first year program.

Easier said than done. Especially when I find out the four men I loathe, who hunted me and petitioned to kill me, are somehow connected to my powers. If we don’t learn to get along, it could spell doom—for them and for me.

First Kill is a brand new university-age first in a series, similar to The Magicians and Villain Academy. It has blood, gore, mature scenes, laugh out loud comedy, and a reverse harem enemies-to-lovers romance that will scorch off the pages. For readers 18+ only; please read the trigger warning inside.


My name is Aurora and I am the last of my bloodline.
The Strigoi killed my family within moments of my birth. They entrusted my life to my Guardians Dimitri a Great Bear and Andre a Golden Eagle. They sent us through a portal to the new world to hide and protect me. We’ve spent the last two hundred years on the move like gypsies. The time has come and I’ve obtained my full power. The hunt for my mates is on. Once I succeed, I will take back my mother’s throne and dance on the bones of the Strigoi.

Trigger warnings:
Decapitation. There is m/m & m/m/m scenes. There is shifted sex. (Wolf on mate) Blood and Gore. Why choose romance (multiple men faithful to one female). Cliffhanger. This is book one of five


My whole life has been defined by my illness
And after twenty-four years of trying to fight it,
I’m about to lose.
That’s when The Phoenix group approached me with a devil’s bargain.
They will pay my family one million dollars, leaving them a lifetime of choices instead of a legacy of debt.
And all they want in return is me.
But the thing about a devil’s bargain is that there is inevitably a price to pay.
I go from being a human to being a commodity. A test subject to be poked and prodded, broken and put back together again until my body finally fails me.
The only way out is to die.
So what will happen when the girl who has always been sick, inexplicably begins to heal?
With the odds stacked against me, I’ll have to place my life and my heart in the hands of a group of criminals,
Because the girl who was once ready to die will burn the world to ashes for a chance to live.

Triggers warning: This story contains themes that some readers might find uncomfortable.

Authors note: From the Ashes is an unconventional story about love and loss and the hard part in between. It is a Reverse Harem romance with multiple love interests and not a triangle in sight.
Due to mature content readers should be 18 and over.


*Complete Academy Bully Romance series*

Caught in the middle of a power struggle between two warring mafia families, can I really escape with my life intact?

Life was all about work, school and making sure there was always enough money to pay for my mother’s treatment until the day everything came to a standstill.

A powerful and ruthless monarch of an underground mafia network summons me in his den. See, even though I am still in high school, I am also a hacker. It’s not something I am proud of but it pays our bills.

And by chance, I have been working for one of his lackeys.

He has all the evidence to incriminate me, ensuring I spend years in prison. And he isn’t just holding my life and future in his hands. He is holding my mother’s too.

I am given a choice.

Enroll in an elite prep school meant for the filthy rich- the elusive Knightswood Academy and actively seek out Dimitri Volkov and Andrei Romanoff, heirs from two opposing mafia families who are about to turn the city into a battlefield. As if the role of a spy wasn’t dangerous enough, I am tasked with hacking into their business portals to locate a particular file.

“But…why me?” A question I ask aloud.

“Because you have the face of the girl they both loved. You have both the talent and the means to pry out their secrets.”

Of course, he didn’t mention the girl I looked like was murdered by the very people I was supposed to spy on. And just like that, I am caught in the devil’s trap.

I knew I was risking my life by agreeing to do this, but I never thought it was my heart that I was pawning.

Caught in the Trap is the first book in the Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy series, a contemporary RH high school bully romance series.

Books in the completed Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy duet:

1) Caught in the Trap

2) Stolen Away

Note: The Mafia Lords of Knightswood Academy is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their academy bully romances with no restraint to language, violence and a few heated scenes.


My fate is in the dark,
And my shadow there is real…

The darkness likes to play in this world.

It also likes to deceive.

In the Enchanted Forest, secrets thrive and one girl desperately needs to find answers before it’s too late.

That girl is Corvina Charles, a powerful Shadowborn—a human who touched dark magic and became something else.

Something dangerous.

At the age of eighteen, Corvina and her best friend are swept away to the Shadowborn Academy, the one place where magic and darkness coincide.

It’s also where pupils go missing, teachers don’t play by any rules, the therapist is hot, and boys with dark magic love to seduce your soul.

With death becoming a game at the academy that not even the Dark or Light Fae seem capable of winning, my love life should really be the last thing on my mind…especially when one of the boys just so happens to be my teacher!

Shadowborn Academy is a Dark Reverse Harem Paranormal Fae Romance for 18+. In this world, not even the shadows can be trusted…


Dark. Gritty. Taboo.

~ Lark: Book One of the Dark Duet ~

Broken-hearted and mortified after being dumped when she expected a proposal, Lark calls her best friend and roommate for a rescue.

While waiting to be picked up, she ducks around the corner into the alley to gain her composure, unaware it will be the action that leads her into a trafficking syndicate.

Kidnapped, along with her best friend, Lark wakes up to find herself in a cell with her friend, her ex, and her ex’s partner.

Forced to submit, or become casualties of circumstance, they stick together and comply– making the best they can out of a terrible situation.

Stripped of all dignity and choice will Lark make it out alive? If she does, what will be left of her?

*This is a reverse harem, whychoose, and fast burn story that will culminate with a HEA in book 2.

Warning: Content may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised Contains: Dub-con, m/m, explicit scenes (including an observed f/f scene outside of the group), violence, and other themes that may be unsuitable for some.
18+ due to content


Ordinary. Plain Jane. Goddess?

Aine Luna Parker here. I’m an ordinary, plain Jane. Until I entered the most imposing mansion known to man. Then the crazy train left the station and now all I can do is hang on for dear life.

I’m some supposed Goddess destined to bring magic back to earth. The problem isn’t the magic or all the new crazy in my life. It’s the men that come with the job.

It all started with three hotties that have bodies made for sin. Oh, How I love that sin. However, I just can’t seem to stop collecting more. The more I collect the more chaos they create. If my sex drive would calm down so I could focus on the problems at hand. I might be able to locate the prophecy that will help me release the world’s magic. If only these men didn’t draw me in like a moth to the flame.

Goddess, please don’t let me burn.

*Warning this book is intended for 18+. It is a fast burn Reverse Harem series, with a cliffhanger. This book contains lots of M/M interactions, light BDSM, and other explicit sexual scenes some readers may find offensive.


Pandemic, isolation, natural disasters … finding true love?

It started with social distancing and no public events, stores closed, flights canceled, then the big lockdown put us all on house arrest, leading to months of cabin fever, isolated in the heart of Seattle. Until the day everything changed. I longed for isolation to be over—but not over like this.

The virus was bad enough. Now an earthquake such as the modern world has never known rips apart the West Coast, survivors keep only a step ahead of death, and my solo existence of binge-watching and college work spins into chaos.

I wouldn’t have made it out alive without Jackson and Trent, then Ramak leading our group toward one hope of survival. It’s an insane time to be swooning over men I barely know. Or is it the perfect time? Is love all we have left to cling to?

This is a contemporary Reverse Harem romance novella, first in the Love Versus World trilogy.


Every shifter needs a mate, but spirit shifters need four.  

Raised by human traffickers, I learned from an early age that the one person I can trust is myself.  Rescued and brought to Thornbriar Academy, I’ve only traded one kind of imprisonment for another. 

When a scorching hot jaguar shifter and a scandalously hunky water shifter take me in, I start to believe I’ve found a home and a pack. Until I discover a devastating secret that just might get me- and them- killed. 

Found is the first book in this paranormal romance series. Expect a tough as nails innocent, bullies, shifters, and love in this new adult romance. 

Click now to join Hailey on her adventure to Thornbriar Academy. 


Life at the academy just got… messy.
I’ve always dreamed of getting into a top college, but after a stint in juvie, my school prospects went sideways fast. Now I work at a magic academy…as a janitor. Ironic, right?
Okay, so maybe I get a kick out of secretly solving the arcane equations the professors leave on the board for the rich, entitled student wizards. I’m broke, not stupid.
Except then I get caught by the hottest mage on campus…who ropes me into helping him and his three equally gorgeous friends win a decidedly screwed-up magic competition.
Easy enough, I think—until I start setting things on fire and getting chased by smoke-faced monsters and fighting side by side with four of the sexiest, most powerful wizards ever…and find myself—just maybe—falling in love…
With all of them.
Note: This is a slow burn, New Adult paranormal academy romance, and book 1 of 4 in the Twyst Academy series. 


Being dead isn’t at all what I expected. . .

An incubus has infiltrated the Sexy Sins Retreat to snatch recruits for Hades’ dungeon, and the gods chose—or rather conscripted me into purging the incubus and getting things back on track as director. That’s definitely one of my specialties.

I’ve got four smoking-hot bodyguards whose first job is to ease me through my ascension to the Underworld. Imagine if the flu made you uber horny and your bodyguards were an angel, a werewolf, a vampire, and a demon. Nice problem to have, right? Except I’m on a mission. I want my destined mate back. Funny enough, so do they, and they’re all convinced I’m that mate.

I’ve got one chance, one month, to solve the problem and find my beloved somewhere in the Underworld before I’m slung back to my real life. Trouble is, I can’t keep my mind, or my hands, off my bodyguards.

Finding my soul mate has never been more . . . distracting.
Tate’s Tale is the first book in the Sexy Sins Retreat series sizzling paranormal rom-com with four irresistible guys and a spunky heroine who doesn’t need to choose.


Scorchwood Supernatural Penitentiary is Hell. Literally, it’s in Hell.

Of all the things to end up in jail for, embezzling wasn’t what I thought would bring me down. I’ve got a pretty healthy arson and murder hobby on my down time. White collar crimes never go to Scorchwood. I should have been given a fee and probation at most. Something is going on. My cell mate, Skoll is an Alpha wolf in for manslaughter. He wants me to meet Roman, a vampire and Amduscias, demon who is really shifty about what his demonic form is.

Something fishy is going down in Scorchwood with the elementals. Skoll’s last five cellmates were elementals who were framed for white collar crimes. Amduscias is cellmates with one of the worst elemental women in the entire jail and she is not pleased I’ve made friends with him.

Something is going on. Someone is framing elementals and sending them to Scorchwood. But they made a mistake framing me. They didn’t know about my little hobbies before they sent me here. They didn’t know about Fergus, my fire dragon.

There’s so much I don’t know about why I’m here, but there’s so much they don’t know about me too. I’ve made friends in Scorchwood and I don’t call myself Elemental Batman in secret for nothing. This should be fun.


Passionate, Dangerous, Insanely Wealthy, Stunningly Beautiful….The Vernard Family have it all. Until one bloody, violent night leaves their family in ruins. Damn vampires and the games they play….

Welcome to the world of the Vernard Family. A family of powerful, uber rich, beautiful vampires who live and love hard. One bloody night begins a series of events that will change the family forever. Loyalties are tested and vampires are pushed to breaking point. And break they do.

In just a few short moments the idyllic life that Barlet, Adder and Neale share together is brutally and savagely shattered. Alexion, a delusional master vampire, will stop at nothing to destroy the Vernard Family and reclaim his daughter, even if it means her death.

Reeling from the relentless bloody and violent clashes that continue to besiege their family, Neale’s bonded mates struggle to find the courage and the strength to save her when being constantly reminded they didn’t have the power to stop her being taken in the first place.

When a group of the strongest shifters can’t save Neale, instead bringing even more danger to their door, the Vernard Family are left with no alternative. In their desperation to rescue their mate, they reach out to a reclusive lion shifter feared throughout their community. A man that has too many secrets. A man whose own family desperately wants him dead.

Tao though, can and probably will change everything. Barlet, Adder and Neale’s bond is strong, their love is burning hot, but is it strong enough to survive this?

Door is Book 1 in a two part series. It is an adult, RH Paranormal full of smoking hot vampires and shifters. Please note that this book is dark, violent and will be triggering from some readers. Door is also written as multiple POV’s. Door Book 1 contains numerous M/M scenes with a medium to hot smut level throughout. Door will not be suitable for some readers.

A shifter, three sexy mages, and an Elemental with magic thought to be extinct… what could possibly go wrong?

I was born the day my parents died. Growing up in the foster system, I never knew when the rug would be pulled out from under me. Now, I’m twenty-two and while I’m technically free, life still isn’t easy.

When a day at the beach turns into some kind of magical freak show featuring a guy with a fire lasso trying to hogtie me on the sidewalk, all kinds of crazy breaks loose. Next thing I know, I’m strapped to a bed, I can’t speak, and some woman is telling me I’m a Vox Elemental, which leaves me a choice between getting shipped off to a magic school to train my voice or be silenced forever.

Of course I choose the school; who wouldn’t?

One wrong move could cost me everything. My plan is to work hard and earn my freedom, but I wasn’t counting on four of the hottest guys I have ever seen, a posse of mean girls, and something literally making a meal out of the student body. Add some dark secrets and a plot aimed at my failure, and suddenly staying here seems like the wrong move. I won’t give up my voice or my freedom without a fight, but that’s assuming I survive.

The Academy of Elemental Magic series:

Hidden Power
Forbidden Bond
Shadow Promise


When I was little my whole world revolved around my older brother and his childhood friends, they protected me, kept me safe from harm and no one would dare look twice in my direction. They were my guardians, and then I lost them all.

I’m now seventeen and I’m desperate to know why I had to lose them, why my world was flipped upside down and my family destroyed. Only it isn’t only the past I have to uncover, I also have to handle a new school and an uncertain future. I’ve made it my mission to stay alone, never let anyone get close enough to affect me, break me or leave me. Unfortunately, some people don’t care about my mission and I soon find myself with more people than I can handle and three guys that make my blood boil and my heart beat faster than it ever has before. Maybe letting them in won’t turn around and bite me, but with new friends, vicious bullies and an unknown presence my carefully constructed plan could all fall apart. I have a secret that I’m not ready to share, but someone already knows and they plan to let everyone know what kind of person I really am.


A motorcycle riding Irishman, a bad boy rock star, and an ex-boyfriend I might still have feelings for…

You wouldn’t think they’d have much in common, but they do.

They’re all students at Magic Blessed Academy, the school I’m forced to attend after I manifest insane magical powers out of nowhere.

Oh, and they all seem to hate me.

If I was smart, I’d keep my head down and ignore all three of these too-sexy-for-their-own-good dicks until I can graduate and get the hell out of here.

But when we’re all chosen to compete in the Gods’ Challenge, a deadly competition for the honor of meeting the gods themselves, teaming up with these tempting, infuriating men may be my only chance at survival.

Now the only question is: will we kill each other or f#ck each other first?

Gift of the Gods is a full-length reverse harem romance with an ass-kicking heroine, sexy as hell men, enough steam to light your e-reader on fire, and plenty of snark.


I don’t know who I am, nor why I’ve been imprisoned. They want me to confess, but I can’t remember doing the atrocities they’re accusing me of, so I keep silent instead. They hate my silence.

They call me Wisteria because of my purple eyes, and they’ve vowed to make me talk. Officer Stone uses every cruel trick he knows. Father Rivera says he’s a man of God, but his eyes betray him sometimes. Warden Green is the only one who’s kind to me when he doesn’t let himself be consumed by his own darkness.

I feel drawn to the three Alphas, though I should know better. If the corrupted system doesn’t break me first, these powerful, twisted men will.

Author’s Note: This book contains dark themes and possible triggers. It’s intended for mature audiences only. Read it at your own risk.


The end of the world. Three sexy rugged men. And a girl on the run for her life.

The solar flare wiped out the power. The virus killed so many, mostly the women. I’m one of the few that survived and I’m female.

The raiders traffick in slaves and they’re coming for me.

I have to get away, to Eden where everyone lives free and the raiders can’t touch us. It’s a dream that I’m clinging to, but I don’t even know if it’s true.

Then I meet them, three protective handsome men, and they just might make me want to stay.

*** Reverse Harem, whychoose, post-apocalyptic world. Some M/M scenes. MMFM+

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