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Completed Reverse Harem Book Series – Part 8

Hello Lovlies! I see you’re here for some more books. Welcome to list number 8 for Completed Reverse Harem Book Series. These lists are for those of you looking to dive into a new series, and binge your way through it. I know it can be frustrating when you read a great book only to make it to the last page, and then you realize there’s another book…and it’s not out yet. **Cough Thaís cough**

If you’re new to the Completed Reverse Harem Book Lists, I started a master list for my completed book titles found over on my “Genre Feels” Page. Just click there from the HOME page and you will see all the book series listed from Lists 1 – 8. It has the series name, author name, and *drum roll* The genre feels. The only downside is on the Master List pages you will not have the large thumbnail to see the book cover art and the synopsis. The blog post only shall have the photo, synopsis, and link to book. Indie authors, I love you! Keep doing that magical thing you do by chasing those muses. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere


3 books

COMPLETED SERIES TRILOGY.A Demon born to seduce men.
A Reaper who can’t resist the temptation. An Angel that risks everything for her & the Devil that falls under her spell.
They are tested to their limits, but will love conquer all?

After escaping Hell and then being found back on Earth, I’m sentenced to eternity in a fiery prison down in Hell, when suddenly, I find myself pulled out of my misery by the Devil himself.

When he starts to take an unusual interest in me, I’m intrigued at what is it he wants from me, while also finding myself on the receiving end of a Reaper’s infatuation.

I’m tested to my limits for the Devil’s unknown cause, grabbing the attention of the opposite side and an Angel that wants to save me from myself.

When I finally learn of the Devil’s intentions, my loyalty to my creator starts to waiver and escape seems to be my only option.

Will I manage to flee the pits of Hell for an unheard of third time with my Reaper to meet the Angel who claims he can save me? Or will I be stuck in the Devil’s idea of happily-ever-after?

*BOUND SERIES BOX SET AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. Medium burn start to the hot new Reverse Harem Series featuring Demons, Lucifer, Reapers and Angels!



4 books

They came to earth. They destroyed my life, took those closest to me, and now they’re set on making me their own.

Ella Monroe has only one goal in life. To survive. Trapped in a world that’s been taken over, Ella is reminded daily of everything that she has lost because of the Vepar. What was supposed to be a fun night out to celebrate her birthday turns into a nightmare encounter at a Vepar club when she catches the eye of three terrifyingly alluring men.

Powerful and seductive, the three Vepar make clear they will stop at nothing to possess her. Unable to escape, Ella is plunged into their dangerous and secretive world, where everything is more than it seems. Ella doesn’t know what the future holds as their prisoner, but one thing is for sure. Their obsession knows no bounds…


5 books


“Welcome to Half Death Academy.” That’s what they call my new school–because only half the students survive.

Rule #1: Keep your head down and don’t mess with the four gorgeous demigods who rule the school.
Rule #2: When the demigods try to kill you, lie down and die.

Too bad I never was very good at following the rules. And when my forbidden power awakens, I’ll make them regret they tried to make me their bitch.



3 books

Three messengers of the gods each hold a piece of my soul. I won’t let them claim my heart too.

My people are dying.

Our god has abandoned us, leaving us starving and weak. In a desperate attempt to save those I love, I offer up the ultimate sacrifice to our capricious deity.


He accepts my offering, and I forfeit my life. But when I arrive in the afterworld, a rival god who despises mine binds my soul to three beautiful, terrifying men—powerful beings he calls his messengers.

Callum, Echo, and Paris.

I’m little more than an annoyance to them, a lost soul their master has foisted upon them.

Still, the bond between us draws me toward them constantly, like a lodestone finding true north, and the more time I spend with these enigmatic men, the more confused my feelings become.

I hate them. I want them. I fear them. I need them.

But no matter what happens, I won’t let myself love them.



3 books

One Fated Mate Is A Blessing. Four Is A Curse

Until my sister made a deal with the dark fae, I was 100% human.
Now she’s missing and I’m cursed with wings and four fae princes as my fated mates.

Prince Bradwell, August, Rory, and Caulden are as gorgeous as they are cruel.
They rule my academy and don’t want a magic-less mate who can’t see through basic glamors.
They want to get rid of me. To see me destroyed.
So they’ve ordered me to compete in the Fae Trials.

If I can survive this deadly tournament, the vicious mean girls, and my gorgeous-as-sin mates, I can escape a painful, humiliating death.
But no matter what, I won’t fall in love with these four cruel princes.

Fae Trials is book one of the Royal Fae Academy trilogy, a paranormal academy bully romance with dark themes, sexual situations, and violence.



4 books

After surviving foster care and a high school that breeds gang members and drug dealers I’ve finally found my path to freedom: emancipation and a full ride scholarship at the ultra-exclusive Hannaford Prep.

All I have to do is survive.

After attracting the wrong sort of attention from the richest boy in the country, pissing off the hottest guy in school and being humiliated in front of my favorite rock idol I am now the target of the most popular, and cruelest, group in the freshman class.

They want my blood.
They can have it.
I’m stronger than any spoilt rich kid.

But can I survive the game the Juniors have started with me as the goal? Now every boy at Hannaford wants to have me.

All except the three I want.

Ash, Harley, and Blaise don’t care about the game, all they care about is destroying me.



8 books

An urban fantasy, dragon reverse harem romance.

Sink your teeth into 125,000 words of amazing dragon shifter adventure!
No one screws with my family.

My sister and I are human orphans raised by the world’s best assassin, taught to steal and kill our way through the dragonlands under her watchful eye. Grown men fear us, and no one knows we’re coming until it’s too late to run.

Irena and I—we’re good. The best. In a dog-eat-dragon kind of world, we have to be. But someone betrayed us. Someone we trusted with our lives.

Irena is missing. My mentor is gone. And as for me… the man responsible for this mess thought he killed me. He kicked me into a pit, and he left me to die.

But I don’t give up that easy.

In the darkness, facing death itself, I fused with dragons. I had no choice. This is ancient magic, and dangerous people want it. They want me, dead or alive, and they’ll start a war if that’s what it takes to control me.

The magic I discovered—the magic these brutal people want—it’s mine, plain and simple. No one can take it from me. And I’m coming back from the dead.

For blood. For vengeance.

For Irena.

Reign of Dragons is a full-length novel with a badass heroine, a riveting storyline, and an alternative relationship dynamic. Get ready for a heart-pounding story filled with a dragon shifter romance unlike anything you’ve read before.

Buckle in for heart-pounding action, breathtaking magic, deadly assassins, four drop-dead gorgeous leading men, lots of toned muscles, and most importantly—a young woman’s journey of justice, self-discovery, and freedom.

The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood: a riveting and addictive dragon shifter fantasy romance series.

Book 1: Reign of Dragons
Book 2: Fate of Dragons
Book 3: Blood of Dragons
Book 4: Age of Dragons
Book 5: Fall of Dragons
Book 6: Death of Dragons
Book 7: Queen of Dragons
Book 8: A Legend Among Dragons

Publisher’s Note: The Dragon Dojo Brotherhood is a reverse harem series with explicit scenes and is meant for mature readers who enjoy spellbinding stories with a few fan-your-face moments in their fantasy fiction.



3 books

What’s my secret? That’s something I intend to take to the grave.
When my best friend and the only person who knows who–and what–I really am gets selected for the Mating Games, I know the only way to save her is to try and win her for myself.
All I need to do is navigate three trials while not letting anyone know I’m a woman, or, and this might be even more important, that I have magic.
Easy, right? Easier than slaving away for all hours of the day swinging an ax in the mines. Or so I thought.
I certainly didn’t count on the one man I’ve longed for, the one man who stirs feelings of femininity and desire within me, to enter the games as well. Every minute that I’m there I’m risking everything. If I’m discovered I’ll become nothing more than a broodmare, but I can’t abandon the woman who is like family to the fate that the Divine would deem she have.
I’ll do whatever it takes to save her from the desolate future of becoming nothing more than a prize for the victor of the games. The only question is, will my secret still be intact by the time the trials are over? Or will I have condemned us both to a fate worse than death?

This is a 18+ slow burn whychoose novel.



4 books

Small towns carry dark secrets.

It took me until my senior year of high school to discover exactly how dark.  

Three years have passed since a vicious prank tore apart my group of friends.

Three years since Finn Holloway, football star and boy next door, broke my heart by choosing my best friend over me.

Three years since Ezra Baxter turned to crime; selling drugs and being chased by the law.

Three years since Ozzy Drake became isolated and lost.

In those three years they’ve changed; they’re bigger, handsomer, and definitely sexier.

When the secrets of Thistle Cove start to unravel, revealing a dark twisted world of the taboo; arranged relationships filled with sugar daddies, sugar babies, sex, power, money and control. I’m instantly sucked in, wanting to know more. Wanting to know why.

The biggest question is what lines am I willing to cross to uncover the truth and will the boys come with me?



4 books

Alexis Ravenel: Peasant. Princess. Pawn.

As a peasant, I was forced to work the jewel mines in order to survive. My life was hard, but my worries were few: affording food to eat, and keeping my pet sloth out of harm’s way. But when a chance encounter with a stranger concludes with me obtaining the power of the gods, suddenly my whole world changes.

When the Storm King finds out—and trust me, he always finds out—he plans to make me a princess by marrying me off to one of his four sons. Which doesn’t really seem like too bad of a thing…at first. After all, the Storm Princes are sexy as sin, rich, confident, and built like the very gods themselves.

But nothing is as simple as it seems, and the luxurious life of the Blackwood royals is nothing but a nightmare I cannot wake up from… and neither can the princes. They grew up knowing and resenting this fact, but I had to find out the hard way…

In the Kingdom of Blackwood, we are all just pawns in the Storm King’s wicked game.

TAKEN BY STORM is the first book in the STORMS OF BLACKWOOD series, a fast burn, RH, paranormal romance. 18+



2 book duet

By the end of the day, I’ll be dead.
Every person in the City of Crimson has the date of their death Inked onto their skin. On that day, an Assassin of the Order of Zeevar comes to sacrifice our lives to the God of Resurrection. Children who survive are given the highest honor in the city – the opportunity to serve Zeevar and the Order themselves as one of the four Mages.
But people like me have no chance of passing the gruesome Trials. Four sexy-as-sin guardians aren’t likely to volunteer themselves for protection duty, and one does not survive InkHaven Academy by sheer, dumb luck.

Disclaimer: InkSpelled is a Reverse Harem Paranormal Academy Romance featuring all adult characters. It contains graphic scenes with both m/f and m/m content, as well as frequent group dynamics.
InkSpelled is Book One of a two-book duet. It is a 90k+ word full-length whychoose novel, as is Book Two, InkBorn.



3 books

In a desperate bid to escape the fate that her pack has planned for her, Lori makes a run for freedom the night of her 18th birthday. But she has no idea just how high the cost of her freedom will be…

Lori finds herself lost and alone until she comes upon a town that is seemingly perfect on the outside, but the pleasant exterior hides darkness within.

Grayson, Corey, Wyatt, and Kannon are banished from their home after a violent takeover from a rival pack. They find sanctuary in a small town far from any other wolves and never expected a lone female to wander into their territory.

Seaside Wolf Pack Series
Book 1: Finding Somewhere to Belong
Book 1.5: Finding Anna
Book 2: Finding the Fire Within
Book 3: Finding the Power Within
Book 4: Finding Truth Beneath the Lies
Book 5: Finding My Breaking Point (Coming Soon)

Hollow Crest Wolf Pack Trilogy
Book 1: New Beginnings
Book 2: The Struggle
Book 3: A Place to Call Home



3 books

When offered a position at the obscure Grimmstead Academy, I jump on it. It’s not that I’m running from my past, it’s just…well, some things are better left forgotten.

An academy for lost souls and criminals? Not exactly what I signed up for, but as I’m about to learn, once you step within the halls of Grimmstead, you can never leave. As the days wear on, I find out that no one is innocent here. Not me, not the ruggedly attractive headmaster, and certainly not its dangerous, handsome students.

Me coming to Grimmstead was like a lamb running into a den of lions, only these lions are just as likely to attack each other as they are me. Mysteries lie within the heart of Grimmstead Academy, and I just might be the key to it all.

The walls of Grimmstead are painted with three things.



And blood.

If you can’t trust your own mind, who can you trust?

GA: A Villainous Introduction is the first book in a planned RH trilogy. There is graphic violence in this book, along with steamy scenes.

So this Reverse Harem is a bit different, it’s a Gothic story. Also, remember how Romeo & Juliette had romance in it, but was labeled a tragedy? Alright. With that in mind, don’t expect the cookie cutter hea, or even your questions to be answered. Expect a creepy, Gothic, haunting with a side of romance. Try not to let hang ups from letting you enjoy this tale. It’s like Murder House and Haunting on Hill House had a creepy baby in the middle of the twilight zone. Oh, God…I just showed my age. Haha. Great trilogy in my opinion.



2 book duet

Would it be the worst thing in the world to accept an obscene amount of money in exchange for living with a guy and a couple of his best friends for three months?

Seems like a no brainer. But what if it means sharing their beds, too?

Let’s be honest, Holly would probably do that for free considering how hot, successful, and fun to be around they are.
Besides, if she helps Trent cash in on his inheritance—with a few naughty strings attached—she could pay for the life-saving surgery her mother’s insurance company has denied.

The one thing she can’t afford is falling in love when the man she’s obsessed with plans to ditch her after their ninety days are over.

Four Money is book one of the Ever & Always duet. Holly, Trent, Lorenzo, and Owen’s story will conclude in Four Love.



3 books

Be careful what you wish for.
Attending the elite Knightswood Academy was always a dream I knew would never come true until it did…

 The life I knew for seventeen years shattered the day a freak accident burned it all down, including my mother.

I expected a social worker to come take me away but my life is forever changed when a stranger steps in, claiming to be my legal guardian, one my mother appointed thirteen years ago.

Whisked away to a mansion and a world I could only conjure in my wildest imagination, I am enrolled in the school of my dreams, the elite academy which my mother attended.

Knightswood Academy is the last connection I have to my mother and the only reason I agree to stay in a stranger’s home. But before I can get too comfortable, I am shown the door out of the glittering world I’ve just stepped in.

The Kings of Knightswood Academy don’t want me there.

And they will make sure I understand just how badly and why…

For I am nothing but the charity case. Someone they can step on, trample over and force to leave because Knightswood Academy is reserved only for the elites.

But I’m a girl who grew up in the shadiest parts of town. I am prepared to stay and carve my place at the academy despite every single barb and stone thrown my way.

The only thing I never expected was to come face-to-face with the darkness the academy hides in its polished halls and the only people I can trust to get me out alive are my three tormentors.

Charity Case is the first book in a contemporary reverse harem high school bully romance series.

Books in the completed Kings of Knightswood Academy duet:

1) Charity Case

2) Nerd Queen

3.) Forever Theirs: An Epilogue

Note: The Kings of Knightswood Academy is a reverse harem series meant for mature readers who enjoy their academy bully romances with no restraint to language, violence and a few heated scenes.



5 books

Fear. Friendship. Betrayal. Lust. Hate. Passion. Despair.

Near future, light Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Romance with a speculative spin on fated mates and a corrupt government hellbent on keeping them separated!

My name is Thessaly, and at 22, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Living with my parents, going to college, and hanging out with friends is pretty much the extent of my mediocre life. The biggest drama I have going on with me is fighting a growing attraction toward my best friend Bram. Oh and avoiding needles–specifically ones that draw my blood. 

See, on January 27, 2044, the DNA Networking Act was set into action. This new law provides those in authority to gather genetic information from citizens in an effort to achieve nationwide resistance to diseases and other weaknesses. Sounds promising, right? 

Maybe. But to me, it infringes on a person’s freedom. The act prohibits citizens from declining to undergo genetic testing when summoned, and the deadline for everyone to voluntarily submit a DNA sample is fast approaching. I’m avoiding the process as long as possible. 

Until one night the unthinkable happens: I’m ruthlessly abducted. Bleeding is no longer voluntary… it’s a requirement. And as it turns out, the four guys who captured me aren’t anything like I expected.



4 books

Welcome to Raven Academy… Where the price of admission could be your soul…

Adeline Jones is perfectly average. Or at least she thinks she is until she receives an invite to attend Raven Academy, complete with a full scholarship. Raven Academy is the mysterious school that only the elite of the elite go and despite Adeline’s misgivings about giving up her whole life to attend, there’s no way her parents are going to let her give up such an opportunity.

But things at Raven Academy aren’t what they seem. Everyone is a little too perfect, a little too rich, and a little too powerful for any normal student population. Things only complicate further when Adeline catches the eyes of Raven Academy’s group of elite boys.

Can Adeline figure out what secrets Raven Academy is hiding before its too late? Or will the price of admission to the elite academy be more than she can pay…like perhaps the price of her soul.

School of Broken Souls is book 1 in the Academy of Souls series.

This is a paranormal, reverse harem, fantasy and bully romance.



The legacy of Hillcrest University starts out just like any other. A girl, some boys, a bit of mystery…a noose. Actually, it all begins with the noose. A noose, a note, and a corpse. And a pretty one at that…

I thought coming to HU would help me move on from my past, help me get a good start on my future. A school for rich boys? Please. I’ve dealt with worse than them before. If they want to use me for whatever games they’re playing, they’ll have to try a lot harder than they’re used to. They think I’ll willingly walk into their feud, choose sides.

Declan is the tortured soul, the cute, depressed roommate who I’m supposed to watch over. Sawyer is the king of the school; everyone follows his command—and his money. Travis is…my kind of trouble: sexy, tattooed, a bit mysterious. Sawyer blames Declan for his sister’s death, but me? I know sometimes the ones pointing their fingers are the worst of all.

Did someone kill his sister? I know better than to assume their innocence. In a place like Hillcrest, you can’t trust anyone. Declan, Sawyer, and Travis? They all wear masks. The better question is: if someone killed her, are they going to come after me next?

These rich, entitled brats have no idea who they’re messing with.

**Loser is a darker romance, meaning there are topics that might offend you. Self-harm, suicide, stalking, and more to come in future books. Be warned.**



3 books

Rule #1: Hide the monster.

Whispers surround me. Every time I walk down the halls of the academy, I’m terrified they’ll discover who I really am. If they do, I’ll never make it back to Mount Olympus so I can finally seek revenge on the god who ruined me.

So, note to self:

No flashing my scales, no showing my hair and absolutely no letting my eyes hit direct sunlight.

It won’t be easy, especially with three devastatingly handsome shifters who seem intent on destroying me.

A gorgeous griffin, a smoking hot sea dragon and a mysterious giant.

Other girls see them as swoon-worthy jocks, but to me they’re just ruthless monsters. Then again, so am I.

I’m Medusa the Gorgon, after all. Cursed by the gods to be the most terrifying woman alive.

It’ll be a challenge, but I’ve been through worse. I’ll survive, as long as I don’t break rule #2:

Don’t fall in love with my enemies.

Stone Cold is the first book in Kate Nova’s Gods & Monsters series, a medium-burn reverse harem story. If you love fierce heroines, hot alpha men, why-choose romance, and fantasy with lots of twists and turns along the way, you’ll love this story.



2 book duet

Ellie thought the pirates were long gone. Now, she’s about to learn there are people worse than pirates.

Growing up on an island known only for it’s fake pirate stories, Ellie Harrison wants nothing more than to finish her senior year the way she started it – a social outcast.
Everything was going according to plan, (well mostly, there was the fire thing… and the fighting thing), until the new guys show up and her life begins to change.

Not only does Ellie have to figure out what the secretive group are on the island for, but she also has to dodge an angry drunk for a father, her rather nosy brothers and a vindictive ex-best friend.

When a murder occurs, a box of coded love letters sends Ellie and her group not only after a killer, but down the rabbit hole of Shipwreck Island’s sordid past. What they discover may be more trouble than they are prepared for.
Ellie knows she will eventually have to choose between love and hate. Trust and Betrayal. Truth and Lies.

True Deceptions an Ellie of Shipwreck #whychoose reverse harem

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