Circus Save Me Review

Blurb from Amazon:

” It’s been over thirty years since the bombs dropped that almost decimated the planet. The fallout changed not only the animals and the landscape, but the people too. Freaks they called them; outcasts of society and hunted for their powers. The Circus has the only people to openly flaunt them, offering a haven for the lost and the damned.”

Rhea works for a powerful man in the male-dominated world and she is treated no better than a slave.

Until one day she saves a stranger and it changes her life forever.

Will Rhea find her place within the freaks, or will this be her final show?

The majority of books I read deal with strong, sassy heroines. Circus Save Me is set in a time where women are beaten down. There are no “Women’s Rights.” Women are treated as property, broodmares. Barren women are deemed defective and killed. Those mutated by bombings are also hunted down to be killed.

Rhea starts out as timid, weak, quiet, meek, apologetic, etc. Traits of someone who has suffered at the hands of abuse. I offer a trigger warning for you now. There is abuse both physical and verbal littered throughout this novel. There are no rape scenes, but there are attempted rape scenes. As a reader you watch Rhea grow from that timid and weak woman to one of strength and self worth. She learns of love and friendship, and that not all men think women are to be “put in their place.” This novel is a RH. It does end in a cliffhanger.

This author duo is a first for me, and I can happily say I enjoyed their writing style. I look forward to continuing Rhea’s (and her guy’s) story. If you’re looking for something different that your normal read, look no further.

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