Reverse Harem’s with BDSM 

Hello, my friends.

The request for this post was focusing on BDSM, and trying to pull some books with male subs. Unfortunately, that proved harder than anticipated (the male-sub part). This theme may be joining my list of posts I feel I didn’t do justice to; I’m still thinking about that dratted dancing post (I’m slowly adding books to part two).

Hopefully, you will find some lesser-known books in this list. However, do be warned that one of them is a menage, but it does feature a clear male sub, so I decided to include it.

Be well, and happy reading!

She’s Got the (smart) Moves

I had SO MUCH FUN with this post!! I was trying to come up with a song and came across an article that led me to that song by Mouldy Peaches in Juno, and then… I came across this cute ass cover of it. #LoveGoals.

So now that we have THAT out of the way… the request was to find Reverse Harems featuring a nerdy/geeky female lead. So I went ahead and included super smart on the list. 

Be well, and happy reading!

My Big Fat Reverse Harem Family

My friends!

The requested theme was to find RH books where either the MC or Harem Members already had children.  In the US Mothers Day just occurred, so this seems to be a relevant post! 

I’ve got to say, the idea of having several extra pairs of hands around, especially during the baby stage, sounds amazing. 

So without further ado, let’s meet our families of the week. 

Be well, and happy reading!


Bad to the Bone Reverse Harems

Hello friends!

I hope May is starting nicely for you.

The reader’s request was for harems with anti-heroes or villains. When I first got the request, I thought it would be easy to pull since I love those prickly bad boys that save the day. But, of course, when it came time to make this post, my mind drew a blank. Darn you book hangovers!

I had a lot of fun looking for books that fit the spirit of the request. Hopefully, you’ll find one or two you haven’t read before.

Be well, and happy reading!

return to omegaverse

Return to Omegaverse – Reverse Harems

Hello, my friends!

What a busy week. I wasn’t planning on our Friday post since I’ll be publishing the May release schedule soon, but you all have such great theme ideas I can’t help myself! 

This request is a follow-up to the recent Omegaverse post. As I mention in that post, I have a love/hate relationship with Omegaverse books. But I keep coming back to them, as it seems plenty of readers do if the number of upcoming Omegaverse books is anything to go by.

For this post, I include some upcoming Omegaverse books and some that have already been published. I won’t have a sample to go off of for those not yet published, but I’ll have the descriptions at least. 

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. For those of you new to the site, welcome! The community is entirely devoted to Reverse Harem books, sometimes including other poly relationships.

Tuesdays are reserved for reader-requested topics, while Fridays tend to be more laid back and geared to genres/ general tropes. Sunday’s list books making it on an Amazon Bestseller list for the first time. Hope you find something new to add to your reading pile!

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