Bully Romance Book List Part 2

It looks like we are all still gluttons for punishment. Welcome back for more! I’ve put together this second list of Bully books for you to peruse and hopefully there’s something here you haven’t read yet. I tried to find Bully Romance Reverse Harem books that weren’t well known, or that weren’t as popular as some others. Check out List 1 of my Bully reads too. Unfortunately, there are still not that many reverse harem Bully themed books. This list will contain what new reverse harem Bully Books I could find, as well as Non-Rh Bully books. Maybe a few pre-orders so that you can mark your calendar like me, and anxiously wait for them to come out! <3 Some will end with HEA, some will not. I love Hate to Love books, so I hope they all end in HEA.

Keep in mind, these are NOT real stories. They are works of fiction, so no real people suffered at the hands of these written bullies. Some of the following books may contain triggering elements. If I see it in the blurb, I will BOLD it and Underline it so that you will notice my warning. Please also use your best judgement with books that do contain triggering elements. If it bothers you in real life, odds are that it will bother you in a book. Please heed reviewers warnings, my warnings, and the authors warnings. It is rather upsetting for the author(s), and fans of the author(s) to receive a negative review on a book that triggered someone who had ample warnings. Or to see their favorite authors become saddened by these negative reviews. If you’re still with me, I am assuming you understand the gravity of the situation when it comes to Bully books and their darker elements. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

“I’ve got a secret.

Savannah, Georgia is full of debutantes and greed. The Heirs own this town. They own me, too. I don’t know what I did to ruin what we had. But their kindness turned cruel almost a year ago. I was prepared to leave it all behind and start over at a new school. But Rogue Kelly, the king of the Heirs, ruined that. He doesn’t want me anymore but doesn’t want anyone else to have me either. I know too much to be set free, but not enough to stay. The Heirs aren’t through with me yet. And I crave their cruelty too much to give up now.” -Amazon This is a NON-RH, but I wish it was. Oh. How I wish it was…

Authors’ Note: This is a bully romance with dark themes that may be triggering for some readers. Please read with caution.

“Break the new girl.
That should be easy, right?
Trash like her doesn’t belong at Burberry Prep.
No, Marnye Reed is going down, and we plan to make a spectacle out of it.
Let’s see who can make her fall in love first.
Bet’s on. Any takers?


Take on the filthy rich boys.
They’re the idols of the school, veritable gods on earth.
Old Money. New money. A rising star.
These guys are nothing like the ones at my old school.
I might come from nothing, but I’m determined to be someone, and I won’t let them get in my way.
They say they’ll make my life a living hell; I think they mean to keep that promise.

***FILTHY RICH BOYS is a 97,000 word reverse harem/mature high school bully romance novel. This is book one of four in the series. Contains foul language and sexual scenes; any sex featured is consensual.” -Amazon. RH.

“My name is Freya Wilson.
I am not your typical girl next door. 
I’m far from it.

As my mother likes to point out since I graduated high school, I should be planning my life instead of wallowing around the house, in my pajamas all day. Girls my age are either preparing for college or taking advantage of the warm summer days that California provides in spades. She doesn’t understand why I prefer to be stuck in my room, watching the world pass by. But there is a reason to my melancholy that she will never know.
I’m in mourning. I morn a love I can never have. A love that if anyone were to learn about its existence, I would be judged and ridiculed. Branded with names too ugly to mention. Years ago, I had made the ultimate sacrifice so no one would discover my secret. However, now my secret is being put to the test. I will need to overcome one last obstacle. When fate brings me to live under the same roof temptation lies, I fear I might not be strong enough to hide my feelings. The moment I set foot inside it, my life takes an unexpected turn and the vision I once had of eternal solitude, seems out of reach. The chains I have weaved around me are no match for the allurement the house next door provides. There is no running away from love, and I was a fool to think otherwise.” -Amazon, This is a RH.

“A long time ago, I was one of them. Now I’m back, and they hate me for it.

Plucked out of the harsh life I was living and thrust into a world of unimaginable wealth, power, and privilege, all I want to do is keep my head down and survive until graduation. But they have other plans—Mason, Finn, Elias, and Cole. Everyone at my new school calls them the Princes, and that’s exactly what they act like. They always get what they want… and who they want. And they want me. I’m not sure why, since they all seem to hate me. The Princes are gorgeous, flawless, and cruel. They own this town, and they’re determined to own me too. To break me. What they don’t know is that I’ve already been broken once. I won’t let it happen again.

***AUTHOR’S NOTE: Savage Royals is a reverse harem high school bully romance, the first book in the Boys of Oak Park Prep trilogy. It contains cursing and sexual situations.” -Amazon. RH.

“This book is about Mia and the hottest guys at Hidden River Academy: Buck, Shawn, Cael, Reid, and Colt. Editing issues have been resolved, with a freshly-edited version of the book now available!

They are everything and she is nothing. She doesn’t belong, and they’re going to make sure she knows it.

Mia Quinn never asked for her mom to get thrown in jail. She never asked to get shipped off to her uncle’s, and be enrolled as Hidden River Academy’s newest charity case. But she’s going to make the best of it, even though the students drive Range Rovers and Lambos, and she’s never even had a bike to call her own.

She figures she’ll keep her head down, study hard, and be back at the trailer park with her mom in a few months time.

Except the guys, and girls, of Hidden River Academy know when someone doesn’t belong, and Mia Quinn? Doesn’t belong. They’ve got a plan to get rid of this new upstart who’s crashing their rich-kid party. If she doesn’t go on her own, they’re going to make her. The first person to want her gone? Buck Barron, star football player at HRA, currently living with Mia’s uncle while his parents are MIA on a globetrotting trip. He doesn’t appreciate Mia crashing “guy time” at home, and Mia knows it.

To most students at HRA, Buck, Colt, Shawn, Reid, and Cael are the most popular students in the whole school. But to Mia? They are equal parts nightmare and bullies. Can she survive even a few weeks at Hidden River? Or are the guys, and the girls who trail after their every move, going to run her right back to the trailer park?” -Amazon. RH.

“Their brother was my best friend. My best friend was madly in love with me.
Only I didn’t love him, and then he was gone.
Now his brothers want revenge…and they will do anything to get it.
Including ruining me. 
They want to ruin me…but I might just destroy them instead.

Trixy Ansley. 
Starting university and making a new life was the only way to move on from the past she doesn’t want to remember. A past that wasn’t her fault, but not many know the real truth. When the Hallow brothers won’t leave her alone, secrets start coming out that none of them wanted to know.

The Hallow brothers.
Getting revenge for their dead brother was a good reason for following Trixy all the way to college. Their brother wasn’t the only one in love with her…but none of that matters now. They need to fix what she ruined.

We will ruin her for what she did…because the dead can’t get revenge.

A Dark Bully Reverse Harem Romance 18+ Warning this is not for the faint of heart. ” – Amazon. RH.


Mark your calendars! This Reverse Harem Bully baby hits virtual shelves this month (MAY) the 21st! Okay, number 1, I love HP Lovecraft. Number 2, Cruel Intentions was a classic cult movie for my generation. That’s the generation Xennials. We are the generation before millenials, and after generation X. A micro generation if you will. Basically we’re “Goonies Never Say Die.” Are you a Xennial? Click the link, it will open a new tab so you don’t lose your spot. But, I digress…

“I should have kept my mouth shut.
I should have let them win. 
Now the kings of the school are out for my blood,
… and they’re not the only ones.

The fire took everything.
My parents. My best friend. My life.

Now I have a second chance.
I only have to endure one year at this prestigious academy for rich snobs.
One year of being the charity case no one wanted.
One year of taunts and insults and bullying. Then I’m free.

But I didn’t count on Trey, Ayaz, and Quinn. 
Arrogant, privileged, dangerous.
Drop-dead fucking gorgeous.
They want me gone.
They want me to suffer.
They’re determined to make my nightmares real.

Tough luck, bully boys – I won’t hide away.
I’m not afraid. 
But maybe… I should be.

HP Lovecraft meets Cruel Intentions in this dark paranormal reverse harem bully romance. Warning: Not for the faint of heart – this story of three broken bad boys and the girl who stood her ground contains dark themes, crazed cultists, books bound in human skin, high-school drama, swoon-worthy sex, and potential triggers.” – Amazon. RH.


“They rule my new town, my school, and with more money than God, there’s very little out of their reach. Four gorgeous, perfect, scary boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, leaving a fifth position that I now fill. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want to be part of this billionaire-boys-club. But no one cares about what I want.

Sebastian Beckett is the worst of them. Their leader. He draws me in, and strips me of every defense I have. He calls me Butterfly, but it’s not a pet name, it’s a threat. Beck wants nothing more than to break my wings, pin me to a board and watch me writhe. He wants to see me broken. Body, heart and soul.

And what these elite want, they get. Only they’ve never met Riley Jameson. Let the battle begin.

*This dark contemporary romance features one girl and four sexy, dangerous boys but is NOT a reverse harem.* – Amazon Non-RH, party poopers.

Ohhh…mean girls.

“Jessa loves Sam, as does Drew.
And Sam? Well… 
That’s where things get complicated.

There’s a new boy in town. 
Troubled teen, Max, has been brought into the elite academy of HawkRidge High School by his father, a General in the Armed Forces.
On his first day, he meets Jessa and she brings him into the fold of the captain of the football team, Sam, and the quarterback, Drew.
These privileged teens aren’t brats, though, and after a destitute childhood, Max expected nothing but brats at HawkRidge. What makes these three so unusual is the love he sees between them, and the more he watches, the more he wants that for himself.
But every school has a mean girl, or in this instance, three. The Sarahs have it in for Jessa, and they’re not afraid to go to any lengths to make her pay for stealing Sam away from one of their own. But when Max gets caught in the crosshairs, his new life is suddenly under threat.
When a kid is taught he’s bad, no matter what he does, he has only one option.
Can Jessa stop him before it’s too late?
Find out in DARE YOU TO LOVE ME.

This is a 55k word novel. YA Reverse Harem Romance.” -Amazon. RH.

Now. I haven’t read this one, so since it’s marked YA I don’t know if there is sex in it.

“This book was originally titled The Falling of Everything.

They call them The Raven Three. They’re the most powerful and dangerous guys in town. Everyone respects them. Everyone fears them. No one ever challenges them until me.

But I have nothing to lose and nothing to fear but myself. So they give me a choice. Learn to fear them, or they’ll make sure I do. But they weren’t expecting me to be so stubborn. And after a dangerous challenge, The Raven Three become The Raven Four. There are rules that everyone has to obey, the most important one being we all have to stay friends. 

But none of us have ever been good at following rules and all of them are going to complicate things for me.

**This is a coming of age reverse harem dark romance suspense serial series. Each book is approx. 40,000 to 50,000 words. Recommended for mature readers due to language and sexual content.**” – Amazon. RH.

Not bully themed, but the main character is bullied by jealous bitches, one giant douche, and her ex abused her. Besides, this book is awesome.

“What do you do when your whole life is a lie? Go to college…

I just found out that I’m a supernatural and now I’m attending Redwood Supernatural University. With its magic and mix of beings from myth and legend, I’m definitely not in the human world anymore. 

But not everything is picture perfect. I have the Bitch Crew that are determined to get rid of me, a guy that’s hell-bent on teaching me a lesson, and my past haunting me in my dreams. It’s not all bad though; I have my quirky roommate Sadie and six guys who seem intent on keeping me around. I got this…hopefully.

The Best Wishes Series is a WhyChoose/Reverse Harem saga featuring MMFMMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn’t have to choose between her love interests.

This series contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, domestic violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.” -Amazon RH

“If you’re open to the bullies having magic” -Eva Chase

“I thought I was ordinary Rory Franco: college student, artist, and over-protected daughter. Then mages barge into my family’s home, murder my parents, and whisk me off to a university known to the rest of magical society as Villain Academy.

It turns out I’m Persephone Bloodstone, the long lost heir to one of the five royal families of dark magic. I’m destined to learn how to manipulate the world with fear—and to stand beside the four other scions: the scorching-hot, arrogant young men who rule this school.

Unfortunately, I’m having trouble locating my supposedly wicked skills. I don’t want to use a power that feeds off people’s pain, but I have to tap into my talents fast if I want to survive. I’ve got no time to grieve for my family. The students here are even more vicious than the teachers, and my fellow scions are worst of all. 

The four of them crush anyone who doesn’t kowtow. No way will I bow to any villain, no matter how brutally alluring. They can turn on the charm or tear me down, but they can’t break me, even if I can barely get my magic working. They’ve never met anyone like me before. I don’t care about ruling. I just want to avenge the people I loved.

It doesn’t matter what kind of power runs through my veins. I’m taking Villain Academy down.

*Cruel Magic is the first in a university-age paranormal academy series. Expect magical villainy, a tough heroine who bends to no one’s will, a dollop of steam, and a slow-burn reverse harem romance where there’ll be no choosing required.*” – Amazon. Eva usually writes RH.

This is a new one for me. Judging by the reviews I’m either going to love it, or hate it. Still going to read it,

“Book Summary
Beasts or Men. 
Friend or Foe. 
Truth or Lie.
Everything has a counterpart. There’s always another side to a coin and to a person. 
Though, with these boys, I’m not sure if there’s any light left in them. Maybe once upon a time they had a tender side. 
One that allowed mercy to lead their judgment… But that didn’t exist within them anymore. Something snuffed out their brighter side and I wanted to know what it was. 
They were the most stunning kind of men within the world’s standards. But I saw what the jaded eyes didn’t. Under their beauty lied beasts of suffering. 
I noticed, so my bullies made me their target. They lashed their anger out on me. My pain excited them. 
I should’ve ran. I should’ve been smarter than this…
Yet, I couldn’t back down. I couldn’t let them win. With how messed up I was, part of me craved their cruelness. Longed for their attention—even if it was only negative. 
Whether this mistake ends me or not, I’ve never felt more alive. Now, it was just unraveling their secrets to help me win this sick and twisted game. 

*WARNING: Triggers for sexual and physical abuse.” – Amazon  RH.

Had to throw this one in for fun! To lighten up the post, it’s a Bully Satire. That just means it’s a comedy, and the author is poking fun at the whole “Bully” trope craze right now. It’s only 42 pages long, and free on Kindle Unlimited. I have KU, so worth it for me to read, but I’m not sure I would actually spend $0.99 on 42 pages.

“What is my actual life? Weird classes, hot professors, and jerkface footballers who make me want to hide.

The four Chrises are volcanic levels hot and I want to eat my French Professor up. I never expected to be THAT girl in college but if the shoe fits, I’ll wear it. 

I hate that I want the kings of campus. They taunt me in the halls and their bedrooms, making me scream. But when the tables turn, my bullies are the ones on their knees. 

This satirical short story is both silly and saucy, and probably isn’t ideal for under 18 year old readers but we all remember sneaking our mom’s romance novels into our rooms, so who am I to judge. This is a standalone and, again is satire and short. Enjoy!” – Amazon RH. You had me at saucy. Lol.

“No good deed goes unpunished.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I agreed to help my friend Justin with a favor. My platonic friend Justin.

A favor that helped him with his reputation but turned mine into the trending topic at my school. In a matter of days I go from quiet, nobody to school slut. The problem with that? I’m still a virgin.

The whispers, the stares and the constant gossip could bring me down but I’m tired of hiding in the dark, covering up my anxiety and being alone. I decide to take on the bullies and find a few surprising allies along the way; the Allendale Four. Oliver, Anderson, Jackson and Hayden make up this tight-knit circle of friends and they make it their mission to protect my reputation, my heart and my soul.

For the first time I’m not alone and I’m not afraid, but will the closed-minded town of Allendale accept our relationship? 

In this COMPLETE series, follow Heaven and the Allendale Four as they navigate trials of high school, college and beyond, balancing love, life, careers and everything that comes with the complications of unique relationships. 

Please note a Piece of Heaven is a contemporary young adult, Why Choose novel that deals first love, the hardships of life with anxiety and depression; including the topics of bullying, social issues and self-harm.” – Amazon. RH

Bully is not the main theme, but mean bitches. Mean bitches can bully too. See below, you’ll see what I mean.

Mark those calendars! MAY 15TH is when this sexy beast hits the virtual shelves. *Clicks pre-order*

“Magic exists. I know—it’s in my blood.

Unfortunately, not all people from magical bloodlines have powers, and at 22, I’m several years past the age they usually appear. So I’ve resigned myself to a boring, magic-less life. Then something strange happens…

I get stuck in the middle of a bar fight, and instead of just punching the guy back, I blow a hole in the wall. So… I guess I do have powers. But they’re unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. This shit is definitely not normal.

And it seems the magical authorities agree, because they give me a choice: either I go to school to learn to control my crazy new magic, or they’ll take it away. Permanently. Now if I can just survive the bitchy mean girls determined to take me down a peg, the mysterious attacks on students, the three hot-as-hell guys who don’t seem turned off by my prickly exterior, and the professor who makes me long for detention, maybe I’ll get out of here in one piece. Wouldn’t bet on it though.

Welcome to the Academy of Unpredictable Magic.

Spark is the first book in the Academy of Unpredictable Magic series, a medium-burn reverse harem story intended for ages 18+, featuring a badass chick and the four sexy men who fall in love with her.” – Amazon. RH.

“Emerson Andrews is no stranger to the dark side of life. Growing up in an abusive household, she endured a life of violence that ultimately led to the murder of her mother. However, she’s only a couple of months away from turning 18, so she’s got it covered. At least, she thought she did until her guilt ridden aunt comes and takes her in. Now, living miles away, where money is worshipped like a deity, she realizes she’s a far cry away from the trailer park she called home.

Ramsey Reed wasn’t blinded by money, power or social standing, even though he had all three of those things in spades. He knew people with money were just as degenerate as people without it. The wealthy were just able to pay people to look the other way, while the poor could not. He was only 18-years-old, but he was already sick and tired of the people around him. They were nothing but tools he used for his entertainment, and he found himself not being entertained much these days.

When Emerson shows up at a pre-school year party and meets Ramsey, their connection sparks a battle of wills so strong, neither is certain if they’ll be able to hold on to their sanity. And, yet, neither of them cared.

Warning: While the story contains a HEA, it is a dark romance, bully read. It contains triggers and can be offensive to some readers. Please do not purchase if sensitive to such materials.” – Amazon. Non-RH.

Another satire, I know….I know. Last one. Swear. Lol

Mark those calendars, MAY 15TH. That’s right around the corner.

“Wexford Academy, A private college. How did I end up here? First day and the Billionaire speaker and the hot Rock Stars on campus make me wish the ground would open up!

Four hot members of the rockstar group on campus,” Bones and X-crosses” are hotter than molten lava and I can’t help but stare at my Billionaire speaker as he talks about his decommissioned fighter jets. I can’t help but want them. I hate that I do, because they have no problem taunting me. But something happens, the instant that occurs they end up being mine!

This is satire that would make you laugh. It is a standalone funny story have fun!” – Amazon

Mark those calendars for MAY 12TH!!! C.M. is rapid releasing the shit out of some books this month. Her group now has (I believe) over 10,000 followers who don’t know how to block spoilers. Lol, so I’ve been trying to stay off her group unless she shares something to one of my other groups.


Shh, I have a secret.

The four sinfully gorgeous kings of this school—Church, Ranger, Micah and Tobias—can’t ever find out.

I already get picked on because my father’s the headmaster.
I don’t need them to know I’m the only girl, too; I’d rather dress like a boy.

Adamson All-Boys Academy now has its only female student, but I’m not about to be their guinea pig.

Not when there’s a secret at this school nobody is talking about. Not when the last female student here ended up dead.” – C.M. Stunich . RH.

She will hit live on this baby, so unfortunately no link to book as of yet. I just looked.

“* The Rebel of Raleigh High is the first book in the Raleigh Rebels Series. Please be advised, this book comes with a trigger warning. Intended for readers 17+ *


Hit me.
Kick me.
Hurt me.
Hate me.

There’s nothing that the students of Raleigh High can do to Silver Parisi anymore. Over the past year, she’s had to endure more pain and suffering than most people are asked to bear in their lifetimes. She’s a pariah, an outcast, a ghost. She’s also never been one to take shit lying down, though…despite what half the football team might say.

With only one hundred and sixty-eight days left of the school year, it won’t be long until graduation, and Silver’s planning on skipping town and leaving Raleigh firmly in her rearview mirror…

Until he comes along…


Alex Moretti’s earned most of his labels, and he’s not ashamed of a single one of them. He’ll earn far worse before he’s finished with his new found ‘friends’ at Raleigh High. Having spent years being ground down under the boot heel of society, it’s time for a little payback. And if exacting revenge upon the heads of the Raleigh elite means he can also help the beautiful girl who hovers in the shadows, then that’s all for the better.

Oil and water. Fire and ice. The differences between Silver and Alex are broader than any chasm. To reach one another, they must take a leap of faith and fall into the divide.

And falling?

Nothing good ever came from falling.” – Amazon. Non-RH.


Want more? Here’s the link to Bully Romance Book List Part 3https://thenaughtybookbox.net/2019/07/10/bully-romance-book-list-part-3/

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