Bully Romance Book List Part 1

No one likes a bully, or do they? The angst. The feeling of watching that hate to love. It’s usually epic. Watching the main character get harassed, and then dish it right back. Are the readers viewing the love between the two as tragic? Keep in mind a Bully Romance is not your typical romance with a cookie cutter HEA. They’re raw, gritty, emotional, painful, and can be hard to read at times.

People must like it, or there wouldn’t be a bully romance genre, and a overabundance of books to choose from. Myself, I like it to an extent depending on what the author does with it. Some of the following may have triggers. Not all Bully Romances are pleasant to read. Some hit the reader harder than others. Use due diligence when choosing a book with possible triggers. As always, happy reading! – Quare Eligere

I’m a sucker for a sexy book cover. The MC is running from a mom who hates her, and a dad that doesn’t care. Then she meets Cole Reynolds. “The devil disguised as a man. ” -Amazon

This book you’re going to love it, or hate it because it’s a train wreck you won’t be able to look away from. The main character male is a psychotic sociopath and by standing up for herself the mc catches his attention.

They used to be best friends. Then one day he hated her and made her live a living hell. She moved away for a year and decided the hell with it, she was coming back. She was going to fight back.

Jared’s story. This is his perspective and POV from Bully. He loved her until he found out he couldn’t trust her. He loved her so much he hated her. So he pushed her away, and she left. Now she’s back, and she pushes back. He’s not sure if either of them will be the same.

What do you do when your entire life is upended and you move to a new town, new house, with a new step-dad, and 2 hot but cruel step-brothers? You acclimate. Want a ride? You’re going to pay with Gas, or Ass.

They were perfect together. Until they met. They started out as pen pals with the agreement of no phone numbers, no pictures, and no social media.

He hated everyone at school, but her. She liked everyone at school, but him. Unfortunately, he was better at getting his way than she was.

She barged into his life when they were younger, and he made her pay for it. Now they’re older, she hates him. Too bad for her. She better get used to him.

Swept to the Hampton’s for a fresh start after a family member does the unthinkable. Madison attends Riverside Preparatory Academy, which is run by The Elite Kings Club. 10 boys who run the school and are about to turn Madison’s world upside down.

Her social worker told her that her kind wasn’t welcome around here. To keep her head down. The MC doesn’t keep her head down for anyone. Her defiance only puts her on the radar of the Boys of Brayshaw High. Boys that are treated like royalty. She’s the girl who got in their way.

Ella is orphaned and taken into the Royals home. Except, the sons of the Royals don’t want her there and they’re not afraid to show it. Reed Royal is determined to put her back into the slums she came from. *Note. 17 year old’s have sex in the book. I was 17 when I did too so I have zero qualms about it. Pass on it if you do.

Erika’s always been a little afraid of her boyfriend’s older brother Michael. She’s watched him for years. Michael left to play pro basketball. Her boyfriend left for the military. Erika is now alone at college. In the same city as Michael. Apparently Erika had 3 of Michael’s friends put in prison. Michael’s been patient. His friends are out of prison. And now Erika’s going to pay.

He tormented her for 10 years. She had him sent away. Now he’s back and he wants revenge. He wants more than just her tears and he knows how to get it.

Bronagh Murphy just wanted to be left alone. Dominic is used to getting attention from all directions. Bronagh of course gains Donimics attention by doing the very thing she wants, to be ignored. Dominic wants her, and what Dominic wants, he gets.

He’s pretending to be something he’s not. She’s trying to expose him. He’ll do what it takes to keep his secret. He’ll just have to tame her. Of course there’s more than I can write here going on. You’ll just have to read and find out what.


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