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Boss Lady’s Reverse Harem

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Our theme today is a reader request.  The ask was to find books where our MC was in charge and called the shots.  I haven’t read all these books, but the descriptions/reviews lead me to believe they fit the theme.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!

P.S. Completely non-RH-related. I just listened to something called a Graphic Audio/Movie for your ears. Have any of you tried one of those? I absolutely loved it!!! There were sound effects and different voice actors.

I would LOVE to see an RH made into a Graphic Audio! Allison’s Adventures in Underland had a male voice actor doing the harem voices even though the novel was all from the female MCs POV, but that’s the closest I’ve found.

The GraphicAudio I just completed is a fantasy book called Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews.  This is NOT a reverse harem.

Amazon Description

Eve had one job. Kill Adam.

But when her mark for the night turns out to be a gift-wrapped omega, Eve can’t resist delaying the job and enjoying the opportunity before her.

One bite is all it takes.

That’s what Adam is counting on. One bite and he might live till morning.

Success is complicated and on the run for their lives, Eve and Adam need the one thing neither of them wants. A pack.

Can three good men tame the killer and the con artist? Not if this bad alpha can help it.

Bad Alpha is a MMFMM romance standalone with a HEA, set in the Sweetverse. Warning for violence and the acts of a dangerous woman in command.

Thoughts from Paige

I've read other books in this series and remember meeting the MC from this book.  She was a tough Alpha assassin, looking forward to reading this one.

Amazon Description

thought I'd found my happily ever after.

We were meant to be, everyone knew it. He called it fated mates, I called it soul mates. My family was wary of me becoming a werewolf, but I knew everything would be perfect after he delivered a life-changing bite.

The problem is there's a one in a million chance of a new werewolf being an alpha. And guess what? I just won the freaking lottery.

Now, my supposed mate can't stand the sight of me. I'm lost, shattered, and confused. With new instincts and a drive to protect, I'm trying my best to stay out from the bottom of a bottle. There's no such thing as a happy lone wolf and I'm struggling to find a place to fit in.

Enter the Army. Turns out they're recruiting werewolves for a new special unit at the nearby base. With my human family withdrawn and my ex's pack trying to hunt me down, there's no time like the present to get out of town.

In the blink of an eye, I'm in boot camp and pushing myself to the edge every day. Tired as I am, I can't stop thinking about the gorgeous secret omega drill sergeant who only has eyes for me. Even better, there's a handsome beta coaching me through the cold, lonely nights. If we get caught, we're all in deep trouble.

But that's what makes it fun.

Basic B*tch is a werewolf reverse harem romance featuring rejected mates within a military setting. This book is intended for those over 18 years of age. Inside you'll find sizzling scenes, broken hearts, and a tough, strong female main character who's digging her claws in and finding a way to move on. Fated mates are great, but what happens when they go wrong? A Why Choose book.

Thoughts from Paige

Yikes, this book starts with a bang, literally.  It only has 36 ratings, but it sounds like there was an error with the story and finished halfway through.  According to another, the error is now corrected. I am planning on reading this, but as always read the sample first!

Amazon Description

They took me from my home, made me a slave—and when I wouldn’t bend, they chose to break me.

But a chance encounter with a demon spells disaster for the slave trade. Released from my bonds, and set free upon the world that scorned me, I will do anything to find my brother and get my revenge.

Only, four wolves, one from each clan, seem intent on pursuing me—all for their own desires.

To one, I am the Goddess reborn. To another, the woman of his dreams. To the others, I am a danger, an unknown, and everything they’ve ever wanted.

They say I must return with them to the Wilds and claim my wolf so I can see them as mine. But these men will soon learn I’m much more than a feral mate.

I am Alpha, and these wolves will bow to their queen.

I am Alpha kicks off a brand new epic fantasy romance trilogy where the heroine won't have to choose between her wolves. If you love your adventure with a dash of romance and a whole lot of revenge, then start Cinna's story today!

Book One - I am Alpha
Book Two - They Call me Beast
Book Three - Bow to your Queen

The Rise of the Beast Queen trilogy is part of the Devourer of Magic universe. Each series/standalone can be read solo, but if you enjoy one, it is probable you will enjoy them all! Will you be devoured today?

Thoughts from Paige

I am Alpha, and these wolves will bow to their queen.

Whelp, that line right there indicates our female MC is one badass who is definitely calling the shots! The second book is tentatively scheduled for release in March 2022. Book one has a lot of positive feedback on Amazon.


Amazon Description

On board a station deep in space a newly assigned engineer discovers the pleasure of an 80% male population.

Durn has just stepped on board The Celeste and has already found 3 of the hottest, biggest men she's ever seen. In this far reach of space she's their wildest dream come true and all 3 are willing to show her why The Celeste is the steamiest posting anywhere in the Federation.

Captain Frain has infamous alien blood coursing through his body and Durn can't wait to find out just how enthralling his vibrating nature is.

Burt may be arrogant and pushy but his way with women only seems to accelerate around the curvy new crew member.

Kyodai hides a secret that Clara Durn is only too happy to unwrap as she plays a game only deep space offers: how many screams does it take before they can hear you in space.

Thoughts from Paige

This book has a ton of positive reviews!

Amazon Description

I am wolf; I am human; I am neither; I am both.
I am werewolf.

And I have seven Alpha Males as my mates.
All mine to kiss and hold and touch, seven handsome men for my bed.
My boys represent the biggest packs in North America.
But I am the Alpha Female and I rule them all.

One day, the packs might force me to choose.
But my heart, it won't allow it. Things could get…bloody if I have to fight for my boys.
For now, three glittering dark courts threaten our existence with their glamorous cruelty:
the vampires, the witches, and the fae.

Werewolves are missing from all the packs, and my boys and I, we have to find them.
Or find out who's killing them.
Because I'm the mistress of my men, my packs, a girl known simply as White Wolf.
I've promised to protect the men I love, the family and friends I cherish.
And the White Wolf…always keeps her promises.

***PACK EBON RED is a 300+ page full-length reverse harem/menage, urban fantasy/paranormal romance novel for mature teens and adults 18+ with a happily ever after waiting at the end of the series. It features one strong woman and her seven hot men that will do whatever it takes to protect and support their alpha. This book contains: werewolves, magic, vampires, dark fae, witches, intrigue, steamy sex scenes, romance, paranormal politics, and true love. This is book one of seven.

Thoughts from Paige

I don't want to steer you all wrong, so be warned that this series is NOT complete, and the last update was in 2019. The author's website indicates that a series will never be left incomplete, but as of now, it stops at book 4 in a 7-book series. I did like the first book but didn't read further.

Amazon Description

My name is Tegan Manawar, and I am a Mage. Our hidden Empire spans the nine worlds, and Earth is our crown jewel. We rule in secret so that the unsuspecting masses will not become terrified of our enemies… the Malignant.

The Malignant are Mages who became infected with a virus that changed them from men into monsters. Scales, horns, and wings cover their bodies, along with fangs and claws. Unclean creatures, who are also infected, serve their unholy masters as cannon fodder in our wars. The Malignant have become the demons of our nightmares and the bane of our existence.

I want to serve the Empire, but my magic is broken. It can only be used when I hold a focus, like a wand in my hands. So, I have created a device that allows me to capture creatures and use them as my weapons.

Today, I am going to enter one the areas of chaos around our Empire and harvest servants. Then, like my brothers, I will become a protector of Earth.

But, what will happen when I become infected?

Will my family hunt me down and destroy my unclean flesh, as they have done to hundreds of thousands of innocent creatures? I don’t want to become a monster who preys on the weak and devours their souls. But, I also don't wish to be incinerated or smothered.

Maybe, by becoming what my family fears, I can save humanity and discover who the real monsters truly are. Not everything is as it seems in our happy lives.

This discovery will cost me my eternal soul, but knowledge and freedom come with a price.

May God Save the Empire and my eternal soul. And… May he forgive me for what I am about to do.

Publisher’s Note: Blood of the Fae is a reverse harem series with explicit scenes and a strong female lead who fluctuates back and forth between her male and female lovers. She is a woman who makes mistakes on an epic scale--routinely--and tries to learn from them. This series is meant for mature readers who love alternative earth settings where things went a little different than our timeline. It is a mixture of action adventure, horror, and romance that will either make you stand up and clap or die of apoplexy. My reviews are usually either a 5, or a 1, depending on whether you enjoy polyamorous love triangles and harem influences, or you are repelled by them. I hope that you enjoy Tegan’s adventures, both in and out of her bedroom.

Thoughts from Paige

The author indicates this is a polyamorous series where our MC has both male and female lovers.

Amazon Description

The Kingdom of Kimmery is broken…

Bryony, Princess of Kimmery, has a secret. She lacks the Hunger, the magical and passionate craving that is responsible for Kimmery's prosperity. Without that power, she will lose the crown and the chance to rule the kingdom she sincerely loves.

The Queen's Line must select Chosen to satiate their Hunger with and Bryony's Choosing ceremony has arrived. On her first night with her newly assembled men—a prince, an ambassador, a stablehand, a sculptor, and a rogue—her own secret, and the secrets of Kimmery, spill out between them.

North of Kimmery's capitol, the people are starving. When her truth is revealed to her iron-hearted grandmother, Bryony invents a plan to buy time. She and her Chosen will go to the desolate Winter palace where she can pretend to explore her Hunger while investigating the kingdom's failings.

Bryony is determined to take Kimmery and its people back into a golden age, and keep her crown. As passions rise with her chosen so do the obstacles and adversaries they face. Kimmery's prosperity isn't the only thing Bryony misunderstood, and the Hunger is more than what it appears.

Thoughts from Paige

I have read this series.  Our MC gets stronger throughout the series, and she definitely grows into her power. While she doesn't start out as boss lady, I'd say she gets there in this series.

There is MM in this series.

Amazon Description

Empress Alexandra Trevino has a problem. After inheriting the throne to the largest empire in the world, her court wants her to marry, but she is unwilling to share her crown so early in her reign.

Solution? Institute a harem. After all, her male predecessors had consorts, why can't she?

Four men handpicked from around the world enter her home with the sole purpose of bringing her pleasure. From a prince to a merchant, they are everything Alexandra ever dreamed of. Each has his own motivations for being there, and strong personalities to match their perfect faces.

As Alexandra gets to know them better she begins to realize, why should she have to choose at all?

Thoughts from Paige

I'm loving the concept of these books.  Set in contemporary times, our queen institutes her own harem just like the Kings of old.  Talk about a woman in charge!

Amazon Description

Working at a shop called the Vagile Ajna in a town called Cummings Cove, across the street from a store named Cummings Master Baiter was clearly not enough for me.

I had to go and find myself a Police Chief named Phoquin, two shifter twins that tend to ‘lose’ their pants, and a murder.

I don’t know why I expected things to be normal in a place that offers visitors a “Cummings Good Time?” but I certainly didn’t expect to be charged with murder.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am the prime suspect? Yeah, that’s a thing.A suspect who is being hunted by a wolf with an eyepatch that came to take me back to my pack after I kinda-maybe killed someone. That’s the second dead body, if you’ve been keeping track.So, I’m a murderer-arsonist, hiding in a town with a few too many secrets. Good thing I have my Shifter Twins to keep me safe.

Too bad someone else wants me dead more.

Scarlet and her Misfit Shifter Pack is a full-length Reverse Harem Romance with more than a few muscley shifters to wet your fancy. With a mystery to solve, and three guys to woo our girl, these page-turning scenes will make you want to lock your door and shut out the world for a while. No batteries required.

Thoughts from Paige

Our MC from this series first appears in the Exiled World: Bloodwood Shifter series. It doesn't look like it is necessary to read that series first but wanted to give a heads up.

I couldn't find the series page for the Misfit Shifters series, so I'm linking the other two books below for easy access.  The first and second books are also available in audio format, the third is not yet.

For Fox Sake: A Rejected Pack Romance (Exiled World: Misfit Shifters Book 2)
Fox Chance in Hell: A Rejected Pack Romance (Exiled World: Misfit Shifters Book 3)

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  1. Hi Hi Hi! I love your book compilations, they really help me fine some good reads! I was wondering if you could make a post about reverse harem books where the female lead is a dom, or like one or more of the people in her reverse harems are submissive 🙂

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