Book Releases in my TBR


Still Waters: A Reverse Harem Science Fiction Romance (Wings of Artemis Book 9)

Greed (The Damning Book 1)

SEDUCE MY LOVE (Bloody Desires Series Book 4)

Wish For Me (Destiny Jinn Series Book 2)

Wrathful Wonderland (The Looking-Glass Curse Book 2)

The Summit: Their Champion Book 2

Maiming: A Reverse Harem Series (To Tame a Shifter Book 3)

Light The Fire: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Her Elemental Dragons Book 5)

Sin & Magic (Demigods of San Francisco Book 2)

No Claim: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (The Alpha Brothers Book 2)

Silk and Steel #1: Silk & Steel

Stone and Ash: A Reverse Harem Romance (Magical Kingdoms Book 3)

Lera of Lunos: Power of Five Book 4

Jump Through Fire (Harem of Freaks Book 4)

Brimstone Nightmares (Queen of the Damned Book 4)

Pack’s Queen: A Fairy Tale Retelling Paranormal Romance (Wolves of Crimson Hollow Book 3

Awakened and Betrayed: The Lost Sentinel Book 2

Heart Hassle Series Book 3- Crimes of Cupidity

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