Book-list With Deaf/Mute/Blind Character(s) Part 1

The following are books with at least one character that has the disability of making them blind, mute, or deaf. Some of these books will be RH, some will not. I will try to include on each one which is which. I’ve included little blurbs next to the book covers giving you an idea of what each book is about. There is also a link button provided that will take you directly to Amazon where you can see the actual synopsis since mine as paraphrased.

Some of the strongest characters/people are born with a disability. The fact that they learn to live, and struggle without 1 or more of their 6 senses is amazing in itself. I have all 6 of my senses fully functioning, and I cannot imagine losing 1. To those who do, my hats off to you. You are strong, and amazing. As always, happy reading! -Quare Eligere

This book is the second part of Bea Paige’s Sister’s of Hex Series. Fern is deaf. She is a Earth midwife and has an encounter with 3 angles after a baby is born and 1 shows to take the baby in death. *Start with Accacia’s Curse, Blood, then Bite* RH

Oakley went mute at age 5. She’s suffered from sexual abuse, and bullying from school. She has a friend/love interest since she was young named Cole. Non-Rh.

Archer became mute at a young age from a accident. He became reclusive as he grew up and people left him alone, until a Bree came barreling into his life. She shows him love, and that he is not so different than anyone else. Non-rh.

Kit is dyslexic, and Logan hasn’t spoken since he was young (when he lost his hearing) only speaking in sign language. She is homeless, with a secret past. He wants her and all of her secrets. Non-rh.

Read the Horse Mistress first to avoid story confusion. The MC is blind in 1 eye from having acid thrown on her face. She was in slavery and now must choose to accept fate or risk her life and change the future. Non-rh, this is a ménage.

Dessie leaves NY behind for school in a small Texas town. She wanted to find her voice to set her apart from her perfect family. Accept he couldn’t hear it. Clayton is deaf. Non-rh.

Forced into segregated towns of humans and “new breed” of humans for being different, Nathallee is telepathic. Mcm is mute. She joins a elite enforcement team to try to make a difference. Non-rh.

Hades Hangmen book 1. Mcm has a bad stutter, doesn’t speak much. Motorcycle club saves girls from religious camps. Has triggers. Non-rh.

Their Dark Valkyrie Series. RH. One of the 4 Gods (Hod) is blind. She died and came back as a Valkyrie. The Gods king has gone missing and the last 3 Valkyries that were sent to find him went missing.

She was blinded in an accident. She sought a lover & kept him in the literal dark. He couldn’t get her out of his head. They run into each other, and he understands her wish to remain in the dark. He talks her into a sex only affair to show her she’s beautiful. She has a best-friend that is more evil than friend, but she refuses to see it. And she’s trying to drive them apart. Non-rh

Fire & Vice Series-Book 5 Fear in Her Eyes. A man with dark needs/wants wants the woman in his building. She is a blind musician. The black part of his soul called for him to take her, but he must protect her from himself. Non-rh. HEA. This 6 book collection is KU

Cursed by her mother. Locked away by her greedy father who seeks to be King. Lark is unable to speak. Lark is kidnapped by a Tiras and used as a pawn against her father and to unlock the curse. Except, she is sympathetic towards him and develops romantic feelings as well. Non-rh.

Scarred, grumpy, and lonely, veteran soldier Kit places an ad for a blind reader. A female one. What he doesn’t expect is Laura. Laura is blind, but beautiful. And according to Kit, she’d have to be blindfolded or blind to enjoy his company. He can’t get her out of his head. Non-rh.

Maddox has a type of oracular degeneration. His eyesight is leaving him. This is the story of a group of minors struggling through foster care as their own family. Be aware that it is meant to have another book, but the author has not completed it yet. RH. There’s sex, no even though they’re minors I wouldn’t say YA.

Extreme-sports mogul, billionaire Micah Sinclair meets and is enamored with the strength of Tessa Sullivan. Tessa is deaf and knows a lifetime of loss. Can Micah show Tessa that she can still have everything she wanted, including his love? Non-rh.

Dark Omegaverse Rh. Wren is mute. This is the first book of Wren and her 3 alpha males/pack. Book 1 is short, around 100ish pages. Triggers. Will feel like rape fantasy if you are unfamiliar with Omagaverse and how it works.

Mcm is mute. Emery is perfect on the outside, scarred on the inside. Ryler is scarred both inside and out and Emery finds him beautiful. She is drawn to him. Except Ryler has secrets that calls both of their pasts to the forefront. Non-rh.

One of the Mc’s harem men is mute. RH. The mc sneaks away from her life dressed as her twin brother to learn to fight. She is meant to be a sacrifice but is saved by her harem. She has to hide her magic or face magical castration.

One of the Mc’s harem men is mute. The last thing her father told her was to take a key to a set of coordinates. She’s in a world where you can’t trust anyone. There are monsters effected by a virus, and a new breed of monsters immune to the virus. She has to make attachments in a world where that can get you killed. Oh, and they want her blood. RH

NA-RH. One of the main character males of the rh is deaf. Stuck “in a shit-ass resort with her shit-ass parents” when the world ends, the Mc luckily has a harem of 7 guys to help her. Trigger warnings. This is slow burn. (Zombies)


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