Biker/MC Reverse Harem Book List – Part 2

Hello lovlies! It’s amazing how a trope can go from little to no novels, and then ker-poof more books! Now have all the biker hotties we want to read about and they’re still coming out. Some will be MC, others will be members of the harem who ride. Heh. Others can be just a character that enjoys their motorcycle and isn’t the focal point of the novel. However, if you’re trying to collect biker book boyfriends, we the RH group stalkers use the dibs honor system. For example, Shadow is currently the property of Sue Ryan. Take it up with her, or Crystal Ash if you have an issue with fictitious dibbsery. Gifs will fly. As always, Happy Reading! – Quare Eligere

Updated Post

Hi all, Paige here. This post has been updated with new links, new covers (where applicable), and the removal of no longer available books (sadness). 

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Be well, and happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Biker/MC Reverse Harem Book List – Part 2”

  1. You see how Shadow in steel demons is quiet and deadly can we please get more books around that area. You always got the one guy who go beat up a room full of people no problem but a hurt women 😱. Something about big quiet yet deadly men they definitely make up the group dynamics

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