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Hello, my friends.

I decided to post a list of large reverse harems in honor of the Arcane Mage Series finale (Charismatic released this week). I tried to keep it at five or more harem members. Some of these books have m/m and some don’t. The Arcane Mage series does not have M/M, if that is what you are looking to read.

Another series I have been following is Wraithwood Academy, which also ends this month. I’m not entirely sure, but I think we may be able to classify it as a large harem. Only time will tell. There are scenes of M/M in that series, so heads up.

It is also so bittersweet when a good series ends. I’m glad to have all the answers (or at least most if there is a spinoff series). I’m so happy our MC gets her HEA. But saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow. 

Hopefully, you can all find some big harems to enjoy from the list below.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases. 

Be well, and happy reading!


Court of Betrayal (Among Shadows Book 1) by M. Sinclair
Court of Betrayal (Among Shadows Book 1) by M. Sinclair
Amazon Description

I was born different, never fit in.
I don’t know why, but I also don’t question it. Until…

A massive storm blows into our village and changes everything.

Now I find myself missing large chunks of my memory. Even the things I can remember seem to be lies.

What’s real? And why am I suddenly so unsure about my life, my past, my purpose?

Something is coming for me—to destroy me. And if I can’t figure out what’s going on fast, that will be the end.

For me. For my village.

And for the alluring strangers who claim me as theirs. Men who claim to know me, to even love me, promising to help me. And as long as I can play along, they just might be the ones to save me.

Join Ophelia and her men in Court of Betrayal, the 1st installment of the Among Shadows series*. A series that features a naive outcasted main female character and the possessive men that are determined to protect her. This story will contain darker gothic themes of violence, swearing, gore, and sexual themes for +18.

*This story was previously published under the title ‘Fae Fiefdom’ but has gone through content change and added material.

Thoughts from Paige

I quite liked this booked.  I ended up buying it and pre-ordering the sequel so it wouldn't fall off my radar.

Deadly Illusions: Arcane Mage World Series 2 (Arcane Agent Series Book 1) by T.S. Snow
Deadly Illusions: Arcane Mage World Series 2 (Arcane Agent Series Book 1) by T.S. Snow
Amazon Description

Battle Mage or Magical Engineer?
Like that was even a real question.
Battle Mage. Obviously.

Magical Engineers live quiet, boring lives.
I crave excitement.
And as an agent for the Arcane Mage Intelligence Agency,
That’s exactly what I get.

It’s a pretty great life.
I go on solo missions, kicking ass and taking names,
I hook up with men whenever I want to blow off some steam,
And I hang out with my family if I’m ever after company.

Everything changes when my psycho uncle fails in his attempt to kill my father.
Now, I’m in charge of the manhunt against him.
I’ll make sure he pays for threatening those I hold dear.

The only problem?
I’m no longer working solo,
And the team I’ve been assigned is a threat to both my sanity and my heart.

Suggested Reading order:
Chaotic (Arcane Mage Series book 1)
Hectic (Arcane Mage Series book 2)Erratic (Arcane Mage Series book 3)
Frenetic (Arcane Mage Series book 4)
Ecstatic (Arcane Mage Series book 5)
Deadly Illusions (Arcane Agent book 1)
Charismatic (Arcane Mage Series book 6)

*Author note: This book is the first book in a spinoff series of the Arcane Mage Series. It takes place midway through Ecstatic (book 5 in the Arcane Mage series). While this book can be read separately, please be warned that for a better experience, I fully recommend you read Charisma's story first. This book is a paranormal reverse harem story with slow build, where the heroine doesn't have to pick among her romantic interests. It has a strong female character as lead, lots of cursing, violence, magic, and sexual content. Because of that, it's not recommended for readers below the age of 18.*

Thoughts from Paige

The author indicates that a reader can begin this spinoff from the Arcane Mage series as the first in a new series. I don't know that I would recommend that, but I guess if you didn't connect with Charisma, you might connect with Blair? I love them both, such different MCs; really fun to get into their heads.

I did struggle with the MC change right before the final book was released. It took me a bit to get into the groove of Blair, but dang, she is such a badass. 

For my next re-read, I'll shuffle the reading order and read Charismatic directly after Ecstatic. Then, once I finish the Arcane Mage series, I'll start with Deadly Illusions. 

Hell's Reaper: A Reverse Harem Hellhound Shifter Romance (Soul Reaper Academy Book 1) by Rune Hunt
Hell’s Reaper: A Reverse Harem Hellhound Shifter Romance (Soul Reaper Academy Book 1) by Rune Hunt
Amazon Description

Soul Reapers run everything in the Shadow World and in Hell.
They capture runaway souls, make sure demons are not having wild weekends on Earth, and even bring the heir to the throne back to hell. I should have been one. Instead, I ran, leaving Hell behind, hoping my departure will save the place I call home from a horrific vision of its demise.

For two years, I managed to stay away. Then a Soul Reaper shows up, telling me it’s time to head home. While he’s not the first to try to drag me back, he’s the first to succeed in the task. Thankfully, I arrived back in Hell just in time.

Turns out, my vision of Hell falling apart has nothing to do with me taking the throne.

Now, it’s a race against the clock to move through the ranks at the Grim Reaper Academy, find my three hellhounds, and become the ultimate Soul Reaper before the fall of Hell arrives.

Hollow Hearts (Harkwright Trilogy Book 1) by B C Morgan
Hollow Hearts (Harkwright Trilogy Book 1) by B C Morgan
Amazon Description

Harkwright Academy, the place where dreams can come true. A three year stay will award you with an education that will rival any college and enough money to aid you in whatever career you choose to take.I’m applying to give my mom the life she deserves, to fund my sister’s medical bills and so I can be sure to have the only thing I truly want. For my family I will give them my time, my soul and my body, but I will never give them my heart. This place is going to test me and the guys very well could break me, but they won't keep me down forever.This is an 100k full length book that is part of a trilogy. It is a dark academy, which includes scenes of bullying. It is a why choose romance. Where the fmc will have more than one love interest.Reading order:1 - Hollow Hearts2 - Mangled Minds2.5 - Fractured Faith3 - Shattered Souls
Indebted to the Vampires (House of Durand Book 1) by Erin Bedford
Amazon Description

A broken vase isn’t all this maid owed her masters.

Piper needed a job. Any job would do. But when the temp agency assigns her to clean the house of a bunch of snobby rich men, she isn’t sure it's worth it.

Stuck in a job she has no choice but to keep, Piper becomes even more indebted to her employers when she breaks a priceless vase.

However, her clumsiness is the least of Piper’s troubles. Her mysterious and dangerously tempting employers have a secret. One that they are willing to kill to keep. Will she be able to save her job? Let alone live through it?

Previously a novella of 15k in the Realms and Rebels box set, now lengthened to a full length novel.

Thoughts from Paige

I started this book after seeing one of the later ones on the best seller list. I'm just starting the second book and I am happily pulled in. There is mm and it is a slooooow build. I'm assuming the harem is going the direction of being large, but I cannot 100% confirm. Seems that way though.

Insurrection (Monarchs of Hell Book 1) by R.L. Caulder & M Sinclair
Insurrection (Monarchs of Hell Book 1) by R.L. Caulder & M Sinclair
Amazon Description

You’d think as the princess to the House of Death, that I would be looked at with respect. You would be wrong.

A reject—that’s the best way to describe how I’m treated. All because I’m a hybrid. The Monarchs of Hell revere pure bloodlines and perfection above all else, and in their eyes...I’m a mutt.

Good thing Dear Old Dad, the Grim Reaper, has never once looked at me as anything other than his favorite child. Well, I’m his only child, but semantics.

Suddenly he has tasked me with the job of going to the Council Summit in his place. An event that happens once every century to determine which Royal House will be voted into the Supreme position. A position people would kill for.

Why he thought the person they all regard as trash, is the right person to represent our House is beyond me, but I come to find myself grateful for this chance. Because it allows me to meet them.

The princes of each of the other five Houses who make me feel like an equal for the first time in my life. They ignite a fire within me that I’ve never felt before and it scares me. It’s the type of need that I’ve hoped to never feel due to that side of me... my Succubus side.

Because what they don’t know is that I’m a fatal attraction. A kiss with me is the kiss of death. Literally.

While attempting to convince myself and them that this can’t work, we’re thrown into a war between the six houses for control.

Who will survive in this game of deceit and seduction?

Author Note: This book has a 18+ warning and is intended for mature audiences. It is book one in the Monarchs of Hell series which will end in a cliffhanger.

Thoughts from Paige

I devoured this series! I believe I felt irritated about miscommunication and moments of TSTL, but overall I loved it, and ended up getting all the books on audible.

Nexus: A Reverse Harem Dystopian Cyberpunk Romance (The Forgotten Book 1) by Jarica James & Suki Williams
Nexus: A Reverse Harem Dystopian Cyberpunk Romance (The Forgotten Book 1) by Jarica James & Suki Williams
Amazon Description

Lumen thrives on desperation, especially if you’re not one of the elite.

You’d think in the year 3246 that the world would have become a beacon of technological advancement and hope. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Three Rules for Surviving Lumen:

1. Don’t question the government.

2. Watch out for the birds.

3. Don’t get caught.

Too bad I broke rule number three and got myself thrown in an underwater prison. Everything I thought I knew about surviving, won’t help me here.

Now I’m tangled in a web of mysteries, and if I want to save the broken, but sexy demigods who are hell bent on breaking down my defenses, then I have to solve them… and fast.

The Forgotten Prison series is a WhyChoose mmfmmm romance, meaning the female main character doesn't have to choose between her men. Nexus contains violence, attempted assault, and other situations that others might find triggering.

Obsession (A Dark Reverse Harem Romance) (The Deadly Seven Book 1) by Cassie Hargrove & Story Brooks
Obsession (A Dark Reverse Harem Romance) (The Deadly Seven Book 1) by Cassie Hargrove & Story Brooks
Amazon Description

This is our town. We are the ones who ultimately decide whether you live or die, so be careful what sins you commit.

We’re the Deadly Seven, the rejects, and we represent death to anyone who crosses a line we deem unacceptable.

When she shows up in our town like some innocent avenging Angel, we don’t know what to think…so we watch. And the more we watch, the more obsessed we become.


I’ve been on the run for the past four years. My Dad has done everything in his power to keep me hidden from the man who wants to destroy me, but you can only run for so long before you have to stop.

Officially in Witness Protection, this is supposed to be my chance to finally have a normal life…but nothing is ever foolproof.

If you think it is, you’re naive.

I know I’m being watched. I can feel eyes on me every second of every day. I don’t think I’m as safe here as they want us to believe…

*This is book 1 in a 4 book series that must be read in order.*
**Dark Romance with stalking, non/con, dub/con and much much more. Read TW before attempting to read this series!**
***This is a reverse harem romance where the main character ends up with 3+ men. In this case, 7. If that isn't your thing then this series is not the right one for you. This book will also contain M/M scenes.***

Thoughts from Paige

This book seems to tick a bunch of our recent requests, it has themes surrounding the seven deadly sins, a large harem, mm in the harem...

Smoke and Mistletoe: A Paranormal RH Academy Romance (War of Power Series 1: Best Wishes Series Book 3) by A.J. Macey
Smoke and Mistletoe: A Paranormal RH Academy Romance (War of Power Series 1: Best Wishes Series Book 3) by A.J. Macey
Amazon Description

What do you do when your life finally calms? Celebrate...

Over the last few months, life at Redwood Supernatural University has been busy, overwhelming, and sometimes downright terrifying, but it’s finally winter break. With two and a half weeks of downtime, I'll get the time I've desperately wanted to just hang out with friends, family, and my boyfriends. After everything we've been through this semester, don't we deserve a little time to relax?

When the guys come to my hometown, I'm surrounded by gifts, love, and all the embarrassing mother/boyfriend bonding that I never knew I needed. And, if I'm being honest, the hot chocolate isn't the only thing getting steamy. But my mom doesn't need to know about that part.

Unfortunately, winter break isn’t all mistletoe, magic, and mini marshmallows. As if being kidnapped by my crazy ex-boyfriend and getting stuck as genie-smoke wasn’t bad enough, now I’m finding out that there’s a lot more to my supe identity than I’d ever imagined. At least I have my six guys to help me navigate the craziness that is being home for the holidays.

I got this...I think.

Book 3 of the Best Wishes Series is a holiday novella but is essential to the storyline and must be read between book 2 (Smoke and Survival) and book 4 (Smoke and Betrayal).

The Best Wishes Series is a seven-book WhyChoose/Reverse Harem saga featuring MMFMMMM meaning there is M/M content, and the female main character doesn't have to choose between her love interests. Please note: while the romance is medium burn, the world and magic building will follow a slower pace due to the series’ setting in the human world.

This book contains references involving PTSD, sexual assault recollections, domestic violence, and other themes that some readers may find triggering.

The Dead Ringer (A Standalone Reverse Harem Romance) by Michaela Haze
The Dead Ringer (A Standalone Reverse Harem Romance) by Michaela Haze
Amazon Description

Mara is a Drude, a nightmare Demon without a body of her own.

When a dark force sweeps through Hell, turning Lower Demons into dust, Mara makes a choice.
Jumping to the Human Realities, to piggyback on the bodies of unsuspecting people, Mara is determined to live her immortal life to the fullest.

Mara finds herself surrounded by Hunters, neck-deep in a conspiracy between the Fae and a homicide.
Undercover, where one wrong move could see her torn apart, Mara discovers something horrifying!
The Hunters that want to kill her?
They're her mates.

*The Dead Ringer is a 120k word count, paranormal RH romance novel with morally bankrupt Demons and more than one romantic partner at the same time. It is a standalone.*
**Contains MFMMMM**


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