Behind Closed Doors: Reverse Harem Books with Live-In Employees and Secret Paranormal Bosses

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This week’s theme came to me in the most delightful way. A lovely reader reached out, searching for a book where our main character moves in to work for her bosses. I was instantly smitten with the idea and, in my excitement, found three perfect matches in no time! I thought I’d stumbled upon a hidden gem of a trope and eagerly chose it as our theme of the week.

While most of the books below fit the bill of our unsuspecting heroine falling for her not-quite-human bosses, a few might be a bit of a stretch. But fear not, they all share the element of our main character discovering the paranormal world!

I couldn’t resist downloading a few of these myself, and I hope you’ll find something enticing to dive into as well. Wishing you all a fantastic week filled with great reads!

Happy reading!

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Just when Lennox lost all hope, they crashed into her life. Now nothing will ever be the same…
Obsidian Cove Prep was supposed to be Lennox Malia’s chance at freedom. Instead, it ended up as her own personal hell on Earth. Daily bullying and a severe lack of friends left her feeling hopeless and desperate for graduation.

That all changed one day when five guys showed up, very obviously interested in her. It all seemed too good to be true, and to say she was suspicious is an understatement. When secrets are revealed, and she discovers who she truly is, her new friends are there to help and guide her.

Navigating her last weeks of human high school would have been hard enough, but now she has to come to terms with her new powers and a new world, once again the outsider. Although, being the outsider may not be as bad as she thinks…if she gets to be with Calev, Tristan, Aeson, Evander, and Lachlan.

As her training begins, Lennox finally starts to find her inner strength. Unfortunately, her inner strength may not be enough to withstand the stalkers and attempted kidnappings that have come into her life along with her new powers. The danger worsens every day, leaving her with more questions than answers. With her powers still in chaos, they need to get to their new school, now more than ever.

Will starting at Obsidian Cove Supernatural Academy be the fresh beginning she’s been hoping for, or will it be too much of a change for Lennox and her new boyfriends to handle?

Call of the siren is intended for readers 18+ it is a reverse harem, paranormal, new adult novel. It contains some content that may be triggering for some and m/m

Amazon Description

My name is Ana Baker and I have a thing for bad boys… and bad boys have a thing for me.
But no more. I need to take control of my life and figure out who I am, so I’m finally putting a stop to it. No more bad boys.

And this time, I mean it!

But immediately after landing my dream job at a high-end club, I run into a sexy, drool-worthy bad boy who traps me in the elevator and tells me…

I’m a demon.

Not what I was expecting from Mr. Gorgeous… and it doesn’t matter because I’m. Off. Men.

Except when my new billionaire boss and a drop-dead gorgeous construction worker start showing an interest in me, my “no men” policy starts to waver.

Then I find out demons are real, the guys are all demons, and oh! Did I mention the mob wants a quarter-of-a-billion dollars from me? Yeah, there’s that, too.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m definitely not a demon…

Craving Demons is the first book in the Secrets Gods Keep series, a paranormal romance featuring a sassy heroine who doesn’t have a clue who she is and powerful men who know how to share.

Amazon Description

She doesn’t know anything about herself before the age of thirteen. Even the name she now answers to is not her own, but that isn’t the strangest thing about her.

Anne Smith was found on the steps of a homeless shelter with no memory of her life before that moment and a small tattoo-like mark in the center of her back that has grown and changed with each new moon. It’s been almost fifteen years, and the now the mark covers almost every inch of skin on her back.

With good reason, it’s impossible for her to let anyone in, to let anyone get close. Who would believe that her mark burns itself into her skin every twenty-eight days, leaving it larger than before? But, what if there was not only someone who believes her but has the answers to the questions that she desperately wants to ask? Would she finally be able to let people in?

The mark is almost complete. What will happen when there’s no more room left to grow?

Curse Marked is the first story in a medium-burn reverse harem series. Due to strong language and sexual situations, it is recommended for 18+.

Amazon Description

Three gorgeous, hulking men ask me to move in with them on the top floor of their skyscraper… as their employee.

And even though it seems too good to be true, I say yes because I really need the money.

But as secrets and all sorts of tension lace our time together, I wonder what is it that they need from me?

Their longing gazes and sweet gifts are one thing, but I swear something about them seems… otherworldly. And it’s not just our earth-shattering encounters that make me feel that way.

We create our version of heaven up in their penthouse in the sky. Despite my suspicions that there are things I don’t quite understand about them.

And when dark forces threaten our paradise, they can’t hide who they are anymore.

But is it too late to save everything we’ve built from being ripped apart? Or can the bond between us overcome it all?

Amazon Description

“This book was amazing. I honestly didn’t want to put it down.” – Sharon ★★★★★

”The Night Firm is such a fun concept. Vampire lawyers who represent other supes in criminal defense” – SeeAmberRead ★★★★★

”The Night brothers…… hot hot hot…..” – Melodie Luckett ★★★★★

For fans of A Shade of Vampire, Vampire Girl, Don’t Rush Me, The Lost and the Chosen, and All the Pretty Monsters. From USA Today bestselling author Karpov Kinrade, experience a fantasy romance that will suck you in and leave you wanting more!

I’ve been offered a job at the Night Firm.
To work for four of the hottest men I’ve ever met.
Correction. Four of the hottest vampires I’ve ever met.
They don’t tell me what I’ll be doing.
They don’t tell me where I’ll be working.
Simply that I am their only candidate.

If I take the job, I’ll gain financial freedom, a new home, and answers to questions better left unasked. But at what cost?

Because my new job is more than anything I could have ever imagined. It will take me to the home of Count Dracula and the den of a kitsune. To the paradise of Lilith and a world trapped in time. It will bind me to the most dangerous men alive. It will break me and make me whole.

My heart.
My life.
My soul.

I may lose them all to the Night brothers.

But in the end, it will be my choice.

My name is Eve Oliver.

Welcome to the Night Firm.

A vampire romance with bite! For fans of Stephenie Meyer, Cassandra Clare, Laurell K. Hamilton, Patrica Briggs, Bella Forrest, J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon!

Amazon Description

Welcome to Dark River. Population 0.

When Mika McKellen woke up in a stormwater drain while backpacking around Canada, she knew that her mother was right. If you made bad choices, you would end up dead in a ditch. But when she stumbled into Dark River, even her mother could never have dreamed up the residents of this small town in the middle of nowhere, Alberta.

Oh, it had all the usual suspects. Quirky diner owners, untrustworthy outcasts and a Sheriff so hot he’d make any red-blooded woman with a heartbeat beg to be in cuffs in the back of his patrol vehicle. No, the really unusual thing about Dark River was that it was entirely populated by the Undead. Vampires to be specific. And so was Mika.

As Mika adjusts to the life of a Vampire, a dark presence stalks her from the shadows. One of the residents of Dark River was her maker and her murderer.

And they were determined to ensure that Mika never rested in peace.

This is a reverse harem romance with a high heat factor.

Amazon Description

Lyss Bardot lands the job of a lifetime when she’s hired to be the social media manager for the band, Sons of Poseidon. They want to give fans a behind-the-scenes look during their year sabbatical. Like, real behind the scenes, they want her to live with them. Jem, the sweet song-writer, Ledger, the fun playboy, Rook, the muscle that makes the fluffiest biscuits, and Dorian, the asshole. At first she doesn’t pay much attention to the midnight swims, obsession with sushi, and swearing to Triton. When one of them comes home injured, Lyss demands answers. The guys reveal that they are way more than just rock stars. Now Lyss has to decide how much of their world she wants to be in, and how much of it her heart can handle.

Amazon Description

Rose is a gorgeous, plus-sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!
Rose has a night job at Vee, the hottest nightclub in Silver Springs. It gives her freedom, endless free drinks, and best of all… access to the three very attractive bar owners who are not what they seem. Rose’s bosses have a dark and dangerous secret… and a big, beautiful human like Rose is completely off-limits. But one magical pumpkin spice latte later, Rose’s whole world is flipped upside down.

Rose is a standalone paranormal romance. It is part of the Jewels Cafe Series Shared Universe. The FMC will not choose at the end. Mature audiences only. Scroll up to read this funny, quirky romance today.

Amazon Description

What would you do if the bosses you were falling for turned out to be vampires?
On the verge of being homeless Gwen is desperate to find a job. After losing her family and fighting for years to stay alive she is at her wit’s end.

As a last desperate attempt, she applies for a job at a prominent realty agency.

But who and what she finds there will completely change her life.

Keeping their secret proves harder and harder as Amon, Rayen, and Silas fall for their little broken bird.

As vampires, they have been hiding their true identities for hundreds of years. Though Gwendoline is pure temptation they only risk exposure when her life is at stake.

Will they be able to save her life?

*This book will contain blood and period play, death, SA, and a family member in a vegetative state and all the emotions that come with it*

Amazon Description

All I wanted was to find answers to who I was.

No one knew who had abandoned the gray-eyed baby with fiery red hair and a cry loud enough to make a man’s nuts retract.

I moved to Arbor Falls to find myself. Little did I know I’d be thrown into a world I didn’t know existed. A world with wolves at each other’s throats and enough pack politics to make my head spin.

Then there’s the fact that I have more than one mate. Not all of them accept me because there’s one gigantic problem… I’m not what they expected.

Wolf Forgotten is book 1 in the Arbor Falls series and is a wolf shifter romance told in multiple POVs. She will end up with three or more of her love interests. It contains MM, mature scenes, adult language, and a cliffhanger. Series is complete with 4 books

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  1. One book that I think fits this is Choosing Their Omega. It comes out in a few months. The book is by Sadie Moss and I think it fits the idea. There was also the Billion Dollar Pack by Sam Hall. It fits the theme as well.

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