Bad Apple By Haylee Hart Book Review


Does the “bad” apple really fall far from the proverbial tree? You’ll have to decide for yourself after you’ve read Bad Apple – Book one of the Their Evil Queen Series.

In Bad Apple, you’ll have an in-depth look at how these characters met, and what happened in their past(s) that lead them to where they are now. And caused them to mature into the characters you are getting to know.

A couple of flashback passages that I’ll refer to as Phina’s Vietnam Flashback did not provide enough separation of past/present transition. Either I wasn’t properly paying attention of it was that fluid a transition it confused for a moment. I didn’t know I was switching from present to a past memory at first. So you can imagine me sitting there reading and thinking, “Wait. What?” All other Vietnam Flashbacks were distinctive enough that I knew Phina, or another character were remembering something from their past.

Bad Apple is a Reverse Harem, although in book 1 the readers are only introduced to 2 male characters we recognize as potential harem mates for Phina. The Their Evil Queen Series is author Haylee Hart’s own spin on the tale of Snow White. I, myself love a dark spin on a classic fairy tale. In fact, the darker the better. Although this doesn’t seem too dark. Readers will see a couple budding romantic relationships, magic, anger, sadness, murder, self-defense, and battle scenes.
A RH needs a minimum of 3 men/women to be in this category. I have my fingers crossed on which character I want to kick into the harem as the 3rd. PA-LEASE…with sugared arrows on top!!! I love a great anti-hero. He will have a rough time if he is in the harem for…reasons. lol. Sorry, but I don’t wish to ruin it for you with spoilers. Just read it, and enjoy it for yourself. You’ll figure out which character this reference is for.

While Bad Apple had a little bit of a slow start for me to actually get into it, once I was (oh lort, I was) I was attached to the story hook, line and sinker. There is a smidgen of a cliff-hanger in the end, but nothing that should result in you tossing your e-reader across the room while you emit a pterodactyl screech. I’ll will definitely be continuing this new series. If you are looking for something new, and different to read, I recommend this for you as well.

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