Author Nicky Shivers dishes about new duet

About the Author

Nicky lives in the Pacific Northwest and spends most of her waking hours writing, and researching some very odd things. She has some newly adult kids, a happy husband and a very intense cat. Nicky wishes she could have Jackson Galaxy come live with them for a while.

What was the research process like for a deserted island setting?

I’ve read so many survival books now. My favorite is a book called ‘Survive the Savage Sea‘. It’s a true story about a family adrift in a life raft for 37 days—amazing. Did you know you can drink the fluid from the spine of a fish to stave off dehydration?

Waves crashing with sunrise in the background

What is your writing environment like?

I have a tiny office where I can shut myself away from the world. When writing the duet, I mainly listened to recordings of ocean waves! I find outside stimulus tricky when I’m writing, but the ocean wave noise was just perfect. I’d get into an almost trance-like state and write for hours!

What were your hardest scenes to write?

Some of the hardest scenes to write were when the guys were remembering their trauma from their wildland firefighting days. I was careful to write respectfully, while still moving the story along. Men and women in the forest fire service put their lives on the line every season. Having my harem-guys as forest firefighters wasn’t just a ‘trope’, it was a sharing of information about the extreme work these people do for us.

My husband was a firefighter with the forest service for years. He’s retired from that line of work now, but still, every fire season, my prayers are with men and women out there in the wilds, digging lines, and running hoses. It’s a hard, dangerous career.

Next Project

I am starting a new series. This will be in the billionaire/sports romance world and also include some royalty! The four books are about a polo team, with one of the players being a young prince (not unlike Prince Harry and the Santa Barbara polo team he plays with).

Closing Thoughts

Totally Wrecked and Totally Shipped make up the ‘On the Island’ Duet. Totally Wrecked is already available and Totally Shipped will be released on September 18th!

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