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Hello Authors!

First of all, you all rock. I’m reasonably sure I speak for all readers here in that you’ve kept us going during these tumultuous times. So thank you!

To continue featuring new books in themed posts, I need specific details that are sometimes difficult to find. I do my best reading book descriptions and reviews, but sometimes the blog readers (and me!) are looking for a super-specific type of theme.

To that end, I’m hoping to collect a deeper level of information for books, in addition to what I can glean from my own research.

Fields that I usually have identified are not required. The only required fields are series name/standalone book name, author name, and keywords.

I’ve included some keywords, but please feel free to add your own.

Please only add your series information or the standalone book. If it’s a series, just let me know if it is completed or not. I know those of us here to like to binge every now and then.

Thank you for taking your time to fill this out!

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