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Happy happy day!

This week my family and I are moving. So I’m taking it easy on posts and doing an audiobook blitz! I’ll try to post a few times this week to make up for the lack of answering specific requests.

I have been listening to a TON of audiobooks this month, and I LOVE how good they are! I wish there was a way to pre-order audiobooks and once it hits a certain number, it gets made. Like kickstarted, but for audible!

I digress. Today we are focusing on Paranormal Reverse Harem Books- in audiobook format.

Please remember to check your library, lots of items audiobooks are also available to borrow! Also, if you have an audible subscription, please double-check that you don’t also own the kindle version of the book. Many times, Amazon will give you a discount on the audible book if you also have the kindle version (KU counts, so make sure you have the kindle version downloaded before you buy!). The discount is often about half the price of a monthly Audible credit, so just make sure you shop smart and save those full audible credits for when you can’t get an easy discount.

I have an audible account and recommend it if you plan on doing a lot of audiobook listening. However, if you mostly listen to books available on Kindle Unlimited, it may not be worth it financially; cheaper to just buy the discounted audiobook ad-hoc.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy listening!

Amazon Description

Alpha Andrew isn't interested in love, or marriage. He'd much rather hunt down the scum that's been haunting his pack and assaulting women, but he can't run away from his pack's expectations. He has to provide the pack with a Luna.

Lance has never had a chance at a real relationship. He's hated by most and stays to himself and out of the way. It's a fate he expects to live out until his half-brother one day snaps and kills him.

Love isn't something that Xavier has ever cared about. Bodyguard to the Alpha he's exposed to all kinds of willing women and he's always ready to take them up on their generous offer. Anything real he doesn't deserve.

Laura just wants to blend in, she’s never been one that likes standing out, not after the past she's had. But after breaking something of her Alpha’s, she’s forced into pretending to be his future Luna. If she fails she knows she'll be exiled. But she can't stop herself as she gets involved with the three different men and a heart once shuttered, opens.

But everything changes once she discovers more about the mysterious assailant and the ties he has to her own past and the dark secrets she harbors. Will she share what she knows and risk her happily ever after or will she let the pack suffer?

A slow-burn romance, but still with steamy situations, adult language, and content dealing with an abusive ex, this story is a #whychoose for adults.

Amazon Description

The Library of the Profane has everything your black heart desires. But we don’t just allow anyone to get a library card.
Need to summon a demon? Raise the dead? A clan of vampires bothering you? Do you like the really nasty werewolf erotica? The Library of the Profane has all of that, but not everyone can handle the contents (Some people can’t handle their werewolf erotica). I’ve been a librarian here for five years and when I say I killed to get this job, I’m not being facetious.

You can’t check out our books. Some of the books are sentient and don’t like it. We have rooms to perform the spells in or hell, we do have a copy machine (copies are extra). When a witch came in and said they needed to do a little necromancy, I didn’t question it. They wouldn’t have been given a library card if they were going to raise someone really bad. I helped with the necromancy because it’s just my job as a librarian.

Except it wasn’t a normal resurrection. It was the physical embodiment of Chaos and when he woke up, he saw me first and now he’s attached. Chaos personified is a horrible library guest and he won’t leave with the witch who raised him. He’s constantly getting into things he’s not supposed to and he’s really into the werewolf erotica.

It’s not like I can let him out because the Library of the Profane is meant to contain Chaos. The rest of the world isn’t. He’s awful about keeping his identity secret too. A warlock, a Hellhound, and a vampire know he’s here and they are bugging me to let Chaos have a little fun.

I just want a normal day of summoning demons, cursing people, and telling people to be quiet in my library. This is too much.

Newly revised and edited copy uploaded 2/19/2021

Thoughts from Paige

I am digging the audio version of this book. It has different voices for each harem member; I love that! Hopefully, the rest of the series will be released on audible soon.

Amazon Description

From Book 1:

Nobody warned me these men are hot as sin.

It makes sense, I guess. They are the Seven Sins, after all.

And what’s a fallen angel doing hanging out with guys like this, you ask? Well… that’s a long story that starts with me breaking a teeny-tiny rule and ends with me getting kicked out of Heaven.


But now I’ve got a chance to go back! There’s just one little catch: I’ll only be allowed to return to Heaven if I can bring the Seven Sins with me.

Yup. You heard that right. I have to redeem them. All of them.

It shouldn’t be so hard. I’ve got a plan of action all set.

Step 1: Stop thinking dirty thoughts about them.
Step 2: Recruit their help to close up the strange demonic portal that just opened in Manhattan.
Step 3: No, seriously, stop thinking dirty thoughts about them.

Uh oh. This might not be as easy as I thought…

Note: Dark Kings is the first book in the Feathers and Fate series, a reverse harem paranormal romance featuring a feisty fallen angel and seven delicious, devilish men.

Thoughts from Paige

The sample wasn't enough, I had to download the book, I needed more.  Seems well written, and I usually like books by Sadie Moss.  Seven men in the harem, yes, please!

Amazon Description

***Complete Series Now Available***

Wolf shifters are real. And three alphas have claimed me as their mate.

For years, I've been kept prisoner by my uncle, hidden like a piece of trash in the basement of his house. Beaten, broken, and neglected, hated by him for reasons I can't even understand.

But one night on the back roads of rural Montana, I see a chance for escape.

And I take it.

I run.

...straight into the arms of a naked man.

No. Not a man. A wolf.

Ridge, the man with dark hair and honey-colored eyes, is the alpha of the North Pack. I can hardly believe shifters are real, but how can I deny it when I've seen him transform with my own eyes?

I don't trust him. I don't trust anyone. Still, that doesn't change the overwhelming pull I feel toward him. And when the alphas of the East and West Packs step forward and claim me as their mate too, I feel that same desperate urge to claim them back.

But the part that scares me most?

There's only one reason all three of them could form a mate bond with me.

I'm a shifter too.

Fated Magic is the first book in the Claimed by Wolves series, a reverse harem paranormal shifter romance. It contains cursing, violence, growly alpha males, steamy sex, and a heroine who finds her strength in the midst of it all.

Amazon Description

I never asked to be an Omega.

I’m a Fortune Fae—I see the future. But I didn’t see this coming.

My Alpha will stop at nothing to possess me until he drags me all the way to Fortune Fae Academy to join the other wide-eyed Omegas-in-training. He believes I’m strong enough to survive—and I hope he’s right.

He also believes I’ll kneel at his feet.

He couldn’t be more wrong about that.

I don’t need three broody Betas and an asshat Alpha telling me what to do. I’m going to keep running until he realizes he’s chasing the wrong girl.

Except there’s one slight problem. My Alpha has seen the future too… and he knows something I don’t.

Whatever he thinks is going to happen, his cruel smirk says I’m not going anywhere.

Fortune Fae Academy is Book 1 in a Reverse Harem Omegaverse Romance. Be warned there are obsessive males who will stop at nothing to claim their fated mate. Trigger warnings include dub-con, strong language, and violence. As this is a series, book 1 ends on a cliffhanger.

Amazon Description

After I rescued these jerks from a plane crash, you’d think they’d be nicer to me.

I die, like all the time. My track record of hilarious, freak accidental deaths would be impressive if it weren’t so embarrassing.

And when I come back, I’m naked. Every. Dang. Time.

After my plane was sabotaged and crashed into the jungle, I rescued five male survivors from the wreckage.

I could have let them die, but no, I decided to pull their stupid carcasses from the wreckage. I’m immortal, not a monster.

Yes, they’re hot, now is not the time to do something about that.

The five sexy jaguar shifters are on a mission to locate someone, a rare phoenix shifter. Phoenix, the legendary creature, reborn every time it dies. Wait…

…Could they be looking for me?

It doesn’t matter since they walked away and left me to die in the Amazon rainforest. A place full of interesting new ways for a klutz like me to die. Surviving the jungle is harsh, but it’s nothing compared to how they have treated me.

And the worst part?

It turns out these bullies are my fated mates. Yep, I must be cursed.

I can’t wait to escape the jungle and leave these guys behind, but another part of me is begging to love them…

Was the Amazon always this hot?

"But Did You Die?" is a comedy filled, bully (only in book one), paranormal romance series that includes jaguar shifters, a mysterious underground society, fated mates, and an incredibly clumsy Phoenix. Follow Amaryllis as she discovers who she is and ‘collects’ her soulmates along the way! It is full of humor, adventure, and scenes to entice and thrill you... or to make you unexpectedly snort with laughter. The series will have a HEA…it will just take a little while to get there!

Thoughts from Paige

I love this series! They crash-land on an island, so they are definitely forced together. I do recommend this one a lot!

Amazon Description

I rejected my fated mate and didn’t regret it for a second. Until now.
Shipped off to Ravenscroft University, a graduate school for the supernatural elite, I have a lot to live up to. As the heir to America’s most powerful pack, my life up to now has been spent in a gilded cage. But not for the reason you might think.

I was locked away, not to be protected, but because I was born broken. A disappointment to them all. A wolf who couldn’t shift.

This is supposed to be my fresh start, but my past won’t leave me alone. Not when he’s here. The arrogant wolf shifter who ruined my life after I turned him down seven years ago. Now, I’m a pariah, followed by the rumors my rejected mate has spread, hated by my classmates, isolated again.

From everyone but them.

A vampire prince.

A forbidden priest.

A powerful demigod.

A bully wolf.

I’m playing a dangerous game, and the rules say I can’t be with them. Then again, rules are made to be broken.

And when every moment spent with them brings me closer to finding my wolf, how can I stay away?

Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. It contains an obsessive stalker, a foul-mouthed, inked and pierced werewolf, a naughty professor with a fondness for watching, a god of mischief, and plenty of heat. If you don’t like your books spicy, your men broody, built, and more bad than good, this is not the series for you. But if you on, and welcome to The Mate Games.

Thoughts from Paige

I strongly recommend reading the reviews of the book before you dive in. While there were parts that I loved, there was a certain character that just didn't resonate with me. However, everyone's experience is different, so you may enjoy character & interactions in a way that I didn't.
Amazon Description

Surviving. That’s all that matters now. I was never meant to be a light fae. There was too much darkness inside of me. So when I met my mate, I dove headfirst into the world of monsters and ghosts that he revealed to me. And then he died. Changed. Different from all the other light fae. I no longer had a place I belonged. When a night of death and danger threatened to destroy innocent supernaturals, I risked my life to stand between them and the shadow beasts who hunted the dark fae. I never expected the beasts to take me. I never expected to find myself surrounded by the wild shifters deep in the woods. Yet, these men are not what they seem. Their touch is gentle. Their eyes devour me. And they seem hell-bent on keeping me safe from a danger I don’t understand. But I am not the fragile fae they believe I am. I have secrets too. And when the darkness comes for us, these shadow beasts might find that I don’t need saving, but I could save them. SHIFTERS FAE CAPTIVE is a steamy paranormal reverse harem romance with a heroine with secrets, possessive heroes, and a spooky mystery. So preorder your copy! And if this sounds interesting to you, check out my series Royal Fae Academy, where you’ll meet many of the characters from this series.
Amazon Description

After centuries spent in suspended animation, I’m hangry. Now, a team of sexy men have been sent to hunt me down…

Let them come.

Thanks to a protective spell gone wrong, I am what the world calls a ‘siren’.

Yep, you heard me right. I’m a siren. The lost princess of Atlantis. During the horrific battle between light and darkness, as Atlantis sank beneath the waves, I was caught in some crazy magic that changed my body and put me down for a really long nap. The humans, still greedy as ever, woke me up when they stumbled on an energy source near the heart of my home.

I battled alongside my Atlantean brothers and sisters as evil spread like a plague from city to city. We fought bravely, but in the end, I lost everything.

I have nothing left to lose.

That same darkness has continued to take over the world while I slept. My mission is to cleanse the world of evil, so I need to get busy.

It is easy to find the men with blackened hearts and drag them to their watery graves beneath the sea. But it isn’t long before the disappearances are noticed, and I go from hunter to hunted.

Cleansing the world of evil takes a lot out of a siren. So, when the three good-hearted men cross my path, I’m ready to make them badI just need to figure out how things work with my new anatomy…

This paranormal fantasy romance features a slightly darker siren who collects her mates throughout the series. This is not the usual bubbly mermaid tale! It is full of spice, humor, and a slightly feral siren.... Oh! Let's not forget the totally ripped guys you will want to sink your fangs into! It will have a HEA… eventually.

Amazon Description

One minute, I’m just an innocent, brave, beautiful young woman chasing down an evil vampire. The next, three sexy Fae jerks abduct me from my life of slaying vamps and saving puppies.

Okay, okay. I’m not particularly innocent. The beautiful part is really dependent on the lighting. And some people say ‘brave’, some people say ‘stupid’. Whatcha gonna do? Everybody’s got haters, even the toughest Hunter in Washington, D.C.

I’ve got amnesia, and my memories all begin five years ago. So I don’t remember these cocky Fae princes, with the smoldering eyes and painfully good looks.

But they definitely remember me. They say I’m the true heir to the throne. But these sexy jerks are hiding some kind of secret from me. There’s trouble back in Faerieland (They hate it when I say that).

Someone stole my tiara right off my head, erased my memories and shoved me through the portal to your world. And it’s time for me to find out why, with these powerful Fae males by my side—no matter how unhappy we are to be stuck together.


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