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We continue our week of Audiobooks by turning to darker themes.  The focus today is Dark &/or Mystery and suspense! 

To recap, our audio posts so far have been:

In case you missed the first two, I am repeating my blurb about audible below.  Skip this bit to get to the good part! 

Please remember to check your library; audiobooks are often available to borrow! Also, if you have an audible subscription, please double-check if you own a kindle version of the book. Amazon will give you a discount on the audible version if you also have the kindle version. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get the audible discount by having the book ‘checked out’. The discount is often about half the price of a monthly Audible credit, so just make sure you shop smart and save those full audible credits for when you can’t get an easy discount.

I have an audible account and recommend it if you plan on doing a lot of audiobook listening. However, if you mostly listen to books available on Kindle Unlimited, it may not be worth it financially; cheaper to just buy the discounted audiobook ad-hoc.

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Be well, and happy listening!

Blood Owed: Blood Mafia Book One by Rory Miles
Amazon Description

I killed a wolf shifter to save my life…
Turns out I just condemned myself to a fate even worse than death.

An elite group of vampires known as the Blood Mafia decide to make me their test subject… or their play thing. It seems they can’t decide what they want from me or even what I am.

They say I’m special, that I’m not a human at all, but they also refuse to give me any more answers until I submit. I never was very good at doing what I’m told.

Especially since all three vampires want me to warm their beds. Truth be told, I actually want them, too. But could giving into my body’s desires distract me from finding the truth about what I am? And would giving in to them mean permanently bonding myself to this dark allegiance?

Book cover for Den of Vipers by K.A Knight
Den of Vipers by K.A Knight
Amazon Description

Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo, and Diesel—The Vipers.

They run this town and everyone in it. Their deals are as sordid as their business, and their reputation is enough to bring a grown man to his knees, forcing him to beg for mercy. They are not people you mess with, yet my dad did. The old man ran up a debt with them and then sold me to cover his losses.

Yes, sold me.

They own me now.

I’m theirs in every sense of the word. But I’ve never been meek and compliant. These men, they look at me with longing. Their scarred, blood-stained hands holding me tight. They want everything I am, everything I have to give, and won’t stop until they get just that. They can own my body, but they will never have my heart.

The Vipers? I’m going to make them regret the day they took me.

This girl? She bites too.

*18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse/assault that some readers may find triggering. Along with graphic sex scenes and violence. This is a dark book*

Dynasty: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (Boys Of Winter Book 1) by Sheridan Anne
Dynasty: An Enemies to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance (Boys Of Winter Book 1) by Sheridan Anne
Amazon Description

Intimidating. Fearless. Destructive.

They’re everything a girl shouldn’t want. Too bad this foster girl never had a daddy to chase away the monsters because I’m a sucker for a bad boy … or four.

Carver, King, Cruz, and Grayson—the Kings of Ravenwood Heights.

When I was forced to come here, I was expecting just another run-down town to add to the ever-growing list of unwanted homes. What I wasn’t expecting was them.

They’re dangerous and they're keeping one hell of a secret—a secret that's going to change it all.

Boys of Winter is a Dark, Enemies to Lovers, Reverse Harem Romance. It contains explicit sexual content, detailed violence, and coarse language.

Thoughts from Paige

I'm not sure this is my type of book, but it has been on a bestseller list for a bit and has over 1K reviews.  Lots of people seem to like it.  This series may be the closest to the example provided by the requestor, so if you are reading the requestor, I recommend starting with this one!

Eve of Eternal Night (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1) & Amber Lynn Natusch & CN Crawford
Eve of Eternal Night (The Zodiac Curse: Harem of Shadows Book 1) & Amber Lynn Natusch & CN Crawford
Amazon Description

Eve Carmichael can’t wait to graduate from college and move on with her life. Loner, outcast, and enemy of the dean, she tried her best to fit in, but all the money in the world can't buy genuine friends—or anonymity.
Then things take an unexpected turn when she witnesses a murder on campus. Especially because there's no evidence a crime ever happened the next day, and the five men responsible disappeared into thin air.
As she tries to unravel the mystery behind the phantom homicide, she finds herself on a dark and familiar path. With no-one else to trust, she seeks the help of an unlikely—but alluring—group of men. A group of men with one thing in common—an undying interest in her.
For better or worse, the rocker, the wanderer, the student, the therapist, and the adviser all have a part to play in fulfilling her destiny. Hopefully they can awaken her to the danger closing in before Eve gets herself killed.

**This is a reverse harem urban fantasy series**

Home (Finding My Home Book 1) by Nikita Parmenter
Home (Finding My Home Book 1) by Nikita Parmenter
Amazon Description

**Edited and revised18/10/21**

They were my entire world, then everything fell apart. I didn't get to say goodbye, I didn't get to explain to them that my dad had finally gone off the deep end. Of course, they wouldn't have understood anyway, we were only eight and I never told them how bad it had gotten. Maybe if I had I wouldn't be in this fucked up situation.

I wouldn't of seen and done the things I've had to do in order to survive, maybe I would've even been able to stay with the boys I loved. Well jokes on me, life's thrown me yet another freaking curve ball and I'm going back, I'm going home but they're not boys anymore and although they've still got the traits of the boys I once loved, I don't know them like I used to.

They sure as hell aren't going to remember me. I had to change a lot in order to protect myself and to survive. I'm so far away from who I used to be, I'd be surprised if they even recognized me, I sure as hell don't. I'm going to lose them all over again, and I barely survived losing them the first time.

This is a medium burn contemporary reverse harem that will have some m/m.
Warnings: Please be advised that this book contains dark themes, including abuse, violence and cursing. Additionally, sexual themes suitable for mature audiences 18+.
All sex is consensual.

Thoughts from Paige

This is one of my favorite series. The author just released a spin-off that I'm duper excited to read. I did have to pretend the kids weren't in HS, but once I suspended that belief, it was easier to enjoy the drama and excitement. I really love this series.

Lords of Pain (Dark College Bully Romance): Royals of Forsyth University by Angel Lawson
Lords of Pain (Dark College Bully Romance): Royals of Forsyth University by Angel Lawson
Amazon Description

I never claimed to be a good girl, but I definitely never asked for this.

Killian, Tristian, and Rath.

These three men are a part of my past--one that I'd rather never look in the eye again. In high school, they knew my secrets and I knew theirs. They had power and I had nothing. The night everything fell apart, my stepbrother allowed his two best friends to take their rage out on me while he watched. While they laughed.

But what happened that night wasn’t my biggest secret. So I ran, planning on never coming back.

Three years later I’m standing on their doorstep like a stray. They’re more powerful than ever now, having risen to the rank of Lords at Forsyth University. But I’m still on the run and there's another monster chasing me down.

What could bring me back into their lives, their homes, and ultimately, their beds?




Killian, Rath, and Tristian aren’t the only ones who want me. There’s someone far more dangerous out there who's been stalking me since I left town the first time. Someone who makes the evil I know feel less dangerous than the evil I don’t.

But being their Lady is more than just fancy clothes and reputation.

I might be under their protection, but I’m also at their mercy.

And there's nothing a Lord loves more than taking control.

WARNING: This book is a DARK/BULLY romance. It contains graphic content of abuse and assault that some readers may be particularly sensitive to. If you have triggers or are even remotely unsure, please heed the note at the beginning of this book.

The Royals of Forsyth University Part 1:
Lords of Pain
Lords of Wrath
Lords of Mercy

Malice Mafia by Coralee June
Malice Mafia by Coralee June
Amazon Description

rom Book 1: There are three rules for being best friends with a mafia princess:

1. Don't ask any personal questions.

2. Don't show up at her house unannounced.

3. Don't ever, ever let anyone know you're friends.

For three years, I followed the rules. Vicky and I met once a week at the diner where I worked. I was her slice of normalcy, she was the one person I could confide in. It might have been unconventional, but it worked for us.

One night, all hell broke loose and I got caught up in a battle of bloodshed where we almost lost our lives. I ended up face to face with Vicky's dangerous older brothers. Anthony, William, and Nicholas Civella--the made men of the Kansas City Mob.

After fighting for my life and proving myself worthy, they brought me into their deadly world. It was glamorous but twisted. Torture, death, and crime followed me everywhere I went, chiseling away at parts of me until I wasn't the same anymore.

Slowly, I betrayed my best friend, and fell in love.

Chances are they'll ruin me. This thing between us has deadly consequences. But in this criminal world, I'm learning that the rules don't apply when you're the boss.

Sweet Obsession by: Callie Rose
Sweet Obsession (Ruthless Games Book 1) by Callie Rose
Amazon Description

I saved his life.
Now he’s invaded mine.

Two years ago, a split-second decision changed everything. I risked my life for a man I didn’t even know and nearly died for it.

I’ve tried to forget him. To forget that whole night.

But he hasn’t forgotten me.
He’s been watching.

And when he crashes back into my life like a wrecking ball, accompanied by two dark shadows—men he calls his brothers—the life I’ve been trying to rebuild for myself shatters into a thousand sharp-edged pieces.

He believes our souls are bound by blood, and he’s come back to claim what’s his.

Two years ago, I saved Marcus Constantine’s life.

Now I wish I hadn’t.

This is the first book in the Ruthless Games series, a new adult romance. It contains a lot of steam, violence, and dark subject matter. Please venture between these pages at your own discretion.

Untamed Vixen: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance by Luna Pierce
Untamed Vixen: A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance by Luna Pierce
Amazon Description

I am wild. I am free. And I will not be tamed.

I don’t do relationships. I stick around long enough to have a little fun, and then leave before I can be left.

It’s not like anyone has ever held my interest very long anyway.

Not until three delectable, mysterious, and frustratingly persistent men show up in my life and completely throw it off course.

It was only supposed to be a one-time thing with each of them, but no matter how hard I try to stay away, we keep getting thrown together.

Before them, everything was mundane. The typical college, work, party, occasional random hookup experience—rinse, repeat. But now, I’m unwillingly thrown into a world of chaos and danger. And if I’m being honest, I love the thrill of it.

The second their rivals catch wind of me, I become a pawn in the twisted war they’re in and if I’m not careful, I will end up being just another of the many casualties in this battle of claiming the throne.

Untamed Vixen is a gritty mafia why choose romance standalone in the Sinners and Angels universe that can be read at any time. The Sinners and Angels duet can be read first, but are not necessary. Meant for mature audiences.

AUTHOR NOTE: Previously authored by Tessa James (same person, different pen name)

Wicked Conjuring (Claimed by Gargoyles Book 1) by Sarah Piper
Wicked Conjuring (Claimed by Gargoyles Book 1) by Sarah Piper
Amazon Description

My father sold me to a demon prince… but the monsters who rescued me are even deadlier. For a witch without magic, marrying into a prominent coven was supposed be my greatest honor—and the only way to clear my father’s massive debt. But when my groom turns out to be a demon, I stab him at the altar and flee… Straight into the lair of New York’s most dangerous mobsters. Jude, a charming but brutal psychopath aptly dubbed the bone collector. Augustine, a devilishly handsome conman who’s never met a dirty deal he couldn’t close. Rook, a cunning spy whose favorite pastime is blackmail. And Draegan, the fearsome boss who rules his underworld empire with an iron fist. People call them the men of shadow and stone—untouchable and unbreakable—but I know better. They’re not men at all. They’re gargoyles. Ancient. Ruthless. Possessive. Way more seductive than I care to admit. Now that I’m under their protection, they’ve vowed to take down my enemies. But they’re taking something else in return. Me. Wicked Conjuring is the first book in the Claimed by Gargoyles series, a scorching hot paranormal mafia romance featuring a feisty witch coming into her power and four fiercely possessive gargoyle gangsters with horns, tails, oh-so-sensitive wings, and special “equipment” guaranteed to leave their woman—and their readers—begging for more.


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