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As you may, or may not, be aware, I am focusing on audiobooks this week! Since I’m not answering any specific posts, I’m doing one each day.  Hopefully you all find something new!

The rest of this post is a copy paste of the previous posts in this set, so skip ahead to the good stuff!

To recap, our audio posts so far have been:

Please remember to check your library; audiobooks are often available to borrow! Also, if you have an audible subscription, please double-check if you own a kindle version of the book. Amazon will give you a discount on the audible version if you also have the kindle version. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can get the audible discount by having the book ‘checked out’. The discount is often about half the price of a monthly Audible credit, so just make sure you shop smart and save those full audible credits for when you can’t get an easy discount.

I have an audible account and recommend it if you plan on doing a lot of audiobook listening. However, if you mostly listen to books available on Kindle Unlimited, it may not be worth it financially; cheaper to just buy the discounted audiobook ad-hoc.

As always, all images and descriptions are from Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy listening!

A Piece of Heaven: YA Contemporary Romance (The Allendale Four Book 1) by Angel Lawson
Amazon Description

No good deed goes unpunished.

I learned that lesson the hard way when I agreed to help my friend Justin with a favor.

My platonic friend Justin.

A favor that helped him with his reputation but turned mine into the trending topic at my school. In a matter of days, I go from quiet, nobody to school slut. 

The problem with that? I’m still a virgin.

The whispers, the stares, and the constant gossip try to bring me down-they almost do bring me down but I’m tired of hiding in the dark, covering up my anxiety, and being alone. I decide to take on the bullies and find a few surprising allies along the way; the Allendale Four.

Oliver, Anderson, Jackson, and Hayden make up this tight-knit circle of friends and for some reason, they make it their mission to protect my reputation, my heart, and my soul.

That doesn't stop the haters from coming after me. For the rumors and harassment to end. 

More than anything, I want the pain to stop.

A Piece of Heaven is book one in contemporary young-adult, reverse harem series that deals first love, bullying, social issues and self-harm. Follow Heaven and the boys she loves from high school, college and beyond in this four book series:

A Piece of Heaven

Holding onto Heaven

The Road to Heaven

Seventh Heaven

Abandoned Girl (Neighpalm Industries Collective Book 1) by Lexie Winston
Amazon Description

Her entire life, Harlow has been the cuckoo in another bird’s nest. With an unreliable junkie for a mother and an unknown father, her foster family, the kind, successful, and generous Bostons, are the brightest spot in her life. But even with a foster family like Harlow’s, there are some things money can’t buy- like the ability to fit in with the shallow socialites who act like her lack of pedigree is contagious. Now that she’s finished college and her veterinary degree, Harlow’s life was supposed to take off. She was supposed to get a job and create a life away from the petty drama of the wealthy elite. But when her mother dies and a life-changing secret is revealed, Harlow finds herself flying across the country to face an uncertain future that Kai, Holden, Jaxon, Thomas, Jacinta, Declan, and Oliver are going to make sure she won’t accept. Abandoned Girl is the first in a contemporary, enemies to lovers, reverse harem romance. Please be aware this book is SLOW-BURN. Sex does not happen until book three in this series

Four Gamers And Me: A Steamy Standalone Contemporary Reverse Harem (Rainbow Central) by Arizona Tape
Amazon Description

An unfortunate meeting gains Mary the attention of four gamers that sure know how to push her buttons, both good and bad. With each encounter, Mary finds herself falling deeper into their lives... And for them. Maybe she likes it, even if she can't admit it yet. So what's Mary to do with a funny Santa, a quirky nerd, the cocky best friend, and the mysterious fourth member of the gang?- Four Gamers And Me is a standalone steamy contemporary reverse harem which includes f/f in the harem. It was previously titled "Mary F*cking Christmas" and "Mary Had A Little Harem".
Four: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh
Four: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance by Sara Cate & Rachel Leigh
Amazon Description

They say family is a circle of strength.
But when mine is ripped away from me at the hands of a monster,
My strength is all that’s left.
I’ll give my last breath before they take anything else from me.
Even if I’m the one they wanted all along.
Find Silas Black.
Those were my father’s last words.
So I did.
Only, I found so much more than just a man who was prepared to help me get my revenge.
I found a tortured soul who in return gave me hope.
But I also found his broken sons.
One hates me.
One desires me.
And Silas wants to save me.
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but If I keep getting caught up in the heat of the moment, I’ll be my own demise.

Four is a Dark Reverse Harem Romance that contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find uncomfortable, such as dub con, murder, torture, and abuse. The Black family men are rough, controlling, and a little bit crazy, but don’t worry...she puts them in their place. Enjoy!

Scorned Princess (Crooked Paradise Book 1) by Eva Chance
Scorned Princess (Crooked Paradise Book 1) by Eva Chance
Amazon Description

Hell hath no fury... I thought I was trading one evil for a lesser one. Marry a man I might eventually love, forge an alliance between his gang and my father's, and get out from under Dad's sadistic thumb. Turns out my fiancé has other plans. Like slaughtering me and my entire family the night before the wedding. I make it out alive, left with nothing but a thirst for vengeance. But if I want to crush the prick who betrayed me, I have to turn to the biggest pricks of them all. Hot, cocky, and dangerous, Wylder Noble and his men rule Paradise Bend. Their help doesn't come cheap. I've got to prove I'm strong enough to deserve it. Whatever they throw at me, I can take it. No taunting words or scorching looks will break the wall around my heart. They think I'm made of glass? I'm a girl of shards that can cut you to the bone. Before this is over, someone's going to bleed. And this time, it won't be me. *Scorned Princess is the first in a new gritty contemporary romance series from bestselling author Eva Chase (writing as Eva Chance) and Harlow King. No major triggers, but be prepared for domineering men who make their own rules, a rebellious heroine who's not afraid to get her hands dirty, and an enemies-to-lovers romance where the girl gets all the guys. It's going to be a wild, bloody ride!*
Shared by the Billionaires: A Standalone Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole
Shared by the Billionaires: A Standalone Reverse Harem Romance by Cassie Cole
Amazon Description

Nerdy coder girl? Check.
Massive debt? Double-check.
New job working for three Silicon Valley billionaires at a crypto-currency startup?
Ugh. Triple-check.

Jude Cauthon is nerdy and sweet and awkward in all the right ways. As the Chief Technical Officer of the company, he spends long hours showing me the ropes at the company, with plenty of late nights with just the two of us huddled around his computer screen. And after one especially productive evening at the office? We can’t stop thinking about each other.

Owen March, on the other hand? He’s the cocky know-it-all CEO who struts around like he's the second coming of Jesus. Sure, he's young and smoking hot and has enough confidence to lead an army into battle. And yeah, his smoldering emerald gaze sends shivers up my spine every time he glances in my direction. But soon his teases and taunts take on a playful edge, and I begin looking forward to the hacker pranks we've been pulling on each other…

Then there's Furio Rossi, the Italian billionaire who just invested in our company. He's the tall, dark, and handsome descendant of Roman royalty, and he kisses my hand and fawns over me like I'm an angel sent from heaven. And when he invites me to Italy to audit one of his tech companies, I wonder how deep his affection goes.

Can we get this tech startup off the ground and turn it into a billion-dollar company?
Or will all our hard work--and the love we've found along the way--be for nothing?

SHARED BY THE BILLIONAIRES is a sizzling reverse harem love story filled with humor, suspense, and scintillating action. HEA guaranteed!

Smile Like You Mean It (Charlotte Reynolds Book 1) by Willow Hadley
Amazon Description

After Charlotte’s father died, her mother changed. She became cold and distant, and Charlotte slowly withdrew into herself. She spent years feeling lonely and insignificant, and rarely spoke more than a few words to anyone. One night, after a traumatic incident instigated by her mother, Charlotte is arrested and taken to juvie.

A year later, Charlotte’s being released from juvie for the second time. Instead of an awful group home, her social worker brings a welcome surprise: Charlotte’s long-forgotten uncle, Arthur, who is all too eager to help her after everything she's been through. When Charlotte learns that Arthur has a step-son her age, she’s even more apprehensive. How could he not resent having a stranger thrust into his home and family?

To her surprise and relief, Sebastian is kind and friendly. He and his four best friends—Grayson, Remy, Liam, and Elliot—make Charlotte feel welcome. They never make Charlotte feel badly about her past or her anxiety. They make her feel seen. As she gets to know the boys, she realizes they each have their own issues and demons they’re fighting, and she forms a unique bond with their group.

It doesn’t help that they’re ridiculously attractive. How could Charlotte not fall in love with all five of them?

Suffer Less: A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by K.B. Everly
Suffer Less: A Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by K.B. Everly
Amazon Description

For some, suffering less is as close to being happy as they’ll ever get. Alessa Dean is a girl who’s used to suffering. She was someone’s daughter, sister, niece. She was whole... once. Now, she’s got nothing left to lose and a choice to make that could change her life forever. A choice given to her by three men who belong to the Wayward Kraken motorcycle club. Three men who give her a way out and a chance to start over. Will she take that chance and possibly find the ability to not only love someone else once again, but to love herself? And maybe, just maybe, suffer less...if only a little. *This is a Dark Contemporary REVERSE HAREM Romance with moments that will make cringe, laugh, and sometimes cry.* TRIGGER WARNING: This books contains themes some may find sensitive including: overdose, violence, and attempt of rape.
Surviving Amber Springs: A Stand-alone Contemporary Romance by Siobhan Davis
Surviving Amber Springs: A Stand-alone Contemporary Romance by Siobhan Davis
Amazon Description

An emotional, angsty, suspenseful, second chance romance from the USA Today bestselling author of Inseparable and When Forever Changes.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone…

I’m the second-most hated person in Amber Springs.

First place honors go to my twin, Ethan; however, hate isn’t a strong enough word to convey how people feel about him.

Not that I blame anyone—some days, I hate him too. Mostly, I’m just lost and afraid, drowning in a sea of betrayal and guilt, wondering how this happened right under my nose.

There’s no choice but to leave. To move clear across the country in a last-ditch attempt to start over.

Transferring to a new school midway through senior year is hellish for most people. For me, it’s a welcome relief—until someone discovers our secret and now everyone knows.

The pointing, whispering, and scathing looks follow me around again, and I’m back to square one. Except, this time, I’m not alone.

Axel, Skeet, and Heath took me under their wing from the minute I arrived here. I’ve no idea why three of the hottest guys in town took any interest in me or why they continue to have my back, but I’m so grateful to have them in my corner.

Because, right now, they’re the only reason I’m not following my brother into an early grave.

This is an upper YA/NA STAND-ALONE #whychoose contemporary romance. Due to sensitive content and possible triggers, this book is recommended to readers aged eighteen and older. Please refer to the note at the start of the book. This is a full length novel.

book image: Unconventional: A Reverse Harem Love Story (Reverse Harem Story Book 1)  by: Rebecca Royce
Unconventional: A Reverse Harem Love Story (Reverse Harem Story Book 1) by: Rebecca Royce
Amazon Description

*Please note this is the first book in a completed trilogy*

As an English major and the editor of the Literary Magazine at Denberg University, I'm fully focused on school. Struggling with being the utter disappointment of my parents--who happen to be two amazing academics--I'm doing my best to prove myself. Stranded on campus with nowhere to go this holiday season, I'm determined to stay on task.

But then, Maven Stone calls my name, and everything changes...

Suddenly, I'm on a whirlwind vacation with Maven and his two fraternity brothers, Chance Montgomery and Banyan Iburgess, chasing dreams I never knew I had.

I'm Giovanna Amsel, and this is the first part of our unconventional love story.

Thoughts from Paige
Well, no surprise here…this is another one I ended up just buying.  This is a complete trilogy, and I totally fell in love with each character.  This is another contemporary book, our characters are in their final year of college (MC has another year if I remember correctly).

Our MC has dyslexia.  I’m not sure I’ve come across that in literature before, but I have a family member with dyslexia and they mentioned several of the same things our MC does.

I’m not a fan of the prequels in each book, but I LOVED the story. Past abuse is discussed.

Available on Hoopla! 


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