April’s Fools Book Review

Synopsis from Amazon, “We were Army Rangers, the best of the best.
And then one day, everything that we worked so hard to become was ripped away.

Now, we’re in some podunk town, trying to find a sense of normal amongst the crazy, and learn how to live again.
That gets a hell of a lot harder to do when a virus spreads mercilessly across the country, killing 85% of the people who contract it. 

In the midst of the panic, we’re tasked with one last rescue mission.
It’s just our luck that the fool we’re rescuing doesn’t believe that the world as we know it is actually ending. 

Looks like the apocalypse is about to get real interesting.”

April’s Fools is a collaboration between author’s Ivy Asher and Raven Kennedy. This comedic duo released April’s Fools on, you guessed it, April’s Fools Day. Now, this novel is a stand alone which means there are no sequels, or books you have to read first to enjoy this one. And yes, since it is an April Fools Day book you should prepare yourself. What happens on April Fools Day?

All joking aside, this book does have some serious moments. And there are some heartfelt ones too. What’s really hard is not talking to you about some of those moments without spoiling anything for you as a reader if you haven’t had the chance to read this book yet. You should read it. You definitely should.

I loved this book. I laughed out loud enough that my husband asked, “me what was so funny” multiple times. Of course I obliged him and would either explain the section of the book that made me laugh, or I’d read it out loud to him. It wasn’t cheesy humor either. I laughed at character commentary, the situations characters found themselves in, and when the characters had embarrassing moments.

Speaking of our characters. The main character female is Remy. She is country. Yee Haw. Lives out in the boonies, lives off of the land, her friends are wild animals, hunts, traps, and enjoys it all without life’s technologies we all depend on. She is outspoken. Doesn’t take any flack. And yes, she is ridiculous. However, I didn’t find her behaviors to be over the top and annoying.

The trio of guys in April’s Fools are medically discharged Army Rangers. You have Brant who suffers from PTSD. He has a service animal named puddles who helps him cope with severe flashbacks. Theo who was too close to an explosion and lost part of his leg. And Madix, my personal favorite because he’s the grumpy asshole. Madix suffers from hearing loss, tinnitus, and obviously a bad case of bitchiness. I loved them! Read it, you’ll understand why.

So we all understand this book is a comedy, and we all understand its book name and that it literally came out on April Fools Day. Imagine my surprise when I saw a few Amazon reviews where people took things seriously. Now this will be paraphrased. I seen a comment about Army Rangers wouldn’t be like that in the woods, they’re Army Rangers. Or I didn’t like what happened at the end. It was so abrupt and jarring. Guys. This book is not real life. This is a dystopian, comedy reverse harem. It is designed to be silly and make you laugh. It is for pure fun for the reader and the author.

I sincerely hope you take the time to snag yourself a copy of this book. It’s light hearted, fun, sweet, great sex scenes, hilarious, and definitely not dull. Clearly, I recommend it. Lol. I’m glad I picked it. As always, Happy Reading! -Quare Eligere

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