Announcing Searchable Reverse Harem Bestsellers

Happy Friday!!

I am so excited to release this post that no one asked for.

As I get better at finding Reverse harem titles on the Amazon Bestseller lists, I find it harder to identify what book to read next. What a problem, am I right?!

Although I added the filter to the Sunday posts, I still struggled. So to solve the issue, I have created this post, which you will always be able to access from the navigation bar.

You can filter by both keywords and genres. Please note that this is definitely in the beta stage, so if you find a book categorized wrong, just drop me a line.

I will continue to release our Sunday bestseller posts; however, they will focus on newly added books rather than a complete compilation. That should help all of us identify new books we want to read, along with the ability to search older books that appeared on the list.

Click the button below to head over to the new page!

Be well, and happy reading!

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