A Kiss Of Madness Review

Lydia was born with a sixth sense. Her ability gives her the ability to see into the future, and it always comes to fruition. She also is a bit of an empath. You would think with something like that, she would have a loving and supporting family. Wrong. Dead wrong. Lydia comes from old money. Her parents only care about the family name and money, of course.

When Lydia experiences the most terrifying vision of her life, she doesn’t realize its a vision. She thinks that the person in her vision is attacking her and is doing her damnedest to protect herself. Unfortunately, it was a vision and only that. The cops are called. She’s thrown a chair into a glass window. She’s attacked someone who was only trying to calm her down because she thought they were the attacker from her vision.

Lydia has two choices. Jail. Or an institute for the criminally insane for 2 months. Lydia sees the institute as the easy choice because she knows she’s not crazy. Right?

Once Lydia is checked into the mental ward for the criminally insane she quickly discovers she doesn’t have any friends. The doctors won’t listen to her. They are mean and pick apart every thing she says and turns it around on her. Shes given medicine she doesn’t think she needs. Lydia starts to feel crazy. Her empath ability gains her the sense an evil entity. Or is it the meds causing this feeling. A fellow inmate goes missing. Yet, no one knows who shes talking about.

When Lydia is near her lowest point she meets 3 fellow inmates, and they quickly form a bond. One is a compulsive liar. One is a nymphomaniac. And the other has dissociative disorder. (Formerly known as multiple personality disorder. With the help of the 3 guys, maybe Lydia can get some real answers. Right? They believe her. Right?

This book blew my mind. Forgive the pun. I had my suspicions on certain things. A couple were right. A couple were way off base. After I finished the novel I had to take a few minutes to digest. Well played authors. Well played. If you aren’t familiar with A Kiss of Madness by Stacy Jones and K.B. Everly, I suggest you give it a try. This book is a reverse harem.

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