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Hey there! It’s been a little while since I last shared a book discussion post, but I’ve managed to squeeze in some reading time despite a busy couple of weeks with family and back-to-school preparations. I’ve only gotten through 8 books, which is a little slower than my usual pace, but I’m excited to get back into the swing of things once school starts. Thanks for being patient with me, and I’m looking forward to sharing more book thoughts soon!

As always, all descriptions and images are from Amazon.  Aa an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Be well, and happy reading!


Amazon Description

She hired the alphas for protection.But can they protect her from themselves?

Shannon Duffy has a secret. She’s an omega. And in the wild west of 1888, an omega is a dangerous thing to be. For twenty years, Shannon’s kept her true identity hidden, but now if she wants to save her family ranch from ruin, she’s going to have to lay it all on the line.

There’s a treasure hidden in the desert, and Shannon knows how to get it. There’s just one problem. She’s going to need protection, and the only men up to the job are the very monsters she’s spent her entire life running from.


Of all the creatures spawned by the Occurrence, the alphas are the most dangerous. Vicious, dominating beasts with bodies as hard and hot as desert rocks, and eyes as cold and deadly as the steel they carry on their hips.

The alphas are Shannon’s only hope of finding the treasure and saving her ranch. But if they discover her secret, they may not be able to protect her from their own primal urges.

And she may not want them to.

Cowgirl Omega ain’t your mama’s cowboy romance! This is a sci-fi why-choose story set in an alternate Old West populated by all manner of mythical creatures and mutant dangers. It is a complete standalone romance with an HEA guaranteed!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Enjoyed it, will read more by this author.

Positives: This is a delightful new world. I found it fascinating to learn more about what was happening. I particularly enjoyed the character of our FMC and the relationships between the men. While there is some questionable consent in the context of an omegaverse, where the omega experiences pain unless an alpha satisfies them, it didn't bother me too much in this case because the author effectively conveyed the FMC's interest in the men.

Problems: I'll always have an issue with biology overcoming the need for consent.

P.S. I hope there are more books in this world, there seem to be a TON of ways the author can go.  I'll be keeping my eye out for more.

Amazon Description

As the daughter of two of the most recognizable rock stars of all time, Lyric Sinclair has seen it all. After a childhood spent in the limelight… this omega prefers comfy patterned pajamas, quietly donating her time, and nights spent in with her beta boyfriend.When fate and bad luck intervene, Lyric does what she always does. She runs, hoping all her problems magically disappear.
Unfortunately for Lyric, she runs straight into old hurts, ugly truths, and hard facts.
Lyric must accept reality.
You can’t run forever and you can’t hide from who you are.
The stakes are higher than ever before. Suppressants are failing, her heat is coming, and she’s surrounded by men who are desperate to help her.
Lyric is out of options. She has to learn to face her problems and stop running or she’ll lose more than she ever thought possible.
This is a reverse harem omegaverse title.
Book One contains mild MM.
This is part one of a duology and ends on a cliffhanger. Book Two, Madness has been simultaneously published and should be up immediately or soon after.
Please read content/trigger warning if you have any issues or situations you prefer to avoid.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Read book 2 immediately

Positives: Well written, I like Lyric and her backstory.

Problems: Dude, what is up with one of the MMCs.  gross.

P.S. I can't say too much without spoiling it.

Amazon Description

Lyric Sinclair has had a whirlwind couple of months. She got sucked back into the industry she thought she was free of, she’s in an exclusive relationship with a rock band, and her ex is back in the picture.
A whole new set of challenges arise as Lyric and her guys work through their grief. Moving on is never a simple task but Lyric has back up and these guys aren’t afraid to fight for what they want most.

Danger is closer than ever… but Lyric is learning to stand up and fight rather than always running. She better figure it out. Or it’ll be her biggest regret yet.

This is part two of a duology and will end with a happy ending. This is an RH Omegaverse that includes some MM but for the most part everyone is focused on our heroine.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: I'll read more of this author

Positives: Well written, you could see the character growth.

Problems: There was a point a felt like I missed a chunk, or at least several pages.  All of a sudden BAM, something was forgiven.  I wasn't sure why/when/how.  

Amazon Description

My ex kicked me out on the night we were supposed to move in together.So now I’m crashing with my big bro and his trio of football titans.

I’ve been Jason’s nerdy little sister since forever.
He’s the quarterback heartthrob, and I’m the resident book hermit.
But hold tight, ’cause life just threw a Hail Mary—I’m the new roomie.
And in a lightning-fast 24 hours, I caught all three of Jason’s BFFs in their birthday suits.

Axel Fitzgerald is tall, dangerously flirty, and built for football.
With his smooth Irish lilt, he has probably melted half the panties on St. Ida’s campus.
He has also been my brother’s best friend throughout his entire college career.
That’s about to change now that he’s been sneaking into my shower every morning.

Hudson Dupont is a hot-as-sin rich boy, whose last name graces all the buildings at our school.
He’s used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it.
I just never imagined that the thing he wanted most was for me to wear nothing but his numbered jersey.

Ryder Tuff, the team’s bad boy, has always regarded me with disdain.
He insists he wants nothing to do with me, even as he pulls me closer against his wall of muscles in the dark.
But when his tough exterior crumbles and he starts calling me his “little kitten,”
I know we are ALL in a world of trouble.

Getting involved with these three football Gods is the last thing I ever wanted.
And when they promise me that this is NOT just another game to them,
I’m terrified that this scandal might break my heart all over again.

Besides, they ALL might hate me when they find out that sleeping with my brother’s best friends isn’t the only secret that I am keeping…

18+ only. This is a standalone college football reverse harem romance with no cheating and an HEA.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Ended up buying it.

Positives: Rebel Bloom is one of my very favorite authors.  This book was a joy to read.  I laughed, I cried.  I loved the characters.  

Problems: There was a specific scene that felt rushed, I felt, towards the end. But I am being nit-picky with that, and I loved this book.

Amazon Description

I was a Silent Maiden, hidden away in a gilded cage. Rebellious, but kept on a tight leash by those in power.
When three handsome Fae warriors, and a man who wants to be more than friends, save me from violent attackers, I have no choice but to go with them.

The world I find myself in is beautiful and dangerous, but I soon come to learn the greatest danger to me is myself. I’m not the person I always believed I was.

I’m so much more.

And that is f**king terrifying.

**This is a reverse harem, omegaverse, epic fantasy romance, with adult content and abs for days.**

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: WTF.. will 100% read the next one

Positives: Absolutely brilliant world building, loved that we got to learn along with our FMC

Problems: Moments of TSTL, but not many. And totally understandable. 

P.S.  It's really hard for me to write my thoughts on this, because I feel anything I say is a spoiler. I liked it, so if you tend to like the fantasy books I do, this may be a good one to try. 

Amazon Description

When sweet little Maisie’s best friend Amanda abandons her at JFK, minutes before their once-in-a-lifetime ski trip to Chamonix, she makes the brave decision to go alone. But as the daughter of a politician, she knows she’s a target, and when three gorgeous men burst into her penthouse suite at the ski resort she assumes the worst.
But what she fears is a kidnapping turns out to be a mixup, one that she’s on the wrong side of, and with her dream holiday teetering on the edge of collapse, Maisie makes a mutually beneficial offer, one that these three men can’t possibly refuse… Her.

Whenever they want, wherever they want, and however they want.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Skimmed/finished

Prospect: finished

Positives: It came as advertised (pun totally 100% not intended!!)

Problems: Whelp...it is what it is.  It's advertised as a short erotic novel, and that's what it is. 

P.S. This could have actually been a longer novel, especially if there was some stuck on the mountain things happening...

Amazon Description

Isobel Carter is making headlines.
Some of them good, some of them bad, and some of them … astounding.

She started at the bottom and now she’s near the top with everything she never wanted, but the Ironside Show doesn’t care, because she’s just become one of the most interesting students at the academy, and everyone seems to have big plans for her.

The only thing the Ironside fans can’t decide on is which Alpha she looks best with, because of course it all goes back to them.

The precious, cherished, formidable Alphas of Ironside.

The ten reasons why she’s in this mess to begin with.

And what a beautiful, brutal mess it is.

Beware the pretty liars, because this social media game just went from dangerous to deadly.

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished

Prospect: Pre-ordered book 3

Positives: I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series.  I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just leave it at this book definitely keeps things moving.

Problems: Can't say...

Amazon Description

A steamy, stepbrother romance, insta-love, reverse harem, alpha, age gap, ex-military, why choose?
Unleash the passion with a tantalizing tale of forbidden love, wild desires, and intense chemistry. Get lost in the steamy world of Kristy, a beautiful and free-spirited college student, and Kevin, a handsome and determined rookie cop. Sparks fly when these two cross paths, igniting an instant connection that can’t be tamed. But when Kristy meets Kevin’s grumpy partner and his dangerous stepbrother, she soon finds herself caught in a love square unlike any other.

Originally published the first half of this story on Amazon Vella. Readers asked for more and to publish it as a book. This is 500 pages of a steamy forbidden stepbrother bad boy cops and cowboys romance that will have you up all night turning the fast-paced pages of this hot new romance that will leave you feeling all the feels with a happy for now and why should we choose? Get my latest love square now and find out!

Paige's Perspective

Progress: Finished/Skimmed

Prospect: Eh

Positives: I liked the overall idea, sorta

Problems: I think I'm too old for this kind of book.  I NEVER got behind offering sexual favors to a cop... Let me go clutch my pearls. 

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